Pipeline Gryazovets — Vyborg (PHOTOS)

The report's author — Alexander "Russos" Popov

About how to produce gas, I told you the example of South Russian field. And for the delivery of gas to customers using natural gas pipelines that cross our country in all directions, forming the Unified Gas Supply System of Russia. They are built in any climate and geographical conditions.

"Gazprom" has completed the construction of autumn II thread main gas pipeline "Gryazovets — Vyborg" the 680 km (as the built Looping, the length of the second line turned out less than the length of the pipeline, which is 917

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UFO Sightings: 2007 results

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How to find aliens?

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10 good reasons for panspermia

There are phenomena in the universe that my mind refuses to accept and understand. One is spontaneous generation of life. I can not put as from non-living, and there was further developed, self-improving, as have such complex biological mechanisms and linked together for a common goal — to life.

There are several theories of the origin of life. The scientific world can not come to a general theory, since each of them has their arguments and their inconsistencies. One of the possible theories of the origin of life is panspermia — entry germ of life (microorganisms) from outer space.

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VSW in late October launches complex Stan-5000

 Photo source:omk.ru

According to the September 29 journalists complex construction project manager Alexander Rybkin, all work 99 percent completed and in late September, is scheduled to begin hot testing. According to him, at present, are commissioning.

The volume of investment in the construction of the sheet mill was 45 billion rubles.

By itself, the idea and concept of the camp-5000 is the same as that of other mills, but because of the huge dimensions of the sheet has a disproportionate increase equipment. Such equipment is much larger and more expensive, and it has to stand on a

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The eruption of the volcano in Costa Rica, Nicaragua awakened volcanoes

Located 135 km from the capital of Nicaragua's San Cristobal volcano woke up and scared the people in the country with three eruptions. The sharp rise of the activity at the volcano about three thousand people were immediately evacuated from the surrounding area with 50 trucks and 350 security personnel. Serious danger to residents are gases and other substances escaping from the crater on the surface.

The height of the column of ash over the crater of San Cristobal reached five thousand feet. Spaced wind, he managed to cover several neighboring towns layer of gray coating. In addition, the

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Matrix — today, here and now

This sign, which at first glance is a serious delusion conspiracy theorist who had mastered the basics of computer graphics and wants to bamboozle the public evidence of the plot — the logo of the Information Awareness Office, "Information Awareness Office (IAO)", which was founded in January 2002 to bring together several DARPA projects Direction the development of information technologies for the monitoring and tracking of potential terrorists and other asymmetric threats to U.S. national security by advancing "Vseinformirovannosti", Total Information Awareness (TIA).

Some of the projects of the Information Awareness Office included:

(HumanID) human identification at a distance.

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Comes in — and out

Leaving the "Rostov"

— Michael, first, let's go back a bit in the past. Last year you left the FC "Rostov", which played most of his career. Bad feeling after breaking left?

— Residues in any case remain, because I played in the "Rostov" for nine years, giving this club their best professional years. The way that to me … God will judge them. As the saying goes, everything goes around comes around once. Although the evil I do not want anyone. On the contrary, I want to "Rostov" finally won and achieved significant results. Therefore evil on

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Small black holes can confirm the existence of other dimensions

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One of the reasons why magicians do not like to fly, is that there is an easy and convenient way — teleportation. Magician moves in space from one place to another. From their origin to the magician disappears turning into another dimension, once in the destination magician materialize. It turns out very effectively. Here, of course, there are nuances. Moving magician can detect another magician, got to the point of departure, provided that enough time has passed and the trace is "not cool." For the magician trail is a "thread" that leads to the destination. Walking on this

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