Confessions of a contactee

Good thoughts do not come often and almost always unexpected. The idea to write what I offer you, dear reader, was initially good, and I did not doubt it for a second. And she came unexpectedly.

Bother me, I was able to present its lucidly.

I understand that the material is unusual. We are just beginning to get used to this kind of information. Until recently this was not published.

Beginning with the story, seems a long time. I will not look for her roots and start right from the middle because it further into me and very much

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The net effect of contact with another reality

A few years ago in St. Petersburg quietly passed an amazing workshop. His name might attract the attention of the citizens, but that is why in order to avoid misinterpretation of advertising was not. He called — ІI city seminar acting contactees. His audience consisted of people with permanent ability to communicate with sources of information of all kinds.

Today we are already familiar with many publications on the subject of contact with another reality. Usually it is the contact with astral beings of a different nature and with the so-called aliens. In the first case, witnesses often have

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What you give is what you get

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War flying saucers

Human thinking sometimes amazes stagnancy. Tell me, please, why the majority of people (of those, of course, those who believe in the existence of flying saucers) tend to see the UFO as a product of the same civilization? What is the basis confident that our space brothers in mind represent a united people with a common history and culture? After all, our own history shows that people can be a great multitude, and their culture can be so different that it is difficult or even impossible to find a point of contact between them.

Eyewitnesses had observed a UFO,

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The aliens are not silent

Many people wonder how to communicate with each other aliens, anyone heard of it, how it sounds, is it possible to learn their language, are there at least some written sources, which can be judged on the language of those with whom the alleged contact many earthlings. Questions, you see, is quite natural. However, the information in this respect remarkably little. One of the rare evidence of communication (or rather, attempts to communicate) is derived from our compatriot.

"His head was large relative to the body, like a small child: spherical top and tapering down. The eyes were

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And once again against nationalism. For those who dig deeper.

From the blog of Oleg Matveicheva — collection of excerpts from interviews and articles.

Oleg Matveychev — political strategist and former advisor to the Russian president on domestic policy.

— And how do you feel about nationalism?

OM: To what? To the Ukrainian? By Georgia? Latvian? Poor. Russian? We have so it turns out: foreign nationalism is bad, but its good! Let us be fundamental: nationalism is good or bad or whatever. I loathe nationalism of the Poles or the Georgians. You, as

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Ancient rusichi against UFOs

Hypothesis Hypothesis

With conventional reconstruction of residential buildings first few cities in the world will agree. Traditionally the home Eneolithic-Bronze-Early Iron represented residential cellars and damp dugout. Why there are unresolved questions about the ancient pits: "Are they the remains of a fourth construction horizon?". High-rise buildings Andronovo still baffles scientists, wondering if there was any at the site of multi-buildings?

My answer is simple. Andronov (Herodotus — Sauromates) lodged in the carcass buildings rising above the man-made mounds of 5-6 floors high. The concept of "floor" on probation. In the cage for sleeping with half the size of

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Voices of Outland


Today, in the XXI century, no one, perhaps, can not surprise the limitless possibilities of computer technology, which is able to create out of nothing almost new universes model any, even the most fantastic images or voices. Perhaps this is one of the reasons that today in the phenomenon of electronic votes (FEP some are extremely skeptical, but others do Transcommunication lifework. VOICE OF THE DEAD MOTHER

We can not, however, forget that the first discoveries in the field of electronic voice phenomenon were made at the beginning of the emergence of communication when creating

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Anti-aircraft missile geometry, Tor-M2E

In the early 70's before the war there was a question to improve military defense. The existing "Shilka" had been unsatisfactory range, and I had to do something. As a further development of the "Shilka" was a complex "Tunguska", which has not only a larger caliber gun, but the rocket. However, the development of the means of attack, such as responsive bombs or cruise missiles required to revise views on defense troops and facilities.


In addition to the rocket and gun "Tunguska" was required to create a purely missile short-range anti-aircraft system. The main goal —

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Parallel Worlds: from fantasy to reality

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