Galactic Alignment 2012

Our Earth along with the other planets revolve around the sun. Sun, along with six other stars, in turn, revolve around the big star, Alcyone, also known as the Central Sun. Alcyone revolves around the larger star, Sirius, which is called the Great Central Sun.

Rotation of the stars around each other, a feature characteristic of all the galaxies in our universe, in which each galaxy consisting of stars and planets, rotates around its own center. Milky Way Galaxy, which owns our land, includes billions of stars and planets revolving around a huge star in the center, called

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Cheap and cheerful (many episodes) watch online

The program "Cheap and cheerful" is devoted to the discussion of optimal use of its own resources, capital, time, place and nerves. Each the question raised in the program will be considered from different points of view. For example, as the cost impact on health, how much time one can rescue, taking advantage of one or another service? As with the benefit this time one can izderzhat? How risky is financial or other solution? The program consists of the permanent groups, each of which invited experts give tips professor, and the audience to share their experiences.

TV shows

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Where did the social technologies

May 20, 2012 13:03

A minority

The conclusion that the majority of obedience is, of course, sadly. As a consolation we can present the results of an experiment conducted classic French social psychology, Serge Moscovici. Conditions of the experiment resembled Ash: I had to say what color colored card. But this time the "decoy" were only two of six. And this couple was genuine dissidents. Rather obvious they persistently called blue green, etc.

While dissenters were in the minority, they were able to move the view around. After a series of experiments led Moscovici factors that determine the success of

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Resentment and forgiveness

April 30, 2012 13:29

Recently, more and more physicians are inclined to believe that the source of the most dreaded diseases, including cancer, are our grievances which we Holim and cherish for years. Some are offended by the fate-villain for what life had not, as we would like. Others — to friends, betrayed them. Third — sweet, departed to the other. Fourth — the children, were disappointing. Many people save up for years to hurt his neighbor, who declined to give money to the debt, and on boss is unfair to dismiss them from work … When a person is

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The existence of the «bone» in the Milky Way

In a spiral galaxy the Milky Way around the core twisted two giant spiral arms surrounding the entire galactic disk. But precisely evaluate the structure of our galaxy from Earth hard: the bigger the better seen from a distance.

Therefore, while the other spiral galaxies have long found mezhrukavnye formation of small thickness, called "bones" in the Milky Way that object until recently was only "on suspicion".

Contrary to initial assumptions (white dotted line), after a series of clarifying observations "Nessie" was much longer and heavier (yellow dotted line) than rough estimates. (Image NASA, JPL, SSC.)

Opening did a group

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A new threat to Earth next week. Asteroid 2012 DA1

Forgetting for a while about Nibiru, the public switched to other cosmic bodies. Asteroid 2012 DA1, will be held next week, so close to Earth that it can be seen even in binoculars. Let's hope he will not get off from its orbit, otherwise, crashing into our planet, an explosion equivalent to 2.5 tons of TNT!

It has become just a week before the day that an asteroid the size of 150 feet and weighing 130,000 tons will be so close to our planet that crosses the path of meteorological

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Karmic relationship between man and woman

March 19, 2012 19:30

Karma is the effect of past lives in connection with real life. The related term of the Western tradition, used to describe a similar effect — fate. Now, not all belong to the karma too seriously, but are interested in very many. To believe or not to believe in all these "astrological things" of karma, past and future lives — the case of each of you. But suddenly the knowledge can be helpful?

"Six months ago, I divorced her husband … I had a pretty deep feelings, but after some time we have left

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Do you have the other side of the universe?

March 18, 2012 10:29

People have been thinking about the possibility of the existence of parallel worlds. It is said in many legends and myths, books and science fiction films. Another Italian philosopher Giordano Bruno was talking about other inhabited worlds. His ideas are so contrary to accepted at the time the picture of the world that even the thinker was a victim of the Holy Inquisition. Gone are the days when science dreaded words "parallel worlds". Today, scientists have not burned, but even now the argument on the fact that our reality is not only possible, often cause

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Classified as Secret. The Angel astronauts

January 29, 2012 16:01

UFOs, angels and other "weird" objects that monitor people may just be the result of hallucinations resulting from altered states of consciousness, according to experts at NASA. However, the stories of pilots and astronauts who met the "representatives" of other worlds just there in the archives classified as "Confidential."

In 1985, aboard the Soviet space station "Salyut-7" a crew of six. These were the cosmonauts Leonid Kizim Oleg Atkov, Vladimir Soloviev, Svetlana Savitskaya, Igor Volk, and Vladimir Dzhanibekov. Walked 155-day flight. The crew carried out normal chores, preparing for a series of laboratory experiments. Suddenly,

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Scientists try to put one thing at a time in two different places

October 8, 2011 4:46

An experiment in which scientists make microscopic glass sphere exist in two different places at the same time, will be one of the most precise experiments in which to start checking some of the laws and postulates of quantum physics. Microscopic glass spheres, composed of millions of atoms in the experiment for a short time will be in the state of superposition, ie quite simply to be in two places at once.

Physicists have expressed doubts about the fact that the laws of quantum physics apply to objects larger than atoms, photons, and other elementary particles.

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