Poland seeks help in the defense of the country

Poland expects that in the creation of its new missile defense system will also participate in France and Germany, as well as other political Allies. So said Polish Defence Minister Tomasz Semonyak in an interview for the Polish Press Agency.

He said that the government relies for its plans for all major areas for the development of the armed forces, which have been approved by President Bronislaw Komorowski in November 2011.

The priority areas appear to develop missile and other defense systems. The quality of these systems must be on a completely new, modern level. It is also reported that

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What is Earthlings Comet Lulin that February 24 was shining for us especially bright green?


Last Tuesday, comet C/2007 N3 Lulin, discovered in 2006-2007, the Chinese and Taiwanese astronomers CHUAN Chih E and Chi Sheng Lin, flew as close to the Earth — a distance of 61 million kilometers. Telescopes all observatories watching her intently, and scientists agree: "Lulin" — exceptionally strange! But there are experts who believe that this is not a comet at all. Details of the "West" said Yuri LIR — Eniology who studies the interaction between man and the universe.

Abnormal and caudate Official data on the "Lulin" flown into our solar system from

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Due to the melting of glaciers Petersburg soon go under water

The Fourth International Congress of Ecology was not without sensations: the famous ecologist Ernst Ulrich Weizsäcker promised sink Petersburg, Copenhagen and other cities. The scientist drew attention to the problem of melting ice in Greenland. The huge island covered with glaciers slowly melt. Over the last ten years, containing fresh water, thrown into the world's oceans has increased fourfold.

If the Greenland melt continues, the St. Petersburg and other cities located in the coastal zone, waiting for flooding. It will not help and the dam, especially since it has not finished.

To avoid catastrophe, the expert proposes to urgently reduce

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The boundaries between the worlds

The boundaries between the worlds as thin as a cat whisker, or cobwebs. But without a gate to cross that line is not possible. These doors, gates and portals opened with the magic words and the rings of power, in both directions. Thanks to this portal we are in different worlds, and beings from other worlds — in ours.


Episode of "Alice in Wonderland" in which Alice is walking unsteadily through the murky surface of the huge mirror and into another world, echoes in other fantasy works, written and wound "Alice", and after it.

There fantasies mirrors have many

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What do we tell the cosmic mind?


Text: Nicholas BLYZNYUK

Photo: Nick BLYZNYUK  

— The world is arranged quite differently, as we were taught in school, — the Doctor of Science, Head of the Department of Pyatigorsk State Technological University Ivan Pershin.

The fact that in space there is an information field, many guessed. But Ivan Mitrofanovich colleagues managed to capture and record the specific signals of the field …

Cells hear and speak

Perhaps no area of research is not covered by such a cloak of secrecy, mystery and rumor, as

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The village Urleyka (Penza region). Opened a regional breeding center

If the tenant before the ponds were forced to bring larvae and young fish trade from other regions, but now they have the opportunity to significantly reduce costs and get planting material, without leaving the area.

Urleysky hatchery is universal: in addition to the usual carp in it can be grown larva trout, sturgeon almost any species that may be contained in the fish farms of the area. In the long term — extension point for other valuable species of fish, such as trout, catfish.

While in the incubator incorporated 10000000 embryos mirror and scaly carp. They

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The signals from the afterlife


Not just in Canada, but rather in the sinus between Canada and a semi-energy matrix, created an art object "Ghosts in the machine." Art group "Einstein's Brain" provided a variety of sound-capture technology and electronic threw the bait into the surrounding space, hoping to stumble upon the signals from the other world.

On the air, of course, sounds a dime a dozen, many of them are of unknown origin, because other world showed up with joy and ease. Some sounds, reformat into pixels on the screen even fold in human faces. So artists

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Poltergeist create children


In your home and then heard a strange sound, some things disappear, while others do not show up in their place? It is possible that you are the victim of a poltergeist! The term "poltergeist" literally means "noisy ghost" and involves interference in our lives supernatural forces. But sometimes the most unexplainable phenomena are quite tangible explanation that simply does not come to mind …

We are talking about the phenomenon of the so-called psevdopoltergeysta. This phenomenon is often experienced by people who have lost someone close to them. Left alone in

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In the Saratov region are building a new oil extraction plant

In the region of Saratov Balakovo build oil extraction plant LLC "UK Solar Products." The plant is planned to create 320 jobs.

The project for the construction of an oil extraction plant capacity of 1.8 tons / day is realized on the base of the elevator, LLC "Volga terminal." The enterprise is scheduled installation of process equipment with a high degree of automation of processing of oilseeds.


Operation of the plant will store and process the full harvest of sunflower, camelina and other oil crops grown in the region, to produce high-quality oil,

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Communication with the dead or fiction? (+ Audio)


Russian scientists have uncovered the fatal MYSTERY DEATH A330 of Air France, taking the signal from the user, who is no longer alive.

Computer underwater acoustics, the captain of the second rank in retirement Vadim Svitneva recorded words:


That was the message from the other world, and it is not mysticism — a fact.

The fact that until recently seemed impossible a reality. Contact with the other world with the help of technical means already successfully go to Russia. Inventors have managed to create a unique experimental

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