A wave of suicides among teenagers worried Russians

MOSCOW. For Russia, a wave similar to each other teen suicide is so noticeable that President Dmitry Medvedev was forced on Thursday to warn the media not dwell too much attention to the subject, not to encourage other young people to follow these examples.

"The problem is really very disturbing and difficult, but it does not mean that it is a snowball, which every year becomes more and more — said Medvedev. — To this must be treated very carefully. "

Outbreak of teenage suicides began in February, two 14-year-old girls, hand in hand, jumped from the roof of a

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The end of liberalism: what next?

It is a pity that the rather weak control of the USSR at the time did not go to the reform of public and state system. If it has done, it does not rule out the possibility that experiencing a rare peacetime disaster in Greece, Spain, Portugal and several other countries have joined the ranks of the socialist community. Only the global financial and economic crisis has fully exposed the number of other problems of global importance.

Fake seers

South American political scientist, philosopher, writer Francis Fukuyama in 1989, when it began the erosion of real socialism in the journal

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The illusion of the Universe

World — what we think of it. Outside the window, the rain? Just have a bad, "rainy" mood. Smile — and look out from behind the clouds the sun! Absolutely! We need only a very, very willing and change the course of his thoughts, then everything will change. Universe because all is far less real than is commonly believed. It is — an illusion. And it should not portray as a certain objectively given us a mechanism, in the form of ephemeral image hologram. Time — now. Two — disappeared. Quietly and quickly, the speed of light. Rather, the speed

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Where wandered into a ghost?

The "mysterious, unknown" is believed by many. Some talk about their own encounters with ghosts, UFOs and other unexplained phenomena. Others believe that there are human beings who have psychic powers: they supposedly can move objects at will or predict disaster.

German physicist and psychologist Walter von LICADHO, head. unique in Germany Service parapsychological counseling, talked to many staunch supporters of parapsychology, as well as psychic.

— What is Paranormal? This is some single, unique cases?

LICADHO: Here you are totally wrong! According to polls, two-thirds of Germany's ever faced with the phenomena they can not explain, that

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Where open doors to parallel worlds?


About ten years ago at an amusement park the British city of Kent children began to disappear. They go to the "fun house" and … did not come out. The police knocked down. And recently, a female medium announced that knows where the little ones. In one of the distorting mirrors of the attraction, she says, is output to a parallel world.

Open the "door"!

Photo from: www.iiiopox.ru


We live in a three-dimensional space, where everything is

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Sensation! sixth race of the world?


Vitaly EFIMENKO, Doctor of Philosophy, especially for the "AN"

Following the example of the American educator and lawyer Nancy Ann Tape, in 1982 wrote the book "The awareness of life through color," flew out the word "indigo". This word she called children born to the purple, blue and light blue aura.


Published in the West, we have translated the book Lee Carroll and Jane Touberg "Indigo Children" and Doreen Virtue "Indigo Child Care"

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The Chinese authorities have warned Putins friendship with America

As part of a U.S. anti-China principle, that Russia did not get to the side of his opponent's head

On the days of the main paper (more precisely, the official printed edition of the CPC Central Committee) China "People's Daily" published an analytical material on the development of the Russian economy. "What Putin's latest and sophisticated Russian Federation?" — Ask the leaders of China, worried about the prospects of the Russian Federation. According to their view, the country is faced with six major neuvvyazkami, conventional solutions are not. And, according to the views of Beijing, at Fishing season there is

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Archaeologist David Hatcher told what happened to the Mayan and Atlantean


Like Indiana Jones, archaeologist David Hatcher Childress loner made many incredible journeys in the most ancient and remote places on earth. Describing the lost cities and ancient civilizations, he has published six books chronicling the travels of the Gobi Desert to the Cougars-Punky in Bolivia, from Mohenjo-daro to Baalbek. We caught him preparing for another archaeological expedition, this time to New Guinea, and asked specifically for the magazine "Atlantis Rising" write the following article.

1. Mu or Lemuria

According to various sources, the first secret civilization arose 78,000 years ago on the

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The temple of God Chronos

There is nothing that controls life, of our life, like the time. People already in prehistoric times were able to count down the days, months and years with great accuracy. At first, they looked into the sky with the naked eye, watching the sun, moon and stars.

Later — astronomical principles laid the foundations of his stone circles, pyramids or temples. Up until recently, archaeologists believed that the ancients were capable of something, considering these facilities rather abstract. Secrets of ancient monuments in Europe, Asia and America, and not only serve religious and spiritual goals, but also played the

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Floods in Afghanistan

During the day in northern Balkh province, 305 miles north of the Afghan capital Kabul, not stopped, it rained. Reported 17 deaths, dozens of injuries and the enormous material damage. Brunt three regions called provinces — Koshenda, Sholgara and Akkaprak.

From official sources it became known that the water is completely destroyed about 300 homes and other private buildings, about 50 stores, agricultural farm. Thousands of hectares of grain and other crops became unusable due to the large amount of rainfall and flooding. Many Afghans are reported missing. Rescue operations are complicated by the fact that most of the roads

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