Or Jesus Christ?

Throughout the existence of our civilization, of earthly humanity constantly born, those who choose the path or the White god, and those who "hits" on the side of its antipode — Chernobog. Sorry for all the "chosen people", the Vedic tradition and Islam are not in the history of collisions. Does not know them and "Book of Veles", despite the fact that Islam is already rattled by the whole "old" world. It should be noted that it is in the Slavic lands undergoing Islamization pravedizma preserved a living tradition.

"Veda Slavs" was recorded in the Rhodope Mountains in Slavs (Bulgarian

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Letters from outer space come at midnight




Crop circles — space earthlings messages from distant brothers on reason

Natalia Leskov

Neither locals nor the researchers from Moscow can not explain the appearance of the mysterious circles in wheat fields in New Jersey. Photo by Vadim Chernobrov

Last summer, in the Krasnodar region were reported

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Dolmen Mary

Our ancestors have long rendered habitable territory of the North Caucasus. According to the security of sources, this was more like a thought to 20,000 years ago. Confirmed by the geographical places of the Caucasus, most of which are of Slavic origin. Even the word CAV-KAZ, as some researchers believe, is, perhaps, the Old Slavic origin and means "dividing line." Many place names match the names of Slavic heroes and gods.

Tangible evidence of our ancestors stay in the Caucasus in ancient times are the dolmens. Weight dolmens reaches more than 70 tons, were made they are usually made

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Fly or drive: that is the question

If you really go to stop climate change, it is best to abstain from meat than from traveling by plane. As found in the University of East Anglia, if the person in selecting vehicles between the aircraft and high-speed diesel train or bus will give preference to the last two, it will lead to a significant increase in its ecological footprint. At the same time, flight would have virtually no "cumulative effect" on the increase in the concentration of greenhouse gases in the world.

Opting for air transport also has a positive effect on the personal carbon footprint,

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About The Book of Light and the Slavic-Aryan Vedas

The second book in the series "Slavic-Aryan Vedas" included "The Book of Light" or "Harati Light" (Harati means writing on parchment). In the primary source "Harati Light" was recorded Tragami (Daariyskoe letter), but in this edition of the origin was the text written Hariyskimi runes and translated more than 250 years ago. The translation was printed with large reductions (omissions marked dots), which has generated interest among readers, all wanted to know the most complete version of this treatise. Therefore, this article is intended to some extent to satisfy their curiosity. It turned out that the motives

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How much can you pump up the atmosphere with carbon dioxide?

Warming in particular lead to the fact that the London City Hall is surrounded by marshes because of the constant spills Thames. (Image PeppermintJ.)

There are international agreements, which need to be taken to ensure that greenhouse gas emissions are not the Earth warmed by more than two degrees above pre-industrial levels. Now, two studies published in recent years suggest that the timing of the measures are already almost out. Those who do not want the global temperature has increased by more than 2? C, must begin to actively reduce emissions without waiting for the end of the

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Other Dimension




For the invisible things of Him, His eternal power and deity, from the creation of the world through clearly seen (Rom 1.20)

Mathematical objects (numbers, sets, spaces, etc.) themselves belong to partite the world, but, like other phenomena of the earthly world, they are the symbols and

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The cult of personality in Polish

Polish patriots staged a motor race in memory of the victims of Katyn. On bikes with Polish flags they have arrived at the area of Belarus, and traveled to Russia and Ukraine.

This — the eighth motocross to the victims of Katyn. 92 participants with 72 roaring bikes made it to the Bronze, Bykivnia (Ukraine), Katyn (Our Fatherland) and Belarusian Kurapaty. According to the participants of the run, they are everywhere hearted people willing to assist foreign visitors.

To the question "What do you Katyn raid?", One of the participants said, "The way to strengthen our national consciousness."

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No mechanical switches and polymorphic

Any mechanical switch, whether the switch in a table lamp or switch currents of thousands of amps at power plants, works on the same principle: its metal contacts close and open, the switching circuits. And, apparently, in the field of electrical engineering can not come up with anything new.

However, the engineering thought is not static: in Rybinsk, Yaroslavl region developed a polymorphic switches, the principle of which is different from the "classic" and opens the designers of systems management opportunities.

Says Director General of Research and Production Enterprise "Tenzosensor" Ph.D. Vladimir Nikitin and his deputy,

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History oblivion willow-and replace it with Russia foreign tea.

The fact that the Chinese tea first came to Russia (it was in the first half of the seventeenth century, it is the beginning of tea and coffee global expansion), but as foreign goods cost a lot of money, the alternative to it in Russia was obvious! The alternative of course was the "Fireweed" that the Russian "chaevniki" brewed and drank back in the twelfth century!

Brewed "Fireweed" in such a way that it has come to resemble taste and color subtropical tea. Produced it: the leaves 'Ivan-tea' dried, scalded with boiling water in the tub, triturated in a trough,

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