Anatoly Kashpirovsky psychics in the world has never been and never will


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On the eve of his 69th anniversary therapist told about why stopped using hypnosis as helping in the election for President Lech Walesa, that means to him number 13 and is the essence of his "method".

— What do you mean your birthday?

— Same as for the others. Still do not know how this event will be "global importance". Often my birthdays organized

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Hello, Earth?


In Russia there are about seven thousand people who call themselves contactees with extraterrestrial civilizations

Contactee from Taganrog Alexander K. imagines brothers in mind such. He claims that the recipient of a message in the form of a special font (Photo: From the Files NICHOLAS SUBBOTINA)

Recently, astronaut Edgar Mitchell, made a statement that the aliens repeatedly communicated with people, and the UK Ministry of Defence has expressed its willingness to disclose sensitive material 160 to join earthlings into contact with a higher intelligence. After that, the

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The ghost of a living person


Very interesting story told my good friend a few years ago. He was at home, sitting in my room. In the sitting room of his grandfather. The way of entrance into the hall runs past the door of the room other in the hall there are two doors — in other rooms. So, Joe was lying on the couch with a book and heard the sound of footsteps. Someone walked down the hall to the room (when he looked up from his book, steps have already been heard from the audience), and after

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Where flew aliens?

November 22, 2011 20:22

Historical archives of all countries are full of reports of mysterious aliens, "ride on their carts" gullible humans not only in "heaven", but also in time. Chinese chroniclers of the first millennium, reports: "… Lu Gong, surnamed Wen-ching, with the servant and the servant sought healing means between the ridges. Suddenly he saw a ravine three. Turning to Lyuyu, they said: "We are immortal celestial beings of the chambers of the Great Great purity and harmony … if you follow us — you will discover the secret of immortality." Following this, together with

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Lukashenko (Washington Post): Why did you destroy Iraq?

"Tell me, please, dear representative democracy, why have you destroyed Iraq? This is an international crime. Why did you not answer for it? About what then can speak of democracy, if not only killed thousands of Iraqi and other nationals, but died and thousands of Americans. And they have kids, families … What is happening now in Iraq, in Afghanistan, where the fiddle playing the "democratic" (I take in quotes), the country?

And how did you react to the fact that your colleague journalist raped right on the square in Cairo recently? You're afraid … because you

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Land — this is geokristall

November 10, 2011 16:57

Anyone and would never associate the tragic events in some parts of the world — a devastating war, riots and the catastrophic earthquake — a small country on the Baltic Sea. For some time now Latvia has become a place of pilgrimage for all who study the paranormal.

These people, as well, and the Latvian scientists believe that the Earth — is a huge geokristall. And his lines, edges distributed all earthly power. Several of these faces intersect in Latvia, and then, if in that country something happens, it has to Greece, Italy, the

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Anomalous zones Daugavpils Region


"In the existence of ghosts can not believe — they can either believe or do not know about them," — said the president of the International Association for the Study of anomalous and paranormal phenomena Constantine Shark.

Latvijas anomālo parādību pētnieku Asociacija (LAPPA) there are short — only about one and a half years, but it is an international and brings together scientists, parapsychologists and researchers simply curious fans of all anomalous from countries such as Russia, Cyprus, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Canada and the UK. Members of the Association investigate the anomalous zones

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The Western scholars have ideas to resurrect people after death

December 18, 2012 23:34

The human brain is still in a vain attempt to try to solve the scientists from around the world. While not even close to possible to get closer to solving the mystery of why the brain is perfectly healthy person can give seemingly catastrophic failure that can lead to the appearance of unexplained aggression. Scientists are trying to unravel the mysteries of brain activity through a series of different tests. Eysenck test number one, allowing people to know the level of IQ can be attributed to such tests.


Some success in terms

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In Tarko-Sale (Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District) opened a maternity hospital

In Tarko-December 20 opened a new two-story building obstetric and gynecological department of CRH.

The most modern equipment, comfortable house, all you need for the medical staff and patients of the clinic will accept up to 25 women in labor at the same time. On the ground floor there is a control room, emergency department, department discharge, diagnosis, pathology of pregnancy, individual delivery rooms and other necessary services.

On the second floor houses the maternity unit, neonatal — this will give the opportunity to nurse premature babies, diagnose and treat various diseases of the first days of baby's

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To prevent war, Russia and China should conduct a critical line on Iran

Many experts believe that the U.S. will face strong resistance from other powers such as China and Russia due to Washington's decision to impose sanctions on Iran's oil sector, and claim that "the U.S. sanctions go against the content and spirit of the relevant resolutions on Iran, adopted by the Security Council of the United Nations. "

Iranian news source Press TV conducted an interview with the author and journalist Webster Tarpley.

Press TV: Let's look at the legality of it all. How the U.S. will punish the countries that have decided to buy Iranian oil and make

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