Americans have found a way to make wind farms more efficient and cheaper

Eue negivingbut DMDsavy sense suggests that as we get closer to the theoretical limit capacities of wind turbines, the wind energy can already be considered a mature technology. But at the California Institute of Technology researchers have reviewed some fundamental points that guided the wind in 30 years.

Now researchers believe that improving the efficiency of the wind power can a new approach to design. It's simple: just place the wind turbines are not far away and as close as possible to each other.

But recently it was believed that the advancement of wind power will help unless the

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Navigator. Telluric radiation

Telluric radiation — perhaps there is an unknown type of radiation coming out of the ground and causing a number of diseases among the inhabitants of the place of radiation. In 1930, Paul released G.fon interesting fact related to the fact that they all observed cancer patients slept in places where the dowsing rods sharply declined.

Then, and speculation about the radiation from the earth of some pathogenic rays, which was called telluric (tellus — Latin for earth). Over the past few years since efforts E.Hartmanna, M.Kurri and other researchers identified the network, the nodes of which are the

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Indigo child online!

1) What can you say about Shambala (like the Brotherhood of advanced beings)? 2) and the relationship with Shamballa civilizations of other planets.3) and their role in the future developments in the world associated with the changes.4) What can you say about the connection with extraterrestrial origin of man on Earth? 5), and of what is the truth in the history of the origin of man on Earth, which runs from the Sumerians?6) What can you say about the relationship of Jesus and extraterrestrial life?7) and of knowledge, which says that once came to Earth from Venus being highly (7

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In 2015 will be the end of the world. Valentine Gatash

Society alarmists (from the English "alarm" — anxiety, "alarmist" — Jitterbug) was established in Kharkiv. It includes businessmen, scientists, and teachers. I also managed to become a member, as I am willing to participate in the development of the main idea alarmists. And it is this: the catastrophe — the engine of evolution. Like this and wrote in a statement of acceptance.

— In recent years our country has formed a crisis the public consciousness — the chairman of the society Candidate of Sciences Volkov. — Anticipation of a global cataclysm, is strongly supported by many politicians, religious leaders,

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Indigo child online!

1) Do Russians have time to hide in bunkers state reserve in case of cataclysm?2) How many of us non-humans with human appearance? Who they are and on what grounds can recognize them?

1. I have said and I repeat that if you hid it does not mean that you will survive. You can not choose who will be able to escape, and who is not. Fairness has nothing to do with it. There is something that needs to be changed. You want to ride the subway in the old or new cars?2. There is not enough. More of

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Improving the 120-mm mortar

Housing sea U.S. Marine ordered the first 42 120-mm mortar PERM (Precision Extended Range Munition — clear ammunition extended range). They own a range of about 17 km and an integrated guidance system ensures accuracy rate of about 20 meters. Several companies will present their version of PERM and as a result of the contest will last for 2 years will be chosen the most reliable among them. This is part of efforts to build the Marine Corps advanced 120-mm mortars.

Three years back, after 6 years of development and different shuffles papers U.S. Marine Corps eventually ordered the

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Purification of water from the well of iron

Iron, dissolved in water, can be found in all parts of the aquifer near Moscow. Removal is necessary if you want to maintain excellent health. Also, excess iron affects the appearance of the plumber and the dishes — it leaves traces of rust on them. Removal of this impurity in two ways — without chemicals and with their participation.

Water purification from iron is to bring it to a state in which it is easy to be delayed in the pressure filter. When processing reagents or other special means iron trying to bring to the solid form that it is

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Signs of the end of the world.

Sweep around the world hunger, disease, earthquakes of unprecedented strength, and the unprecedented scale, as it was said to be trouble for the great, which was not even the beginning of the world. Hunger will of droughts, floods and insect, and from the fact that the Lord will take away the minds of people who have fallen away from Him, and those will not be able to properly dispose of food for the people, because when people are deprived of the grace of God, then they are also deprived of reason. Diseases will mow people is stronger, the

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Entity in the cycle of life and death

The theme of the film, which is, without exaggeration, care of every living person on the planet! It is the story of the real circle of life and death, in which millions of years of spinning our essence — we are. This film has long been hushed information that will allow us all to learn the truth about himself and get rid of the fear of death, because in reality we all live for millions of years …

In fact, it turned out quite differently, as told before, all those who do not know, but only pretends to

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Second Moon — the forerunner of the Great Flood and the reason

Myths some people, telling of a great flood, sometimes casual and hints, and sometimes plain text argue that earlier in Earth's sky was no moon. One of the most well-known facts of this kind is common in ancient Greek tradition of "dolunnyh" residents of Arcadia.

Greeks called Arcadia central part of the Greek peninsula of Peloponnese. In the time following the end of the legendary Trojan War, almost the whole of southern Greece was conquered by the people who came from the north to the Dorians. The indigenous inhabitants of the Peloponnese were able to maintain the independence of

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