Avian influenza — biological weapons?

The staff of the Committee on Biosafety USA hesitate to publish a report on the study of the avian flu. The fact that the work is described in detail exactly which mutation generate pandemic. There is no guarantee that this information will not use terrorists to infect the deadly strain of millions of people.

Until now it was known that, although the virus H5N1 kills more than 50 percent of the infected, it is not able to be transmitted from person to person. The most common route of infection — is the consumption of the meat of sick birds. However,

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People can be recharged energy from other people

December 9, 2012 18:44

A group of researchers in biology at the University of Bielefeld (Bielefeld, Germany) made a breakthrough, showing that plants can use alternative sources of energy from other plants.

Perhaps this discovery will seriously affect the future of bioenergy and, ultimately, provide evidence that people are similarly "charged" energy from other people.

The research team, led by Prof. Dr. Olaf Kruse (Olaf Kruse), first received confirmation that one of the plants — green algae, Chlamydomonas reinhardtii — not only involved in photosynthesis, but also use an alternative energy source to obtain energy from other plants. The

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Sexual Magic




Sexual magic is not to be confused with sexual rituals. The following is a brief overview of examples of the use of sexual and love magic. In a classical work written, apparently, in Babylon, entitled "Agriculture at the Nabataeans," describes how to plant trees. The operation must

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Vatican believe in aliens

November 23, 2012 5:21

Photo: techno.bigmir.net

The Catholic Church has made a number of very sensational statements concerning extraterrestrial life. Director of the Vatican Observatory — Jesuit priest José Funes — admitted the existence of other civilizations beyond Earth, RIA "Novosti". "Until today, we have found no evidence that extraterrestrial life exists. But in the universe of billions of galaxies, each with billions of stars, you can not knowingly exclude the existence of life, "- he said during a conference held in Rome on the initiative of the Catholic Church. Funes called attention to the fact that the

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Torsion bar and the engine space — time preobrozovatel

Share my personal opinion, probably by far wrong, but obviously in the future much fun. So having studied in detail the advanced and can not be simplified to the specific concepts of mechanics in the background below the designated technical definitions, partly supported by an adequate modern science, I suddenly remembered from the era of the Soviet Union, a fantastic tale of "The Time Machine" and some of the criticisms of the theory restricted to the well-known myth of "Perpetuum "I ask not to be confused with … it's not the poppy" Time Machine "from VIA A. Makarevich

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The collapse of the Volga

October 15, 2012 1:24

This was in the late eighties. I was still in school and was interested in astronomy. One day it occurred to me in a notebook to sketch the trajectory of flying over my house and satellites during their flight. I stared at the starry sky, and finally — here it is! I take a notebook, write the time I draw. And then something happened with the satellite was wrong.

Flying a short distance, he stopped, ran to the other side, again freezes, and then did the sky began to write intricate bends. I knew from

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In Russia, the efforts of the authorities, a network of catching children made to order

In June 2012, in Russia an unprecedented event: the State Duma and the Federation Council was made at once 9 bills aimed at destroying the rights of the family and parenthood. Haste and simultaneously adopted, attracting political heavyweights in the face of VI Matvienko, meant the critical importance of this process for the forces concerned dissection unshakable connection "parent-child" and the destruction of the family in Russia.

In the wake of attack were two key bills: № 42197-6 FZ "On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation on the implementation of the social patronage and guardianship

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10 traps in our thinking and how to protect your mind from errors

April 24, 2012 17:17

Our mind is always ready weight traps and snares for us. If we are not aware of them, these traps can seriously damage our ability to think rationally, leading us in the wrong area of reasoning and foolish decisions. Those of our quality that assist us in choosing the path of reasoning, it appears, lead us to the problems.

Now you will learn about the first 10 most dangerous traps and how to how to avoid them.

1. Retarding trap over-reliance on the first thought

"Exceeds Does Turkey's population, 35 million people? Do you think what

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Biofield — space for health




Perhaps, there is now a man who has not heard the word "aura", "aura", "energy-informational structure of the body" … Accurate explanations of all these terms could not be found in dictionaries, although their existence has been proven by science. Today we decided to look into what

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The Mayas more ancient roots


The foundation of the platform A-24 was built a thousand years before our era. (Photo by Takeshi Inomata.)  

In Guatemala detected buildings, similar to the ancient Olmec. Apparently, the Maya succumbed to the cultural influences of some other tsivilizatsii.Prichiny on which a thousand years ago, a brilliant Maya civilization collapsed, remains one of the great mysteries of history. Nevertheless, the judge of that as we can. Rumor has it, it's in a terrible drought: agriculture is no longer able to feed artisans, officials, priests, soldiers, and other urban residents, but because the

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