Prisons can be ordered by e-menu dinner


15.06.12.Usloviya content in the Russian colonies may soon be no worse than in developed countries. Federal Penitentiary Service has tested several types of e-services for prisoners and now wants to extend this experience.

In the colonies of Krasnoyarsk convicts can now form their own menu, and in the Sverdlovsk region — to purchase goods through the online store and to videoperegovory with visiting their relatives and friends.

Prisoners, "sitting" in the institutions GUFSIN Krasnoyarsk Territory were able to shape the menu of your choice with a terminal "Electronic ordering dishes", established in the cafeteria. With the terminal, you can

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Geologists have found a zone of anomalous growth of glaciers in the Himalayas

MOSCOW, April 15 — RIA Novosti.French geologists discovered the abnormal area of ice cover in the Great Himalayas, where local glaciers gradually gaining weight, and not decrease, as do the rest of ice massifs in the mountains and across the globe, according to a paper published in the journal Nature Geoscience.

It is believed that climate change is largely manifested today in the reduction of glaciers in the polar regions and at high altitudes in other areas of the Earth. In February 2012, the U.S. climate scientists estimated the total loss of the global ice cover by GRACE satellites

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Flora tundra grows due to climate change, say scientists

An international team of climate scientists has analyzed the variations in size of dwarf tundra plants of the New and Old World for the last 30 years and found: flora tundra "grows" in height, and its species composition is strongly increased, which indicates a significant warming of the Arctic summer because of climate change.

Group of environmentalists led by Sarah Elmendorf (Sarah Elmendorf) from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver (Canada) said that their discovery emphasizes the need for the global monitoring of how the processes of climate change affect the condition of the tundra and other vulnerable

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Big bore SVDK

  In the comments to the article about sniper rifle VSSK appeared a little dispute about this comparison with standard tools also mnogokalibernoy SVDK sniper rifle. In my opinion, both are quite different standard classes and the only thing they have common is that they both mnogokalibernye. Do not rule out the ability that still have one rifle with the name SVDK, which I do not know, but to enlighten me on this subject because no one enlightened. Therefore, there is little reason to do cancel article on the sniper rifle, especially because a weapon, ammunition or rather his very

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Domestic technological solutions designed to reduce road abnormal situation

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At the Chelyabinsk plant Ltd. "DAK" mastered serial production of the new generation of the differential for wheeled vehicles, based on — the invention of Valery Nikolayevich Krasikova. In any car is the differential that distributes the engine power to the wheels. The main problem — the usual differential often can not cope if you need to move on icy or snow-covered part of the road, or overcome icy hill — the car becomes unstable movement, is stalling (spinning one wheel, and the car does not drive). This applies to the wet roads.

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Prior to our people, X left 15 days




July 10, "Komsomolskaya Pravda" will bring together delegates to the world's first forum oldtimers


Scientists believe that the inner voices of the

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Man and Space — Intercom

In the ancient cosmos attracted its mystery and vastness. Of course, in those days, when there was no specific disciplines that study the laws of the universe, mankind was under the impression of standing natural processes occurring in the sky and observed from the ground. The rising and setting over the horizon sun disk, thunder, lightning, falling meteorites, comets — all of it hit feeble mind.

You too are fond of space and astrology? Then, look at my horoscope for tomorrow you will be able to cancer site There

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Weapons will equip the system identification of the owner

In the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs and commissioned by the Industry and Trade Ministry have developed a system of control over the circulation of weapons that can identify the shooter from the photo, fingerprints and other biometric data. According to the newspaper "Izvestia" in reference to the system developer on condition of anonymity, if approved by the military-industrial commission, the system could be implemented within a year. According to the official publication, the system is a microchip with information about the direction that can be embedded in any pistol, rifle or machine gun. This chip will block

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Shadows disappear in death




"He does not cast a shadow!" — Cried desperately mentally Rome. Hit him shiver. Varenukha furtively looked around, following the mad eyes of Rome, behind the chair, and realized that it is open. ("Master and Margarita")

A couple of years ago,

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Unwashed Russia and sneer

Author: O. Matveychev "Farewell, unwashed Russia!" — Once said, Lermontov, and after repeated and repeated by all russophobes of Poles and Balts to the Georgians and the so-called "Ukrainians". The label dirt, unwashed against Russian glued firmly enough. It is synonymous with the lack of civility and cultural backwardness. It would seem that in our "tolerant" and "politically correct" time certain hygienic traditions of the various peoples should be signed off by the so-called "cultural identity." Well, what with the fact that the "unwashed"? Negros out, in general, black, and Arabs and Indians — tanned. Everyone has

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