Message from the Galactic Federation through SaLuSa from October 12.

Like you, we have to deal with the delays, but as long as we can still meet our objectives as planned, that's not really our concern. We can easily adapt to any circumstances, but for you it means more frustrating because we can not give you anything other than that until dry information about events.

Looking at your business, we can see how so many groups get a free hand and do a good job, which accelerates the inevitable end of the last remnants of a secret elite. We will be ready at the right time finally throw them

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In Antarctic waters may appear sharks

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Journey to the information field


The man's name I will not mention. Let me just say that during the fighting in Afghanistan, he served in intelligence, is working to identify the intentions of Mujahideen groups. Was in his arsenal interesting method for obtaining information that would otherwise not be called a mystic.

Externally, it looked to the banality easy. He sat down in front of a large, full-length map of Afghanistan and began peering intently at her. And after some time, reported: at such and such a section through such a time "spirits" will attempt invasion, size of the

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Unusual rotating ripples appeared in China

Unusual phenomenon, which is called "ice circles" were found in the coastal Gulf of Liaodong, Liaoning Province. In various places on the water appeared a rotating circle, the largest of which is 10 meters in diameter. According to the publication, "Bandana's Daily", a frozen section of the sea near the city of Huludao, a host of rotating around its axis "ice circles" of large and small sizes, some of which are connected to each other, and some are separate.

Experts say that in China, a phenomenon first appeared, usually such a characteristic of the North Pole, the Scandinavian islands, as

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Tehran is covered with snow

Most of Iran captured the attack of cold weather. Everywhere in the country has dropped a lot of snow, which led to the temporary suspension of traffic on several dozen Iranian internal roads. In the mountains of Iran was formed snow height of 1 meter.

Due to the large amount of snow and unusual freezing temperatures in the capital, Tehran, and several other communities in schools canceled classes. As stated by the Ministry of Education, the classes will not resume as long as the streets are restored good visibility, and the temperature returns to normal.

Fortunately, there

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Rotary-wing vertical


Russian helicopter industry continues to increase output, demand in the global and domestic, civil and military markets. At the end of 2010 produced 214 helicopters, according to preliminary results in 2011 — more than 260 helicopters in different classes and for different purposes. New heights jubilee


The past year was a jubilee for the legendary Mi-8 helicopter. Since the first flight of the first prototype of "eight" V-8 was held on July 9, 1961, it took 50 years. At the beginning of "eight" was created for civil aviation, but was later made her revision

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A message from the Federation of Light.

"I like to live in your NOW and bring these energy education through the message of love.Let me start by saying that you expect quite amazing performances, and I would like to continue to say it, I feel your love is rising higher and higher, far above the level that is necessary in the average!We (the Galactic Federation) here, we did it, we had reached the limit, and even surpassed it. I thank you for your enlightenment, which formed the New World, and I can honestly tell you that this form is very beautiful and is made of purity. A

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Message from SaLuSa from September 26

"As you know, time is accelerating, and the prophecies of global earthquakes and other natural phenomena is not true as it was expected. Way, you can thank yourself as bringing light to the earth, and you can also bring peace. But this does not mean that there will be no physical change, because some are unavoidable. Hold vibration high for the next few weeks, you can do so that you have plenty of smooth completion of the cycle. course, we are partly responsible for this, and we support what might be called peacetime . Yes, in some countries are fighting,

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Time, which fears the pyramids

Society "Everyone is afraid of time, but time fears the pyramids even" — says an Egyptian proverb. Indeed, the pyramids — the symbol of ancient nyazmennastsi, along with China, a civilization on Earth. But there seems to be something changes. But whether the changes really are?I will not lie, saying, spent a week vacation in Egypt in the midst of revolution, and everyone there knew. No, did not understand, but is more clearly saw something about Belarus in the Egyptian mirror. Looking for someone else, it is better you learn the, the benefit of their revolution separates from the Egyptian

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Vilnius on the cutting edge of democracy

In Lithuania are representatives of the Russian and Belarusian opposition

Performance of "swamp" the delegates came down to the fact that Russia has ripened almost revolutionary situation: the people allegedly neither Putin nor Zhirinovsky, Zyuganov not long ago did not believe in a strong demand "democratic transition".

Generally, in the speeches of Russian participants of the conference was a lot of ambivalence and unsaid. This is understandable because, on the one hand, they were at pains to please in Vilnius, on the other hand — some of the revelations could lead to a negative evaluation

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