10 religious mystery and wonder, which is difficult to find an explanation


Religious mysteries — what do we know about them? Is there an angel? Does prayer? Here are some questions to try to find answers to modern science. While scientists are trying to find a rational explanation of religious miracles, believers continue to believe blindly, without requiring any explanation. But ten mysterious phenomena cause permanent interest for centuries. The interest of one part of mere curiosity, while the other is driven by the desire of researchers — they want to get to the truth, whatever it may be.

Apparition of the Virgin Mary

For centuries,

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Teachers and doctors have made poor …

Society Listener Liberty looked talk show "The Choice" on TV "ONT", dedicated to the start of the new school year and shared her thoughts.

"I want to go back to yesterday's talk show" The Choice "on the quality of school education in Belarus. Pity that the excellent teacher Farino has become the standard Belarusian official, who does not recognize the existence of problems.

Farino proposal in the absence of predmetnika at school or in poor teaching the subject to educate ourselves — "the evil one." The teacher can not know what a particular character and abilities to engage in

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Winter moth harm vegetables in Ryazan region

"Help! Help! Harvest of the invasion of caterpillars die "- so shout rudnevtsy already took up shovels to dig ahead of parasites and surviving tubers. — It was not just potatoes and carrots — complains Galina Plechikova, which brought the ravenous creatures Doctors' Rosselhoztsentra. " It confirmed that it — winter moth.

How to deal with it, the editorial staff was asked to speak rayonki A. Mironov, chief agronomist Pronsky rayotdela branch FSI "Rosselhoztsentr." — In Pronsk district in areas of the private sector did note a strong first generation of caterpillars harmfulness polyphagous pest — turnip moth that

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Ltd. Nanomet — producer of nanomaterials

Moscow company "Nanomet"Produces metal nanoparticles. They are added to other materials, and from the resulting compounds make durable products with unique properties. Very different — from socks to paint. The company, which has recently entered the break-even point, already has plans to create an open process of intersectoral partnerships.

Socks, by the way, was the first product released with the addition of silver particles produced "nanometers." "The order for them came from the Ministry of Defense, just as the department was headed by Serdyukov, — Says development director Nikolai Darin. — The product is not allowed

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Riddle dolmen Mara


Tangible evidence of our ancestors stay in the Caucasus in ancient times are the dolmens. Weight dolmens reaches more than 70 tons were manufactured, they are usually made of sandstone, having a large quartz inclusions. Scientists determine the age of dolmens 4-6 millennia.

In the middle of the twentieth century, a group of archeologists led by LI Lavrov, he began studying the dolmens. By 1960, they wrote a catalog of 1,139 dolmens of the North Caucasus. In the second half of the twentieth century, a lot of work done to systematize the dolmens team led

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Guided tours and excursions

Can be a very good time, if selected as a leisure excursion tourism. It allows you to enjoy a unique and modern architecture, and at least a unique ancient architecture, and the magnificence of nature, or simply allows you to sit in a cozy restaurant with national cuisine. In other words, these tours are designed specifically in order to acquaint the people with the most beautiful and wonderful thing on Earth …

Before the trip, should read about those things that you plan to visit. It will not depend on the guide, listening to his explanations, and allow the saved

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Whether to expand the boundaries of fertility?

Society Although, as the journalists, the public in Italy may soon get used to a similar phenomenon. Just a few months ago gave birth to twin 50-year-old model and dancer Heather Paryz, which is credited with the legendary novel footballer Diego Maradona.

Gemini modelki were born healthy, and their development is normal. As for the mother, she feels great.

In 2006, Italy gave birth in 1164 women aged over 45 years.

"We spend all of his youth in search of its own identity and career and then suddenly realize that we are missing, and we were overcome by the

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Let every man carries his cross, or property of our attention




Save your energy — it is not an end in itself. The main thing — to protect themselves from the burden of omniscience, which we carry a lifetime on their shoulders and forget about the amazing and multifaceted reality! "Attention" — what is it? What force is

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End of the World — the theme of the Roman Festival of Science

ROME, Jan. 21. / Itar-Tass Vera Scherbakov /. Inevitable destruction of the Earth and humanity is dedicated Science Festival, which opened Thursday in the Italian capital. "The end of the world. Instructions for Use" — the official theme of lectures, discussions, seminars, exhibitions and informal meetings to be held in Rome's Auditorium "Park Music."

To tell the public about the options doomsday invited prominent scientists, including astrophysicist Brandon Carter in 1983, wrote a sensational job "Evidence Judgment Day." According to his calculations, the likelihood that humankind is at the last stage of its existence, is 95 percent. Among other prestigious

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Goblin afraid — do not walk in the woods




"And so as goblins in the woods and run hither. Scary as much horror." (Vladimir Vysotsky)

Alexey Doronin

Finally, in central Russia this summer came. Go heavy rains, but warm. There was a mushroom and berry go. But in addition to mushrooms and berries in the forest

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