The company Polylayer Novomoskovsk opened a manufacturing facility in the Krasnodar region

Ltd. "Polylayer Novomoskovsk" continues the systematic, dynamic development throughout the business. The next incarnation of the plan to strengthen its position in the market, is the opening of an industrial complex, LLC "Polylayer-South" for the production of liquid additives for concrete and mortar in the Krasnodar region. The first tank with the addition of the PFM-NLC was shipped to customers on August 20. Output quality control has given excellent results. The industrial complex is in operation mode and begins to step up the pace.

POLYPLAST — One of the largest chemical holdings in the Russian Federation —

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«Beretta» presented the newest weapon in the Russian Spetsnaz

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Mind reading — this is reality, dangerous for humans!




Human Aura (spetssemka)

It is well known saying of Napoleon, who stated that "… there are two levers of influence on people. This is — fear and self-interest. "

Thus, for these purposes, assumed the intentional and varied effects on humans in order to achieve the desired

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Contact with a stranger in her own apartment




About the aliens who allegedly routinely walk the earth villages, have repeatedly reported the media. However, the credibility of the facts of this kind of small. "Well, then why do not they land on the Red Square?" — It is reasonable to take delight skeptics. What to

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Predictions of alien civilizations




Compared with others, has repeatedly described the case in this episode was a lot of unusual. First, the mode of transportation to the ship Oliveira: aliens took him right out of bed, one bedroom, located on the second floor of the house. But he, maintaining a supine position, rose to the ceiling, and, inexplicably,

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How to find aliens?

In the search for extraterrestrial mass understanding inextricably linked to the UFO, which are carefully collected information on UFO sightings, contacts of people with extraterrestrials who allegedly visited Earth, and even themselves trying to get in touch with them.

Where it is known that the problem of extraterrestrial intelligence is one of the biggest scientific challenges, which was first staged in the XVII century. Above her were outstanding scientists. Few people know the fact that in the USSR the search of extraterrestrial civilizations underway since 1964.

A closer examination of the problem of finding extraterrestrial intelligence shows that many

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«Aliens» left on earth tips

The Roman philosopher Lucretius in his "On the Nature of Things" formulated the theory of the influence of space aliens on human development (theory paleocontacts): "The whole visible world is only in nature, we must recognize that there are other spaces in other lands to other people (sentient beings) and other animals. " Of course, he was the first who suggested the idea. In particular, it expressed the Greek sages.

Creator of the theory is paleocontacts American Charles Fort. Throughout his life, he collected data, which seemed to him to destroy the accepted scientific theory. As published in the

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Why modern men and women can not be happy?

My answer to you — WAR. The war between man and woman, which began long ago — when the goddess was gone from this world, retired to his cradle, leaving her smile in the hearts of women. So in any case, they say myths. And soon, when the darkness crept into the souls of people — I do not know who or what opened the gates to the human soul — the war began. The greatest and destructive, which has lasted for thousands of years, but every year carrying away millions of souls. This war is not

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Giovanna — mother hybrids

Confirmed cases of hybrid bearing children! It so happened that in his own UFO research, I came to a situation that the classification of UFO appear as a "pin 6 of the first kind." That is, it is sexual contact with the humans of other worlds.

It turned out that such contacts are not as rare as you can imagine. Even in our city I know some of these facts. But for obvious reasons the objects of sexual assault, whether women or sometimes men do not seek to publicize them widely on others. Studying them is important primarily

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Alien civilization control humanity?




The popular movie "Men in Black" and its sequel, which appeared on cinema screens, of course, created a scenario inspired by the real facts. However, the plot of the film — like an inverted reflection of the numerous reports of mysterious visitor is in black, which recently

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