Top 10 encounters with UFOs


Alexei Muzichuk


The other day the Holy See — the Office of the Pope officially admitted the existence of aliens. And while the flying saucer has not landed in front of the White House or the Red Square, we can recall the ten most famous "close encounters of the third," imprinted on the film. In 1950, a farmer from the town of MakMinvill Oregon and his wife filmed the footage, which to this day remains the most clear images in

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The looting of in the 1920s. First sample counter

Disruption of the Russian people of the Russian Federation has brought her a lot of problems, but it is clear that "anyone war, and someone dear mother, "it was then. RF sold at inflated prices, manufactured goods, businesses and fields of different resources under the control of the South American business. In the 1920s, the West and its accomplices in Russian RF cranked up the unique and I Do not Know equal in scale operation to plunder Russia.

Even the famine was the subject of fraud, so that the central committee of the party line for famine relief led

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Lukashenko to fight back

Society The foreign ministers of Britain and Germany William Geigy and Guido Westerwelle urged to introduce tougher sanctions against the Belarusian leadership in a new article published in "The Wall Street Journal".

Guido Westerwelle

The world with all the great terror is watching as the last one and a half months of the Belarusian regime ruthlessly and systematically trying to dismantle the civil society and opposition to the newborn in his country.

Violence in the evening of the presidential election on December 19 shocked. But after the attention of the world media focused on other events, whereas the repression

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Mysterious gates to other worlds

July 25, 2012 15:16

Almost all people who inhabit this planet, there are stories and legends about the mysterious journey to other worlds. You can, of course, assume that these myths are more interested in breaking away from the planet. However, no wonder they say that any story — it is a reality to which scary, but really want to touch.

There are many fantastic and scientific films, books about the incredible travel to other galaxies with special devices. The most famous of these was a film called "Stargate". Skeptics argue that this is pure fiction, but the optimists

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About 120 flights canceled due to bad weather Zurich, Switzerland

Nearly 120 arriving and departing flights were canceled at the international airport of Zurich, Switzerland on Friday due to the strong winds of Hurricane "Joachim", the website of the Swiss Radio DRS, with reference to airport spokesman Marc Rauch (Marc Rauch).

According to him, the removal touched 60 departing and 59 arriving international flights operated mainly Swiss airline Swiss. In this case, the cause of the cancellation of flights provided to non-flying weather not only in Switzerland but also in the way of aircraft in the airspace of other countries, said Rauch.

In addition, due to the bad weather

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Southern Hemisphere sky cover weird cosmic radiation hotspots

Cosmic rays crashing into the Earth over the South Pole appear to come from any specific places, rather than being evenly distributed over the entire sky. Similar to the "hot spots" of cosmic rays also were seen in the sky of the northern hemisphere, but we do not know the source, close enough to be able to generate this pattern.

"We do not know what it is, and where," says Stefan Westerhoff of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

To create the most impressive card receipts directions of cosmic rays in the sky south Westerhoff and his colleagues use the one at

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The expedition to the lost world

March 29, 2012 19:42

Off the coast of Antarctica, at a depth of 2.4 thousand meters, discovered previously unknown anomalous zone, which the scientists call "the lost world."

South Georgia Island, much of which is covered with ice and snow, is in dangerous latitudes where frequent meetings with icebergs


Antarctica and the surrounding islands, and it still remains the least understood by geographic region of the world. Yet scientists gradually, one by one, reveal its secrets.

In 1999, on the seabed off the coast of South Georgia with the instruments were found deep

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Is there a power of money?

March 1, 2012 18:37

We are used to the fact that the money — it's just a tool for the acquisition of various goods, but few people know that this is essentially a unique "tool" is energy, as well, and other values. And since it is no secret that the energy exchange occurs on the mental level of the person, then, for obvious reasons, and many material things also attract or repel each other according to the theory of the interaction energies. In this case, it is important to learn how to be successful and rich materializing their secret desires

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Belarus losses from potential EU sanctions — 500-600 million per year

Society Tsigankov: What is the Belarusian economy could face a possible EU decision to impose sanctions against the "Belneftekhim". For example, European countries decide not to buy Belarusian oil products. Can Belarus find other buyers for the purchase of petroleum products?

Zlotnikov: No other buyers find it very difficult. These oils do not need to either Russia or Belarus allies in the Arab world.

But the problem lies elsewhere. Under the agreement with Russia, if Belarus sells petroleum products outside the Customs Union, all export duties shall be listed in the budget of Russia. And in this case

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In 2012, a secret door will open the last of the Great Pyramid

January 22, 2012 18:15

Pyramid of Cheops — the largest pyramid in the world.

What secrets are hiding behind it?


Some researchers are convinced that at the heart of the pyramid of Cheops are secret gate, behind which lies something that explains its purpose. Until now it is not clear: what was built so strange building?

Gates as if hidden behind the last secret door, which will open in 2012. At least, it was promised by specialists from the British robotics company Scoutek. They help solve the mystery to archaeologists, over which scientists are fighting

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