The great power of suggestion

January 7, 2012 18:53

Who has not heard of the wonderful properties of hypnosis and suggestion? It is known that if we force people to believe in something, then sometimes this "something" is coming true in spite of circumstances. So what is the secret of suggestion — whether its effects to the supernatural, or is a natural characteristic of our body?

You can give thousands of examples of people being at the symptoms of non-existent diseases just because they were told that they are sick, received burns from touching cold objects, which were given for the hot, healed by a

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Moscow has established a radar in northern Syria

Satellite image of the region Kesap. The white line? border between Syria (in the south) and Turkey (in the north).

This tracking station, which launched in the spring of Moscow Kesap, near the Turkish border, allows you to control the Syrian rebels in this strategic area.

For Russia it is a joint venture with its Syrian ally deployment solves two problems, according to Western sources: on the one hand, to watch out for objects of NATO on the other side of the border in Turkey, including the U.S. base in Adana, on the other hand, provides a

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Germany found one of the worlds oldest musical instruments




German archaeologists led by Nicholas Conard (Nicholas Conard) from the University of Tubingen (Universitat Tubingen) discovered one of the world's oldest musical instruments — flute carved from mammoth ivory.

This tool is 18.7 cm in length was found in southern Germany — in the same area, where

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Against the U.S. scrap no reception Syrian

Air campaign against the regime of Bashar al-Assad will be more like the impunity beating than the military campaign Currently in Russian and global media publications shaft just about impending military campaign of the United States against Syria. Counted the number and types of aircraft, cruise missiles sounded TTX sea or air, lists various aeronautical lesions are forecasts beginning and development of military conflict (mostly very long life). Professionals listed numerous forces and air defenses available to Bashar al-Assad, serviceable Air Force planes armed forces of Syria and sometimes concludes: Syrian regime is able to give a powerful rebuff a

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Move through walls may physicists say, but not all

December 11, 2011 12:21

If you do ever tried to do this, you already know that it is impossible to pass through the wall. However subatomic particles can do this because of the effect, which is called quantum tunneling.

Now physicists say that this process can be seen on the man-made objects, although this causes a lot of doubt on the part of other scientists.

If the experiment is successful, it will mean a big jump in the design of mechanical systems that behave as quantum-mechanical objects. In 2010, scientists have taken the first step in

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The U.S. military fear of global warming


North and South Korea threaten each other of nuclear weapons, demonstrates the strength of the Chinese navy off the coast of Japan, a group of hackers in China broke into the Pentagon's secret server. Ask the head of the Pacific Command of the U.S. Navy, that he is most concerned about, and he will answer — global warming!

After returning from a tour of naval bases in Hawaii, four-star Admiral Samuel Locklear told reporters that he could not sleep because of the uncontrolled global warming: "Environmental change is the threat, we are talking

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The voice of the spirit




What can cause a seance?

One of the most popular adult entertainment educated people at the end of a XIX, and XX century was the spiritualism. Thousands of people on all continents gathered in darkened rooms, sat around tables and created the sacrament call the spirits of

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Boy — a cat sees in the dark

October 19, 2012 21:33

Boy's name Yuhuy Nong (Nong Youhui). Brought him to the doctor's father, concerned that his son's eyes glow in the dark. Like a cat. And the color is green with a yellowish tint. Sometimes appear blue. But it is not as black as the other Chinese.

Boy cat

The survey revealed that the boy-cat — can read in almost complete darkness.

By the light of his vision is the same as that of other people, writes

Experts believe that Nong was born with a rare aberration. And I suspect

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Supervolcanoes on Earth and other planets, watch online

In the history of our planet at a few events can match the destructive earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Large volcanic eruptions became the first prerequisite extinction of living creatures. And no one knows when Mother Nature once again unleash their anger on us. The biggest volcanic eruptions occur repeatedly and with tragic consequences, but Land not alone in this … Creepy cataclysms occur on other planets, moons, stars

Cataclysms of earth from space hazards

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CMI has perfected the Japanese technology to produce DRI

Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works (MMK) has developed an original method for the direct reduction of iron and other iron-containing titaniferous raw material sources with promising metallurgical technology of third generation ITmk3, told an international conference on the TMS-2013 in San Antonio, TX (USA), a leading specialist of the future development of CMI Nicholas Panishev . 

Until two years ago at the CMI opened a project to find promising areas of oxidized (hematite) and titanomagnetite ores extraction of different components. Currently, CMI less than a third provided with its own iron ore, which is mined in

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