Revealed the secret Giants Causeway


Regularities in the formation of the mysterious "Giant's Causeway" (Giant's Causeway), intriguing attractions of northern Ireland, uncovered by researchers from the University of Toronto (University of Toronto).

Hexagonal stone columns that form the Giant's Causeway, is perhaps the most famous example of an unusual-looking structure generated by the cooled lava. Although education is very similar in other parts of the World. In this case, these columns vary greatly in size (from centimeters to meters in diameter) and sometimes differ in the number of faces. Canadian physicists have decided to find patterns

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Bedroom in an intelligent


Did you know that nearly a third (!) Our lives, we are in a dream? That is, if you now, eg, 30 years old, it is easy to calculate that 10 years have you slept well. But where to go, a dream — a necessary thing, but on the quality of sleep depends largely on our well-being.

And as we sleep, usually in a specially designated place, then the design of the bedroom should attach great importance to Bedroom — in the words of Tamara, a sales

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For the end of the case on the TV series Game of Gods

We appeal to the audience the show "Game of the Gods", to all those who respect and appreciate the work of Sergei Stryzhak, to all who follow the path of revival Heritage Slavs!

Sign your name in support! ================================================== ============ In the General Prosecutor of the Russian Federation. About misconduct Prosecutor of the Republic of Bashkortostan for presentation to the court for recognition of extremist materials series "Game of the Gods"


We, the viewers and admirers of director Sergei Stryzhak, appeal to you with the following.

As we know, October 15, 2011 was filed in

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Defend yourself!


As your words resound?

As soon as one successful managers celebrate their 28th birthday, as in his life was to be inexplicable. First, one after the other fell ailments — that belly has taken, then the heart is naughty. Doctors shrugged: "At the nerves!" Then the manager was at all to lose control: for all his self-discipline and responsibility of a sudden, for example, got drunk and got behind the wheel. As if deliberately playing with fire. When he finally got to the therapist, the search for truth did not last long

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Heavy traffic on the broken roads of Georgia

Department of Roads of Georgia said on Wednesday the introduction of restrictions on the movement of vehicles on highways, some of the country due to heavy snow and ice.

Because of intense snow storms and avalanche danger in the areas of the Georgian Military Road (linking Georgia with Russia) Gudauri-Kobi and Stepantsminda-Lars (highway Mtskheta-Stepantsminda-Lars) banned the movement of all types of vehicles. In areas Aragvispiri and Kobi-Gudauri-Stepantsminda prohibited the movement of cars with trailers and semi-trailers and large buses (calculated over 30 seats). For the other modes of transport traffic on the section Aragvispiri-Mleta freely, and in areas Mljet

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Visit Devonshire Devil

Winter 1855 in the British Isles has stood severe. Residents suffered greatly from the cold, and many have already begun to murmur against God, believing that he turned away from them. Because of the severe cold in the gardens cracked trees and forests are predators pounce on people.

On an old engraving shows how the devil could look Devonshire

Appearance of unusual signs

This mysterious and terrifying story began February 8, 1885 in the south of England, in the county of Devonshire, on the Gulf of Lyme. Sunny frosty morning, people who come from homes in Exmouth town, in the

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Conspiracy theories that were true

The term conspiracy theory was originally a neutral designation for allegations of civil, criminal or political conspiracy. But later came to refer almost exclusively to alternative theories that explain the current or historical events as a result of collusion conspirators have an almost supernatural abilities and cunning.

Conspiracy means' entry into a conspiracy to commit an illegal or wrongful acts for lawful purposes. "

The following are some of the most shocking modern conspiracy theories that were true after careful civil investigation. Some as a result kongressionalnyh hearings, others — by investigative journalists.

The Dreyfus Affair:

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Devil of Devonshire

In 1855, in the county of Devonshire were found strange footprints, which are extremely excited locals: they prinadlezhalili devil himself, unknown to science, a bird, or they were created by a group of mischievous? None so far do not know what, or who left the footprints on the ground. The scientists of the 19th century put forward a variety of hypotheses about this. One of them, the phenomenological, claimed that it is a "something" that lives between the tangible and the intangible world, sometimes leaves evidence of its existence, but it still is inaccessible to man.

What happened

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The fate of everyone connected with the fate of society and the planet. There are no coincidences. Since childhood, the person is ready for small or big things, depending on their abilities and inclinations. In any society, are necessary as the average man, and people who become an adult religious leaders, political or public figures. Way of life a person is defined before the incarnation. In what will be concluded its activities depends on the accumulated experience of the Soul in numerous incarnations (incarnations), the status of the Soul and the characteristic qualities of the human person.

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