Occult secrets Pushkin

The whole life of the poet imbued strange coincidences, prophecy, mystical signs. Do not take this into account is simply impossible, especially since the untimely death of Pushkin and the result of these predictions.

The role of the obsessive fears in the life of the poet

We know that many people of creative professions have a high sensitivity to detail and strange behavior. Was no exception, and Alexander, the extreme vulnerability and emotions which were the source of much of his poetic talent. But this kind of psychological traits of the poet could not be fully realized in his

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Powerful flood swallows cities in Chile (video).

Raging in southern Chile powerful floods. Livni has already led to an increase in river: a few hours water overflowed and flooded the city.

As reported podrobnosti.ua, there are first victims who lost their homes.

In southern Chile, complications with other traffic, and in many places it is absent. The country does not operate schools and other public institutions.

Mysteries of Nazca desert

Due to aviation in XX century were discovered accidentally deposited on the surface of the earth mysterious drawings enormous. The best-known today are drawings in the desert Nazca (Peru). The mystery of the drawings is misunderstanding the purpose, in the dark of the people who created them, as well as the method of application to the surface. These figures can only be seen from a plane or a high altitude.

Sandy plain of Nazca is 60 km long, 400 km south of the Peruvian capital of Lima. In these places, the land for years without seeing moisture. Rare

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Stories Tunguska meteorite

About Vanavara village, located north of Krasnoyarsk, with a population of about three thousand people, hardly any of the outsiders could ever find out if it were not for the event, which brought fame to the whole world.

Already a lot of time has passed since the world was shaken by the news of the Tunguska meteorite, but scientists around the world continue to debate, to propose new versions of the event and respond with the old ones. As the phrase from the film, the truth is out there somewhere. Although the meteorite to popular opinion, and left a

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Free Polish visas: what and to whom

Society We called the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland, to find out some of the issues that have arisen from our listeners and visitors to our site in connection with the decision of the Minister Radoslaw Sikorski cancel payment for Belarusians for obtaining national visa (wiza krajowa) from 1 January 2011.

We were told that canceled payment for Belarusian citizens for Polish visas, which are issued for a period longer than 90 days. This means that the solution does not apply to Schengen visas are issued for up to 90 days.

Stanislav Lukasik Consular Department

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As the secrets of clear

We curse the name of journalists romantic as the old woman scolding and rakes franmasonami volteriantsami — without having to know any of Voltaire, nor of franmasonstve.Pushkin *


Everything becomes clear in comparison. To look into the mystery of the Church hierarchy, in most of its mineral resources, we decided to go through a comparison of the opposite pole from those clerics considered their sworn enemies. In the bulls of popes, in exposing the church manifests the secret society of Freemasons, alchemists, the Rosicrucians were defined as the army of Satan, as an organization of low, vile,

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Druids: the archaeological evidence

Since the late 1920s, it became the archeology major source of new information about the Druids. Over the past years, new excavations and interpretations have greatly expanded our knowledge of the history of Europe, and although the gaps are still abysmally high and constantly remind myself, and the depth of our ignorance in many areas is infinite, even the most pessimistic historian will have to admit is now an opportunity to create a kind of coherent and consistent scheme. However, before we proceed to consider the archaeological evidence to critically survey that is already on the subject, first in general

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UFO or a terrible weapon of the gods from beyond the stars

One of the most exciting mysteries of Ancient Egypt — vast fields of glass, which were discovered in 1932. In December, an officer "Egyptian Geological Bulletin" Patrick Clayton was driving among the desert dunes of the Great Sand Sea near the Saad Plateau.

Suddenly he heard a strange car wheels crunching. Coming out of the car, the traveler found that the way of scattered large pieces of transparent yellow-green glass, glass has a very unusual clarity: almost devoid of impurities, it is 98 per cent consisted of silicone! Clayton was a pioneer who became famous deposits of Libyan

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Dolmen Mary


Jaroslav stone. Krasnodar.

Our ancestors long ago inhabit the territory of the North Caucasus. In accordance with preserved sources happen more are believed to 20,000 years ago. Proof of this are the names of geographical locations of the Caucasus, most of whom are of Slavic origin. Even the word CAV-KZ, as some researchers, has perhaps the Old Slavic origin and means "dividing line". Many place names match the names of Slavic heroes and gods.

Tangible evidence of our ancestors stay in

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People will fly to Mars in 2035


No country in the world can not be alone in the coming years to implement a quick flight to Mars and other planets too. All depends on the energy sector. That is why we stand in terms of time or after 2035

Manned mission to Mars and other planets is possible not earlier than in 2035, said the head of the Federal Space Agency Anatoly Perminov, speaking at the opening of the International Youth Scientific School "Space Exploration: Theory and Practice", writes MIGnews

"No country in the world can not be alone

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