In the universe found lighthouse

Hubble and several NASA telescopes have found a supernova remnant that will shed light on the causes of the expansion of the universe.

Snapshot balance 0509-67.5 Type Ia supernova received by joining forces, the two observatories NASA. They combined data from telescopes Hubble, XMM-Newton, Chandra and Gemini. The more information about Type Ia supernovae will be the scientists, the better they will understand how fast the universe is expanding.

The residue was found in the dwarf star galaxy the Large Magellanic Cloud at a distance of 160 light-years from Earth, according to the official website of

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Why dinosaurs became extinct?

That could serve as the extinction of dinosaurs and Neanderthals? What technology can be used to suppress the normal reproduction of the species and a reduction in their numbers?

Going back to the origin of life in the primary ocean and remember the first chapter of the book of Nikolai Levashov "last call to humanity", we can see that the accumulation of information in RNA, DNA, and the etheric level of every single cell of the body depend on the conditions in which this or that provided cell or virus. According to the scientific discoveries of the

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Kontinental Hockey League is an American broadcast

American sports channel ESPN will broadcast the matches of NHL in the United States and Canada. In the first half of October, ESPN viewers will see five matches of the League. Showing KHL games overseas — is the undoubted success of the European leagues. The main reason for the interest of Americans to become NHL shutout in the NHL, because of which many stars, including the U.S., let's go play in the KHL.

The Head of the Department of TV projects CHL Natalia Tchaikovsky said that on the night of the lockout has received numerous offers from our American colleagues,

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Terrorism comes in Minsk

Society The British magazine The Economist offers his analysis of the circumstances, causes and possible consequences of a terrorist attack in Minsk on April 11.

The human cost in sight, although the reason is unclear.

Political violence in Belarus — it's rare but not unknown. Ten years ago, four people were missing. They are believed to have been killed by the authorities. Since then, opposition demonstrations regularly zdushvalisya rough, but the worst that happens is a broken bone, but not dead. As a result of the mysterious explosion in 2008, tens of people were wounded. No one has

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Humanoid taught synchronized movement

May 27, 2012 21:46

In recent years, a variety of companies and laboratories have developed an impressive number of humanoid robots that walk and run. Some of them even dance in groups of up to 20, performing complex dance numbers.

This synchronization — no easy task. One way to do this — to provide a robot as a leader, which will transmit the information moves across the network. As a result, the others can catch them and repeat after him.

But the problem is that the network dynamics are not as predictable as one would like to choreographers. For example,

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Birth of a new reality: AN Dmitriev, A. Apanyuk

"Recently, people's interest in what is happening on our planet changes appears wider. Increasingly, these issues are heard in the media and on the Internet. Unfortunately, information often comes from incompetent sources, so contradictory and not credible. How seriously and deeply reflected the topic in general programs of scientific research? On this and many other questions we asked the professor, doctor of geological-mineralogical sciences Alexei Dmitriev. "

We happen to live in a difficult but interesting and important time of great change in the world, to avoid that hardly anyone can. Accelerating global warming, the sprawling social and

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Russia: the existence of telepathy almost proved




Surely, almost every one of us noticed at a certain telepathic abilities. Here, for example, is in fact this: sit, doing any thing or just spit at the ceiling, and suddenly the inner voice tells you — call such a man (say, to his friend, with whom

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The U.S. Government is working with the aliens?

November 29, 2011 6:04

In the United States from time to time publish incriminating materials on the country's government contacts with aliens. So, in 1991, Director of the Geneva Institute for Planetary Synthesis R. Schneider publicly released the report of his colleague Milton Cooper's "Secret Government", setting out some incredible facts.

Cooper's report stated that from 1947 to 1952, only one U.S. territory landed about a dozen alien ships. Some were broken, the other to make an emergency landing. As a result, in the hands of the Americans turned 65 dead bodies and one live … alien.

There is

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Is it perfect Russian weapon today …

For zabugornyh of Our homeland has always been and remains a state that simply is drawn once more to criticize. In particular, want to succeed in this power of some states of the former Soviet bloc, and, according to tradition, the Americans and their stooges. The criticism is often linked with the principles of government in our country, elected democratic forms, the pressure on the media, obsolete technical park. But with time nedavneshnego were heard cries that our homeland vpribavok to everything uttered also produces poor tool. Certainly, if they say the same Americans or the French, they can

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DECLARATION Slavic-Aryan Academy of Sciences. On the basis of the universe and the history of Mankind

On the basis of the universe and the history of Mankind


Slavo-Aryan Academy of Sciences on the subject of his research

This declaration is based on ancient documents, chronicles, materials Old Believer communities and other various written and oral sources Aryans, Slavs and other peoples of the Earth, as well as modern science to create a historical and philosophical core research subject Slavic-Aryan Academy of Sciences (hereinafter — the Academy ). The

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