Clairvoyant Keir

Today his name is known only to specialists in magic, and in the beginning of the last century, his name was all over the world. He predicted a sensational discovery in archeology, loss of world famous writer, warned of the various disasters and tragic events.

Quick look at the hand of man, it is unusual to talk in detail about his past and future. But suddenly his clairvoyant faculty disappeared. The reason was the violation of the highest ethical principles relating to the law of karma.

Curriculum vitae

His real name on the passport, William John Warner, but he

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Sappers begin to mine the 99th arsenal

On Saturday, May 28, in the morning engineers begin demining areas ammunition depot near Ufa, where the fire occurred on May 26 and detonate ammunition. The other day, the streets of the village of Urman, located in the vicinity of a particular arsenal, took all the fragments of shells, and now people can vorachivatsya to their homes.

As reported, the state of emergency as a result 12 people suffered from unsafe areas were evacuated more than 2-thousand inhabitants. In districts warehouse destroyed or burned down about fifty houses. The Ministry of Defence said that by September 1 of the

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Buddha as an incarnation of God, and his mission

Despite the fact that the Buddha rejected the authority of the Vedas and the idea of God, he was the incarnation of God who came to earth with a very specific mission.

While most people were atheists and carnivores, justifying the sacrifice of animals and eating their meat recommendations sacred Vedic scriptures. They held these slaughterhouses under pretext of fulfilling the requirements of the Vedas, although there is no other requirement is not fulfilled, because they did not believe in God.

Seeing the ungodly, and out of compassion for animals, the Buddha preached non-violence, and this was his

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In the harbor of Baltimore Environmental minikatastrofa

Abnormally warm water and human error caused the increasing pollution of water in the Inner Harbor of Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Beginning in January 2012, the average temperature is constantly kept at 6 degrees above normal, which caused the warming of the water in the harbor. Warm water has contributed to early onset of algal blooms, which colored all the water around Baltimore in mahogany or coffee.

Despite the fact that algae — also part of the ecosystem of the harbor, this situation is extremely dangerous for its other components. The higher the water temperature, the lower the level of

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Spirits warn of the threat of war and disaster

Recently, the American magazine "Travel has uolds second form," the title of which translates as "Travel to other worlds", has published a very interesting material on proskopirovaniya future attempts by spirits.

Initiated action was an expert on the occult Gabriel Woodstock. In his opinion, there was too many unscrupulous astrologers various prophets and soothsayers, many of which are capitalizing on the growing interest in the occult sciences, but in reality are nothing more than scams that have nothing to do with astrology, nor with any other occult sciences.

Woodstock invited to apply for predictions about the future of humanity

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The village of millionaires

— In Pestovo? Yes, there are some on the road, "Hummers" yes "Mercedes" ride! Even dogs lodge in the special VIP booths are two rooms, hallway, double glazing — I saw it myself! — At the counter in the station shop about a neighboring village told in epic style. However, in contrast to a similar epic tales about suburban estate Rublevka about Pestovo not give rise to any social protest even in the shower narrators. Maybe because they have the final one and the same:

— But guys and stick there be healthy! Baste their cabins from

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Far Eastern Transport Police received 5 new patrol boats

Khabarovsk. January 15. VOSTOK-MEDIA — The Far Eastern traffic police have received five new high-speed patrol boats, worth $ 32.5 million. Two — «North Silver PRO 920" and the three boats «Silver Condor Star Cabin ST», «Silver Condor Star Cabin», «North Silver PRO 745 Cabin» total value of 32.5 million rubles.

All of them are made of Commerce and the construction company "Silver" in St. Petersburg.

Fleet "helpers" are designed to perform patrol, inspection, search and rescue and other operational-search operations in navigable waters of the ground water of the rivers and seas. Facilities

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6 most optimistic forecasts for the future of mankind

Most science fiction writers and futurists see the future of humanity in a rather gloomy colors — and with good reason. Our relationship to the environment leaves much to be desired, we are too thoughtless use of technology and more and more improving in self-destruction. However, there are also optimistic that the distant future is amazing and wonderful. Here you will find the seven most optimistic predictions about the future development of our civilization.

1.Status quo

In the 1990s, American political scientist, economist and author Francis Fukuyama wrote a book "The End of History and the Last Man"

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Nostradamus — from fiends to the great prophet

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Secret area. Where does the abyss.

On Earth, the two worlds coexist. One — on the surface, the other — in the bowels of the planet. The place where worlds meet, called "zones." It is believed that there are some stored artifacts from other worlds.

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