Phantom of the 5th of the fort. Video


Kaliningrad and the surrounding area has always been considered anomalous zone. There's no time were observed UFOs and other unexplained events took place. One of the local attractions — the so-called fifth fort, where in the days of the storming of Koenigsberg many people were killed. Today, visitors to the fort facing the unusual phenomena as ghosts and hronomirazhey.

In January 2009, Nicholas Nikushevu from Syktyvkar, visited the Kaliningrad's brother, managed to take a picture of a strange phenomenon. Going along with my brother to see the famous Fifth fort, he suddenly

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Clothing, lips, eyes black as night sulfuric




Having met a grim creation of Krasnodar on the street, do not be afraid — it's Goth * goes for a walk in the cemetery

GOTKA — black tights Olya white powdered face, sharply defined "coal" eyes, hair, nails and clothes — raven, in the ears — silver

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The mystery of the beast number 666 — revealed!




The study of the Scythian calendar allowed to establish why since ancient times "beast number" 666 is a mystical and fatal. I believe this is due to the creation of a Scythian calendar. This number has been known for over 2000 years.


In ancient times, highly

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Angel hair. Chemtrails


Chemtrails — a new phenomenon that is occurring around the world. It seems that the government specifically uses airplanes to spray an aerosol substance, which can cause fatigue and depressed people. But why?

Conventional exhaust stripes left by aircraft, to dissipate is not long enough, and depending on the mode of the engine. Chemtrails usually continuously expanding, gradually turning into a stratus, consisting of many rings.

We should add that after seeing the country watched the people magnified chronic diseases. Many witnesses reported falling from the sky spider web material. Laboratory analysis

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The Moses Code Online

Film The Moses Code is a logical continuation of the movie The Secret. If it was a secret in the fact that we can attract into your life, there is the basic idea — that you can give away as giving and receiving — they are two parts of the same process. Without one, and no other.

The Moses Code — a few words: "I Am What I Am". Simple, but what does it actually mean?

Let's try to understand.

If you've been watching a movie Secret 3 "Or

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Video UFO over Iran, 2012

Video UFO over Iran, Aug. 11, 2012. What is this, the Americans or indeed alien spacecraft?

Magic Wheel


On the evidence of megalithic old days as Britain's Stonehenge, Baalbek Lebanon, statues of Easter Island, not to mention the Egyptian pyramids, written and writes the different media.

And about the origin and purpose of these monuments of antiquity controversy continues to this day. However, on this planet, there are many other, much less known, but no less ancient and mysterious structures.

"Steering wheel" Crow Indians

In the state of Wyoming (USA), in the foothills of the Big Horn, on a grassy plateau is a huge "steering-wheel diameter of about 25 meters. It is laid

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Baghdad were heated to 51

The air temperature in Baghdad reached 51 degrees Celsius. Iraqis fleeing from the heat as it may … who

According to news channel 24, part of the inhabitants of Baghdad sit in the shade and pour cold water, others are selected to the local river Tigris.

The Ministry of Health warns people about the dangers of such a high temperature, and urges not to be long in the sun.

'' We spend a lot of time swimming in the river. As you know, today the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan and we are here

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UFOs fly like trams!

December 31, 2011 7:26

Photo by: Valery Paramonov to the mobile phone is suspicious.

Just not everyone can see them …

President of the Latvian Association of esotericism and parapsychology, a member of the International Academy of Nostradamus Valery Paramonov in time became the chief editor of the first Soviet newsletter esoteric, parapsychology and ufology "M-sky triangle". He has over two hundred expeditions around the world.

— For many years say about UFOs and aliens, but beyond words things remain. I think humanity is tired of the endless assurances that the contact is about to happen. You still

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Newcomers from the past — Time Travelers

October 27, 2012 2:05

Ancient monuments, built in accordance with the movement of the heavenly bodies. History written in stone, Slavic rulers of other worlds. Calendar, to accurately predict the displacement of the axis of the Earth every 26,000 years. Themselves whether to create the Maya in Central America one of the most advanced civilizations of the ancient world? Or they have no other source of knowledge that is outside of our world? They knew no metals, no electricity, but it has developed mythology, language and religious culture. They knew better than any other astronomy of contemporary civilization. Maya felt

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