As the four sailors have created a transnational corporation

Specialist in simulation Nicholas As the four sailors have created a transnational corporation


On simulators company "Transas" trained virtually every other ship's pilot or navigator of the planet. Forty percent of the world fleet runs on the seas using its navigation charts. In Russia, the company is virtually unknown, although owned by the Russians, and its headquarters is located in St. Petersburg. Twenty years ago, "Transas" navigator created three Baltic Shipping Company. One of the owners, Nicholas Peasants, and remained a sailor at heart — with a thirst for adventure and a visionary Saturday. Shopping center

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Who are they, contactees?

In the archives of the Research Association "Kosmopoisk" exists on a database of people who claim that they are in contact with the EC. Contactors for over 7 thousand, and the number is constantly growing!

Is the establishment of interstellar dialogue between Humanity and other civilizations — it took place a long time? According to the so-called kontaktantov supposedly long receives signals from outer space, we can only argue about which civilization tips useful for us all? And how quickly to implement the recommendations of our galactic neighbors?

What is the percentage of the truth? Can I check the

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American rattletrap (many episodes) watch online

We have before us an opportunity to get acquainted with himself Boyd Coddington — the famous creator of the accident hot rods (ancient naimoschneyshimi vehicles with engines and other innards pumped).

So that's when the little boy was only eight years old the first time he became the owner of the car, thus, their own, and in thirteen — he was able to independently collect the car. So now, he is so professional and unique, and that even it is not surprising newcomer his invention. So, Boyd begins to create special cars for superstars.


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UFO above the ground — «Clash of the Titans»

Mysterious flying objects with loud sounds cut clear skies of southern Africa, with the mysterious shooting at each other with bright rays. Five of the seven participating in aerial battle UFOs were destroyed and burned to the ground in the air, and without falling to the ground. The remaining two — one from each group — were scattered in different directions …

Who owns the land?Eyewitnesses who witnessed UFOs prove that we are likely to have to deal with several alien races, which differ from each other not only in appearance and behavior, but also by the level of

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As the Russian space makes money

Russia as before year runs more than any other country different from their satellites and space launch their rockets — up to 40-50 satellites per year. For example, in 2008. Russian launched spacecraft 43 (U.S. — 18, Europe — 11 -15 China, India — 11), and in 2007. — 48 spacecraft (USA — 29, Europe — 12, China -11). And in terms of funding for civil space activities of Russia in 2010. came in 4th place among other countries — 2.7 billion U.S. dollars a year (1.54 billion dollars — 2008, 1.34 billion — in 2007., and another in 2000

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Hatshepsut found ancient ships floating in the mysterious land of Punt




It was possible to detect the earliest remains of ships of Ancient Egypt — they are found in two underwater caves on the coast of the Red Sea. The discovery was made by a group of American and Italian archaeologists, led by Kathryn Bard (Kathryn Bard) at

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The aliens know how to keep secrets




Vadim scooter

…Near a stall which sells beer, a fight broke out: the two fought heavily intoxicated men. The conflict with the subsequent massacre was a dispute on a current topic — are we alone in the universe. Instead showdown in a classic case "Do you respect

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Aliens under the ground: People are looking for drillers

Suddenly, as if by agreement, ufologists from different countries began to discuss the topic of underground bases aliens. It turns out that these databases are available almost anywhere in the U.S., Chile, China, and, of course, Russia. Immediately raises the question of why underground?

The use of underground space

That is to list only some places where, according to ufologists may be unidentified underground facilities — NGO. In China, on the hillside located Mean Black Bamboo Valley. Local residents believe that the road there — a "one-way road," which leads people into the underground world of the dead. People risked

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Report of Milton Cooper

(1947) just finished the most devastating and costly war in the history of mankind. The United States has made and applied (Hiroshima and Nagasaki), the atomic bomb, was the only of the States with a weapon capable of killing not only the enemy, but virtually the entire globe. The U.S. economy flourished in the country — the world's highest living standards.

One can only imagine the confusion for themselves and concern more informed members of the government of Harry Truman, when they found out in the desert, located on the territory of New Mexico crashed extraterrestrial gallaktichesky ship.

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The Ka-52 for the Russian Air Force in gray camouflage and other interestingness

In the photo we see a new color Ka-52. Upset that the nose cone is not painted in the overall color (apparently problems with radio transparent paint), but overall good looks.

Now interestingness. Under the belly we see the "egg" (a real man :)) system, "President-C" sensors instead of plugs radar "Crossbow" EVU, complex "Sagittarius" and other buns. Not enough yet, only the second OPS.

PS: who does not know what a "President-S", watch this video:

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