Source of power shaman

By tradition, shamans are only men. It is rare that a woman can achieve excellence and power in this case. In some cultures, the definition of who becomes a shaman, depending on the spirits. Future shaman learns about his mission by signs. Most often it is a serious disease that leads a person to the brink of life and death, and only the inner strength helps heal.

In other cultures, the definition of man with the makings of a shaman is still young. Elected first taught by experienced shamans, and then he passes initiation ritual.

The main feature that

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Secrets: chemtrails — a mystery of the sky




Chemtrails — a new phenomenon that is observed around the world. It seems that the government specifically uses airplanes to spray an aerosol substance that can cause fatigue and depressed people. But why?

Conventional exhaust stripes left by airplanes, dissipate quickly, is not long enough, depending on the mode of the engine. Chemtrails are

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Vievichi, naga serpent people and others — the oldest representatives of the human race

When we lived Fomhoires, Rakshasas, vievichi, nagas and other such things? How many are there types? Whether the many-headed and many-armed Rakshasas, nayrrity, Hecatonchires and giant werewolves Fomhoires, Yakshas, pishachi, bhutams and other creatures to the snake-people, and if so, why it has changed their appearance? Or whether they belonged to the giant intelligent insects and mammals?

Vievichi and Nagas live before the Rakshasa and Fomorian

Try to answer on this page to the last question first. In Irish, Slavic and Indian legends contain hidden information that is naked and vievichi lived before Fomorian and Rakshasas. During the most recent

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Oleg: RUSSIAN moderate. Site Sanity

Carefully look around yourself, brother, Ocean view their past, extending deep into the centuries, and you will realize that the only real truth of this so-called "civilization" — a genocide of Slavs. Consistent, and persistent covert destruction of our history, culture, traditions, our semey.I first we see endless attempts to destroy rusichej — descendants of the Rus, anciently existed on the vast lands of Asia and Europe.

No wonder the word "race" tune «Rasha». It is easy to see how our spaces in the native Russian quietly but relentlessly squeezed out all the key positions in the

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The search for extraterrestrial intelligence by listening to radio interstellar conducted since the 1960s, but have not been able to identify any extraterrestrial signal of artificial origin. However, this is not evidence that other civilizations in space does not exist.

The whole point of neutrinos?

Canadian Professor Allen Tou University of Toronto has created a special Internet web-page that invites aliens to come into contact with humanity through his e-mail.

The scientist knows that his project could be seen around him, to say the least, with great skepticism, and therefore results on its website a long list of serious researchers

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Plants love and protect each other

According to Dutch researchers, many plants, including strawberry, clover or cane, can communicate by transmitting vital information, for example, to warn each other of approaching a potential enemy or attack. To do this, they use so-called horizontal stems ("whiskers"), which are located on the ground level.

To test the theory of the existence of such a warning system of plants, scientists from the University of Nijmegen conducted the following experiment: they are produced on the leaves of the clover group tracks and allow predators to eat one leaf of a plant. Then, the first track was removed and brought to

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Stone-cutting art — cultural richness of the country

The fact that the lost and forgotten!

The art of stone-cutting is one of the oldest material manifestations of culture. Rock Paintings of the first tools, the first tomb, the first wonders of the world — all came through stone processing. Decorative display of stone and called the stone-cutting business, and the creation of unique beauty and complexity of decorative products made of stone — stone-cutting art.


The history of stone carving art of Russia has a long history. In the burials (10-13 cc.) Slavic nobility are necklaces and earrings of carnelian and rock crystal, also

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Expert: no other intelligent life in our solar system there is no




Alexei Leonov, exactly 40 years ago, the first earthlings carried out the spacewalk, denies the existence of other forms of life in the solar system.

"All Earthlings really want to have someone other than us, but, alas, within the solar system there is no intelligent life, I

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It is considered as if the era of "flying saucers" began in the XX century. However, this is incorrect. Reports of sightings of strange objects and creatures can be found in the ancient chronicles of any nation has ever inhabited the earth. You can, of course, to dismiss them, saying that the "dark" people were too imaginative, cradling inhabit space fictional spirits and gods. But many researchers believe otherwise chronicles, pointing in particular to the fact that the details given in the chronicles, have no analogues in the mythology of lost civilizations

That hide the pyramid?June 5, 1952 in

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Valery Paramonov, Nearing sunset of our civilization




In 2012 comes the end of our civilization, the famous film director Juris Podnieksa destroyed the black magician Embirioni is detected drive that allows to overcome space and time. Brad, you might say. President of the Latvian Association of parapsychology and energy metabolism Valery Paramonov does not

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