In the solar corona are teeming with UFO

In recent months, something incredible is happening in the solar corona. The pictures transmitted from watching the sun probe "Soho" and "Stereo" and posted on the official website of NASA experts began to find strange, obviously artificial objects …

Trying to hide secrets

Unusual formations that are too correct forms, first found in the photographs of prominences, now found on almost the entire surface of the sun.

NASA is no comment. Experts who do not believe in the existence of UFOs, explain the "inconsistencies" in the photographs defects shooting different angles of illumination, noise and other natural causes. But

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Global experiment on children




An interview with a leading pioneer of the Center for Communication Studies ISESP Sciences, a candidate of sociological sciences Natalia Markova Efimovna: Recently, psychologists are increasingly faced with a very distorted behavior of preschoolers. On the one hand, the extraordinary stiffness, underdevelopment of speech. On the other

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In Illinois, the Asian carp have put the ecosystem of the rivers on the brink of disaster

"Fish" natural disaster in Illinois. In the U.S. state of river invaded the Asian carp. They destroy native fish species and even attack people jumping out of the water up to three meters. At the extreme fishing visited our own correspondent in the U.S. — Maxim Drabok.

So the sight of local people is not surprising. Real "fishy" downpour. This herd of Asian carp perceives as a threat and a boat to escape, jumping out of the water. Now they are so many that need rescuing other river dwellers.

Blake Rubashov, fish ecology:

— Here it is. Of the Mississippi

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Russia: Education keeps the brain in good shape for old age




People with higher levels of education in old age have a workable brain and are associated with the activity of the nerve cells of his frontal lobe, reported in the journal "Neurophysiology". In other words, the frontal lobe serves as a reserve for the thought processes of

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Aliens will help mankind survive?

In any handbook states that parasites — the consumers, they always live off other organisms. Parasites use different strategies to survive, one of which — the deprivation of reproduction of those who are forced to, but it helps to exist. Among the scholars are of the opinion that alien beings gradually castrated humanity through implanted into human bodies subjects. In this case, it is clear which of us parasite, and who enslaved donor.

Of all the stories about alien abductions earthlings us the most shocking stories about what the kidnappers allegedly trying to create a "hybrid" offspring — humanoids

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Visually impaired: I think more about death than life

Society During the crisis, the worst live with disabilities. Small pensions, expensive products. State aid scanty. People have to save on everything.

A dozen houses in the streets of the Vavilov and Tsiolkovsky — this densely populated area of blind people in Mogilev. Life here is unhurried. In the morning and in the evening the blind on the sidewalks with handrails go to the shops and the market for food. Happy spending time in the courts for the conversation.

Mr. Vadim back of the store. The bag herring but a loaf of bread:

"Poor living. I disabled the second group.

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Injuries at other planets

There is a very popular belief that emotional trauma can be obtained only at a low level of consciousness that injury at a higher level of consciousness than we are now, just do not and can not be! If a higher level of consciousness is not trauma, to live there well and good, but the world is bad, because the endless series of emotional traumas of the past, and gives us only that a break between awareness again to start moving to learn.

But over the years, teaching methodology Akash hundreds of people in workshops and individual sessions, as

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Illegal cannabis plots contribute extinction martens in California

The hosts of illegal marijuana plots in the forests of California unwittingly contribute to the extinction of one of the key forest predators — martens, fishers, processing planting marijuana with rat poison, say environmentalists in an article published in the journal PLoS One.

"Our results were very surprising, since it is usually accidental poisoning occurs in the immediate vicinity of cities or farmland. Martens in California, fishers are found in long-established forests in state forests, national parks and public lands, located far away from human habitation," — said the head of the group of scientists Mourad Gabriel (Mourad Gabriel) from

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Look like aliens?

"For years, writers and Hollywood portrayed extraterrestrials in many different guises — from the charming stranger ET (ET Spielberg character picture) to the sinister monster from the movie Alien."

The hypothesis of Cohen and Stewart

Fictional aliens come in all shapes and sizes — but in reality may look a creature from another planet? U.S. researchers Jack Cohen and Ian Stewart tried to find an answer to this question.

First, thinking about life on other planets, it is necessary to understand that it almost certainly will not humanoids. Exactly the same as Jesus Christ in Western culture depicts a man

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Why aliens abduct people?

The definition of "alien abductions" or some other "speysneping" — can be defined as kidnapping by extraterrestrial beings who usually carry their captives in a strange place, filled with a mysterious glow. The building in which the prisoner gets perceived them as a room within a UFO (unidentified flying object). Abduction is almost always going against the will of the people, which are usually women no older than thirty-five years. Most often in the time of the abduction person is in bed in the early morning hours or, for example, leads one car late at night.

Although there are

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