Nibiru is approaching?

Some people warn that Nibiru, also known as the Twelfth Planet or Planet X, is rapidly approaching the Earth, which could cause a global catastrophe. Publication of the book of Zechariah Sitchin's "The Twelfth Planet" in 1976 caused a lot of controversy. In this edition, and his subsequent books Sitchin presented his literal translations of ancient Sumerian texts which told an incredible story about the origins of humankind on planet Earth — a fantastic story, very different from what we learned in school.Ancient cuneiform — the earliest known written documents — tells the story of race of beings called the

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How to cook the elixir of youth




Dmitry Larchenko

Canadian scientists have discovered another "aging gene", reports AFP. According to the researchers, the gene helps to extend life by 30 percent. You do not need to spend money or take medications — should only limit yourself to eating. In fact, this is just

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How much can you pump up the atmosphere with greenhouse gases?

Warming in particular lead to the fact that the London City Hall is surrounded by marshes because of the constant spills Thames. (Image PeppermintJ.)

There are international agreements, which need to be taken to ensure that greenhouse gas emissions are not the Earth warmed by more than two degrees above pre-industrial levels. Now, two studies published in recent years suggest that the timing of the measures are already almost out. Those who do not want the global temperature has increased by more than 2? C, must begin to actively reduce emissions without waiting for the end of the decade.

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8 months after the earthquake in Japan, more than 3.6 thousand missing

Eight months have passed since the Great March 11 earthquake in Japan, missing 3000 652 persons, presumed dead — 15 thousand 836 people, said Friday the country's main police station.

A considerable part of the detected two months of fall remains found on the coast or at sea. In September, they found the bodies of 62 people, in October, in Miyagi prefecture was found 10 bodies, while in the other two affected prefectures — Iwate and Fukushima — no one reads.

In these three prefectures almost over planned construction of

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From the vicinity of the capital began to fly bee


Photo from:

17.07.11.Podmoskovnye bumblebees fly in all directions. Several hundred hives this spring and summer suddenly emptied.

— Odintsovo, Krasnogorsk and other areas adjacent to the capital remain without bees — told "Komsomolskaya Pravda" president of the Union of Beekeepers Russia Arnold Butov. — The concept of "honey from the suburbs" may soon go into proshloe.Chto happened to insects?

The main reason, according to beekeepers — mass housing neighborhoods of the capital. Where there were forests and grasslands, now — luxury villa communities.

— Productive flying bee — for her to find nectar and brought to the

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There is a growing number of victims after typhoon Bohan

It is reported that the Philippines, the number of victims after the most powerful typhoon this year Bohaprodolzhaet grow and currently stands at 477. In addition, because of the typhoon about a quarter of a million people homeless, as the winds and rains with flooding and landslides almost completely razed to the ground a few settlements on the island of Mindanao. These people are in temporary buildings, schools, gyms and other locations.

Rescue workers are still trying to find 380 missing people, identify which are not so easy, because most of them were poor migrants from other countries, usually

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The consequences were devastating typhoon Bohan

According to the latest data, the number of people killed during the strongest typhoon this year was 230. Hundreds more missing in landslides and floods. Enormous destruction in the Philippines, but the worst thing that a typhoon not soon weaken, indicating the emergence of a greater number of victims.

While Bohan moved to the north of the province of Palawan, the wind speed inside reached 120 km / h with gusts up to 150 km / h It showed a slight fracture on the beaches and in the areas of diving. The main attack took over the region of

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Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle.

How to do without the most sensational object of our planet: The Bermuda Triangle?

Today I have collected information on exactly what it and am sharing with you with it!

Yes, in the end of the article the video: Bermuda triangle from the point of view of science (50 Minutes)

World Ocean hides inside a large number of puzzles, first among them — The Bermuda Triangle mystery, where for the foreseeable future has disappeared without a trace many ships and planes. As for the mysterious region in the western

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UFO flying




"Work," said recently, as the Mexican pilots saw a UFO, which then chased their aircraft, then hung in the air and finally disappeared. A surprising phenomenon was captured on film. Ufologists rushed to urgently convene in New York, an international conference on

1 which announced indisputable, in

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The climate of New South Wales raises concerns

Scientists are seriously concerned about the climate in the state of New South Wales (NSW), home to a third of Australia. 31% of the national economy is concentrated in the state. Over the past 40 years in NSW have increased significantly in duration and intensity of droughts and heat waves in western Sydney on the rise of warm days of the year by 60%.

Experts estimate that by the end of the century the largest city in Australia, the number of days with temperatures above 35 ° C will be 14 compared to the current three. This is a significant

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