Information network Samotlor

The company "Mobile TeleSystems" (MTS) has announced the provision of Samotlor oil field in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District communications services technology Radio Ethernet, which will provide fixed-line telephony and internet without the construction of the cable network. The solution also supports the work of telematic services for the remote control key process "Samotlorneftegaz", the largest mining company TNK BP in Russia.

Lake Samotlor

On the territory of oilfield MTS has established 13 transmitting base stations and about 2,500 subscriber terminals transmitting data and ensure reliable communication within a radius of 20 km. Applicable equipment uses multiple data channels that can

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Britain occupied insect kanibaly

Britain is in shock from the invasion of Asian ladybugs cannibals. Extremely voracious insects lack of food began to attack their fellows.

Some species of British ladybirds already on the brink of extinction because of the invasion of one species of Asian ladybugs, so-called "Harlequin" (Harmonia volatile, Harmonia axyridis).

Suffering people — insects occupied a niche cockroaches massively selyas wintering in homes. The "harlequin" perfectly coexists with other types of bugs in their habitats in north-east Asia.

Because the ladybug with extraordinary greed consumes aphids and other pests, it decided to get to North America and Europe. This rash decision

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Aliens — for and against.

Until now, the question of whether there is intelligent life on other planets, no one can answer, though the arguments "for" and "against" is a lot. We will attempt to address a few of them — the most popular.

The assumption that we are not alone in the universe, having long ago. Even the Roman poet and philosopher Lucretius's poem "On the Nature of Things" wrote: "… is bound to recognize that in the universe there are more and more land, and the tribes and people as different beasts."

Much later, after Copernicus destroyed the idea that

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MythBusters watch online

"MythBusters" — a scientific-popular show in America. Transmission are two professionals on the effects — Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman. Children use their own experience and established capacity for experimental verification of a variety of tall tales, urban legends, rumors, and other creatures of a popular destination for culture, because in our life, there is lot a variety of legends, legends, superstitions, and other nonsense. Filming the program "MythBusters" usually occur in the Bay Area of San Francisco. What comes out of this guys? What legends are confirmed and which are refuted? All this and lot Another fascinating to

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Civilization ends at the village on Talking porch

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Interview with General Director of Uralvagonzavod

"The future does not entitle us to think long and sway"

CEO of "Uralvagonzavod" Oleg Sienko said in an interview with BUSINESS GUIDE on how to carry out military contracts, which developed advanced weapons and that is of interest to foreign customers. BUSINESS GUIDE: What is the volume of contracts "Uralvagonzavod" with the Russian Ministry of Defence on the results of 2012?

Oleg Sienko: For the implementation of the state defense order in 2012 enterprises corporation was signed 11 government contracts and soispolneniya 4 contracts worth more than 13 billion rubles. Growth in government contracts in

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As America fought for the purity of the gene pool


A meeting of victims of forced sterilization in North Carolina, 1971 Photo:

The North Carolina ordered to pay a multi-million dollar compensation for residents of the state in the early and mid XX century affected by the policy of forced sterilization. The opportunity to have their children were deprived of in accordance with the then popular doctrine of the preservation of the purity of the gene pool of the population. However, eugenics in the United States is not only fond of North Carolina — the victims of this theory are

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Secrets of humanoids.

There is a lot of circumstantial evidence that in the past our planet visited by extraterrestrial civilizations that have achieved high levels of development. Numerous artifacts found in different parts of the world, represent the strange creatures that are now referred to as humanoids. Here are some of them.

According to the historian Herodotus, the geographer Strabo, the prophet Jeremiah, and other ancient authors, the tribe of the Scythians was a wild bunch of monsters who drink human blood. Indeed, this nation there was such a custom. Of the skulls of vanquished enemies, they produced cups and drank from

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Who are they, contactees?

In the archives of the Research Association "Kosmopoisk" exists on a database of people who claim that they are in contact with the EC. Contactors for over 7 thousand, and the number is constantly growing!

Is the establishment of interstellar dialogue between Humanity and other civilizations — it took place a long time? According to the so-called kontaktantov supposedly long receives signals from outer space, we can only argue about which civilization tips useful for us all? And how quickly to implement the recommendations of our galactic neighbors?

What is the percentage of the truth? Can I check the

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Innovative product Neovaskulgen gaining market

Moscow — March 26, 2013. Human Stem Cell Institute— JSC "HSCI" (MICEX: ISKJ) announces the signing of an agreement for the supply of JSC "PharmFirma" Sotex "innovative drug Neovaskulgen ®, developed by HSCI and for the treatment of lower limb ischemia.

"PharmFirma Sotex" which is a group of companies "Protek", is one of the largest players on the pharmaceutical market in Russia and has a unique experience to the market launch of innovative medicines.

Supply agreement has been signed by companies March 25, 2013 for a term of three years with the possibility of

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