Dwarfs driven wave: crushing space-time

September 11, 2012 17:34

Watching a distant star as a couple, have seen signs that in its rotation, it really creates a subtle ripples of space-time, long-awaited gravitational waves.

The system was named SDSS J065133.338 +284423.37 (or J0651, for short). It is quite dense and small stars, white dwarfs that were once solar-type stars. They are located very close to each other, three times closer than the Moon to the Earth, and make a complete turn in a matter of 13 minutes. Watching them in the optical range, the team of American astronomers noticed periodic changes in the emission,

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Komsomolskaya looking for telepaths




In the summer we held a congress of people-the "x", and now, please respond to those who have other equally amazing psychic abilities

In the article "The session telepathy Orinoco — Moscow" ("KP" on October 22. G) we talked about the upcoming grand experiment on transfer of thoughts

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Mysterious Russia. Sverdlovsk region. Schelpy — another civilization? (2012)

September 23, 2012 21:48

Sverdlovsk region. There it was decided to believe in the mysterious creatures that can change its shape and easily find precious stones and gold-bearing veins. Mistress of Copper Mountain, a huge snake skid — who are all these creatures from Bazhova tales and myths of the Urals? Local people believe that these places have a guardian — schelpy. Disembodied, multifaceted, convertible to anyone — they are, in one theory, representatives of other civilizations, other forms of life on Earth. Could this be for real? ..

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Moscow warns

In the Russian Federation there are no other levers of influence on the U.S., not counting reminders own military power Someone surely deems ordinary coincidence. But when these coincidences are so dramatically in sight, then consider their common language is not rotated. U.S. President Barack Obama calls on Congress to grant him the right to bypass the UN Security Council decision to strike targets Syrian regime for the introduction of chemical weapons against its own population. Russian President Vladimir Putin at this time giving an interview to Channel One and agency Associated Press, which states that our motherland can agree

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Riddle absurd statements enlonavtov

April 28, 2012 21:13

On that day, the owner of a dairy farm Harry T. Wilcox nourished his field. Shortly before ten o'clock in the morning he stopped work and went to check another field, surrounded by forest and located a mile from the barnyard.

We arrived with a celestial body, which you, the people who call the planet Mars

The farmer wanted to see as to whether the condition of the land to start plowing. Going to the field, he saw lying object, which at first took to be discarded refrigerator, and then — for a wing

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Flight to another world

March 10, 2012 6:42

What happens to a person after death? This question is still not given a clear answer. With the statement that the physical death of all ends, vehemently arguing all who believe in the existence of an immortal soul. They present evidence to prove who visited the other world, the stories about all kinds of miracles. Some argue that they were able to not only see the world beyond, but also to get in contact with its inhabitants.

One of those witnesses is forty-four Nikolay Voloshin elk-Petrovsky. He is convinced that everything that happened with him

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Psychics have moved from the CIA to serve in the Pentagon?




In the United States declassified 73,000 pages of material from which it is clear: in the laboratories of the Central Intelligence Agency were active two special groups that used to collect the information of people with paranormal abilities. Thus, the CIA admitted that for decades actively in

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At the Ice Palace Iceberg (Sochi) for the first time played medals

At the Ice Palace "Iceberg" concluded Federation Cup in figure skating.

34 athletes from Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of Russia played its first-ever Olympic Park sets of medals.

Athletes showed 46 original short and arbitrary programs. Performances evaluated the refereeing of the six Russian specialists.

In parallel, we tested the key systems of the palace, including the cold supply, ventilation, air conditioning and acoustics. Russian and foreign technical delegates and officials, including representatives of international sports federations have documented the successful completion of the test starts and praised the work of the ice rink.


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Mermaids — myth or reality?

February 7, 2013 1:21

Mermaids do exist! So in 1830, several dozen people argued that not only saw it, and was at her funeral. Mermaid in the way people have always been that kind of charming beauties, is a greater threat to men. With women, they did just — they stripped away from the rivers and lakes, but with the men the situation was just the opposite — not only tried, but all possible and impossible means to lure and seduce lost her mind, can tickle to death, and if not drag to the bottom in his

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Quantum universe

January 8, 2012 4:34

Hugh Everett, of course, tried to discuss his theory of the "many worlds" with other physicists, but received in return only surprise or indifference. One physicist Bryce DeWitt of the University of Texas, even spoke out against Everett's theory, saying: "I just can not feel the split." But such a reaction Everett recalled the reaction of critics of Galileo, who said that they did not feel the movement of the Earth. (Over time, DeWitt moved to the side of Everett and has become one of the leading proponents of this theory.)

For several decades,

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