On rye field in Zemgale ufologists discovered a giant icon

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Five signs of the end of the world. And how can it be delayed

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Factory Audit UAZ-Patriot

Since the start of production at the plant UAZ Patriot procedure was introduced audit finished car. Until recently, it was held twice a week, and now nearly all the model line, the UAZ Patriot, SGR and CPR are inspected daily, due to the stringent requirements of consumers. Each day, trained auditors inspect the quality control department three cars of different modifications, taken from the daily production.

UAZ Patriot

So, the final audit of the car — the car is spot-checking the professional auditor to the international principles GCA (Global Customer Audit) from the point of view of the

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Prophetic dreams Doomsday

After the publication of some of my articles in the media and on Internet sites, which addressed the possible causes of future disasters on our planet, to my email began to receive many letters describing the horrific and terrifying dreams in which readers write Doomsday, Apocalypse, World War III and Armageddon.

It is curious that people are completely unfamiliar with each other, of different ages, sex and religion, living in different regions of Russia and other countries, to describe future catastrophe almost equally, as if they were written under the blueprint. Such coincidences hardly accidental. This is probably

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Heaven on earth

In many of the predictions of the prophets said, that despite the horrible disasters, wars, epidemics and other disasters, people do survive and progress of human civilization will continue. Perhaps our great-grandchildren will have to live in the Golden Age.

Eritrean Sibyl's prophecy about the distant future: In the third lot years that pass, replacing each other, the top eight again coming renewal of the world. Long night on the ground then lie motionless, sinister smell of sulfur will be worn everywhere — Journal of violent death, while other people then Will be under the canopy of the

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Interview with Indigo. 11 years old boy Sasha

Indigo. About the future of the Earth and humanity on the eve of the global crisis and the transition into a new consciousness of the planet

Sasha — indigo child, 11 years old, answers questions about our life, about what the future will bring and how to adequately meet the coming changes that will affect the Earth and all of Humanity.

Communication takes place online through Sasha's tutor (his nickname Elfi (Elhfi)). Forum visitors Sasha asked questions to which he answered to the extent possible.# Tell Sasha, how you've come to the understanding that there will be one or

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What gave us aliens

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Galactic Alignment 2012

Our Earth along with the other planets revolve around the sun. Sun, along with six other stars, in turn, revolve around the big star, Alcyone, also known as the Central Sun. Alcyone revolves around the larger star, Sirius, which is called the Great Central Sun. Rotation of the stars around each other, a feature characteristic of all the galaxies in our universe, in which each galaxy consisting of stars and planets, rotates around its own center. Milky Way Galaxy, which owns our land, includes billions of stars and planets revolving around a huge star in the center, called a galactic

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Holding on to the Faith (fingertips)

When a woman finds out she is pregnant, she gets the due date, even though the pregnancy, and ranges from 38 to 42 weeks, and only 5% of women deliver in time. Nearer to this date, the woman begins to feel excited anticipation mixed with anxiety about childbirth. If she misses that date, it begins to climb a storm the other senses. Could she go all the natural process?

Everything was all right with the baby? It usually starts to feel the pressure from other people, in order to speed up the process, though, in fact, it has not

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Vitaly Gibert: die unprepared for the expansion of consciousness

Vitaly Gibert end of the world told in the summer of 2011. Winner 11 season of the popular show "Psychic Battle" is one of the best esoteric our time.

In addition to deep practical experience, Gibert has extensive knowledge in the field of Islamic and Jewish mysticism. As for information about the end of the world, then it, as well as other information received from Vitaly Gibert cover him Higher Powers. What is this higher power, the mystic does not tell, but strongly suggests something absolute and universal.

So what exactly said Vitaly Gibert end of the world,

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