Special armored «Bulat» demonstrated Shoigu

Even before the arrival of the Minister of Defence media representatives tried as much as possible to find out about it, very aggressive in appearance, an armored car. All their questions answered by representatives of JSC Company «Protection» where is this car. Those who sought to find out more about driving performance «Bulat», received a mysterious answer — «Later you will see» that fueled even more enthusiastic «workers of the pen» to this very aggressive look noticeably armored creep. And this time expect not only journalists and all others who had gathered on the day the coming future Russian military

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Let the Belarusian Foreign Ministry put in place after Surikov

Start the program from the phone call unchanging listeners "Liberty" Ilya Kopyla:"The Kremlin leadership indignant that Ukraine sold Georgia gun. Dugin Russian political analyst said on television that the Russian armed forces should strike in Ukraine and Russia to join the eastern Russian regions. Our homeland arming itself to the teeth, Iran, Libya, Venezuela. Curious leaves, RF can be sold to others, to the same dictatorial, regime instrument and other countries can not? Kopil Ilya. "Listener responds to a question analyst Jacob Roman:"The theme of implementation tools, so to speak, very intimate. And when they say that those countries get

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Our homeland is not thinking that behaves inadequately

He was troubled, Belarus did not support the actions of the Russian Federation in the Ossetian conflict."And the context of the statement, and the shape is very similar to the disassembly of the criminal environment. Separator One reproaches another to say: I’m supported in some illegal business, what do you have at the moment threw! Official Minsk threw Why? See, it was very much a robbery attack rf other CIS 1st CIS member to another. And here lay support — means to put himself on a par with the thief, "- says the Sovereign Belenky."Our homeland is no longer thinks

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In some authorities hameleony

Alexander Lukashenko threatened to bring to justice those who would prevent the loss of the new crop. "Until a couple of people not put — do not understand," — said the head of the country. Later, he suggested not to let the village of professionals who have graduated from agricultural universities.Man: "Now show harvesting. Necessary for 2 weeks to remove all. Earlier people were cleaning all crops and land was hands twice. Why boast? Currently the technique is that everything can be removed in a week. This he wishes to whole world show what he is ".Continuing the theme —

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CTZ sent equipment to the FSB in Chechnya

Loader PC-65 production Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant to order the boundary of the FSB Russia sent to Chechnya.

Plant shipped to the North Caucasus their production vehicles at the request of the border guards staffed it with 2 removable buckets. One of them — the staff, the other — for the development of rock.

Wheel loader will work in Khankala, performing normal for such construction machinery and loading jobs.

Teznicheskie characteristics loader PK-65

Rated power: 240 hp Operating weight: 19,000 kg Transmission: hydraulic ZF 4WG-210. Bucket capacity: 3.6 cubic meters.

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Lebedko: you must pay for atrocities

"Everything in this life you have to pay. And Nazi criminals wanted and now the same in Latin America and the lure to justice. I think this strategy is fully faithful: for atrocities no matter when and by whom they were committed must be properly paid. It is necessary for people that they did not get some zoo to deter negative human instincts. And people should know that if it were not committed sin, punishment still comes through tribunal. This is a positive fact that the people of the former Yugoslavia are lured to justice for what they destroyed others.

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CHKPZ signed a contract with Scania

Chelyabinsk Forge-and-Press Plant will produce components for trucks Scania. The contract with the automaker signed, delivery is scheduled to begin in spring 2012. Now this is almost ready: commercial production, agreed upon and documents opened an office with a warehouse in Sweden.

 Photo source:chkpz.ru

The conclusion of the contract — an important victory for JSC "CHKPZ." In fact, the plant received high praise from one of the most respected experts in the world automotive industry. Multi-step, complex process of authorization providers, through which the Swedes guarantee the quality of their products, includes a thorough check of partner companies

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The opposition put forward in the Commission about 150 candidates

Press secretary of the UDF Yuri Potemkin said "Freedom", which completely exact figure can not be called nominees. Wishing to work in the district commissions offered not only political parties, yes and public organizations. In addition, there were activists who, without the help of others collected signatures to run for county commission — says the Sovereign Potemkin:"And if it all generalize, we obtain a figure somewhere in sizes 140-150 candidates to district election commissions."Yuri Potemkin associated with the situation, which was four year reversed, in the last parliamentary elections. Then nominees from the opposition was under two weave. But now

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Brest: people go to the monument sufferers

"Today there was more colors — says chairman of the city branch of the BPF Eugene Belasin. — There is continuity. Here come the young people, half of which I do not even know. In addition people come in, we do not find in other promotions. At the monument they leave their flowers, candles are lit. So people pochetayut victims of political repression. This is in a national. Without our appeals or other opposition party. "He also noted that yesterday in Brest near the monument to victims of political repression have been mourning rally and memorial service. In his speech

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Prices are creeping

Tags at gas stations changed. For example, gasoline, "Normal-80" is now worth 1760 rubles, AI-92 — 2230, petrol AI-95 costs 2540 rubles. Diesel fuel went up by 250 and now costs 1940 rubles per liter. Last time fuel prices rose in December last year. The concern "Belneftekhim" explain this rise in oil prices:"You see the announcements. Oil prices we grow. We buy it, recycle. You do not want to see our factory killed. Plavnenko will, on the sly." Head of the 1st department of Mozyr refinery said that despite the increase in prices, the domestic market for the company has

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