A.Vyartsinski: I’m not afraid to publish an article about Kurapaty

Specifically, this edition, whose main editor was the poet Anatoly Vertinsky, at the end of the 1980s, at the time of the so-called perestroika, was one of the most courageous and resolute in defending thoughts national and cultural revival of Belarus.Vyacheslav Rakytskyy: "The Emperor Vertinskij how the article appeared in the editorial? Creators suddenly brought it for you or slandered them before such publication opportunity?" Anatoly Vertinsky: "Zenon Pozniak appeared on the pages of our newspapers and other articles. But his appearance and Eugene Shmygaleva in the wording" Literature and Art "article" Kurapaty — the road of perdition "for previously

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Or restrain the UN food prices?

It will accept the role of head over 40 State and Government and representatives of the food and agricultural programs from UN agencies. The purpose of the meeting — to find ways to address the rapid growth in global food prices.Since 2005, the prices of wheat and many other kinds of food have risen twice. For many months, economists warn that the crisis in food prices will have the most severe consequences. That’s who read in April, President of the Global Bank Rober Zoellick:"According to our estimates, the increase in food prices doubled in the last 3 years in poverty

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We remind the tree with a hollow-vygnilay sartsavinay ….

Last week, the regular courts of so-called "case of 14." Another three participants in January and February of mass protests businessmen, like their predecessors, are punished by restriction of freedom.I’ll start from the letter of the current conversation on this topic, from Aleksandr Ivanovich from Minsk. Speaking about the results trials activists and entrepreneurs’ movement, the listener writes:"Curiously goes: for the same offense punished some angry and others — do not touch. Remember, factory workers" Motovelo "were also dissatisfied with wages and labor criteria. And they also took to the streets and blocked the Partisan Avenue. So what? Mode did

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S.Kalinkina: Lukashenko just does not think the situation

Browser Kalinkina commented for "Freedom" these expressions:"I think that a stillborn child is, unfortunately, no more, nor the third to give breathing impossible. His historic goal CIS probably already fulfilled. And now she can only develop as an alliance of equal countries formed on the territory of the former USSR. When Alexander Lukashenko as previously believed that someone can be an engine in it (or our homeland, or Ukraine or Belarus, or someone else), then on my eyes, he just did not realize how historically changed the situation in the former Russian countryside. Currently fortunate enough to develop relationship between

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Do I need to Belarus NPP?

Man: "I know that the state needs energy and people, too. Where and how is it more profitable to produce, need to be an economist to figure out all the options. "Young lady: "I am against the construction. You realize after Chernobyl worse ecology, many people was ill, the disease went through it, I think so. "Woman: "Belarus, I believe it is profitable, but as for We, the people, naturally, a little scary not many know what might happen? Because I "for" and no.Youth"If nuclear power is needed and it is not at the moment, at the moment you need

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Map Pole — a threat to the Belarusian identity

On these questions responsible philosopher Valentin kurturolyag Akudovich.Tsigankov: "Some they say that" the map of the Pole "- is a common phenomenon of state support, in this case, Poland’s own ethnic compatriots abroad? Others argue that this practice is not consistent with modern European principles natsyyatvarennya How do you feel about the map of the Pole?"

I occasionally divide representation of our government. But here I am with them salidaryzuyusya

Akudovich: "With regard to the country’s most attention to their compatriots abroad, I am, of course, positive. And I can only regret that the Belarusian government is not very worried

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With the many manifestations of chronic gastritis is no stranger — recurrent pain in the upper abdomen that occur at night or on an empty stomach, heartburn, acid regurgitation, nausea, tightness in the stomach.

Gastritis— inflammation mucosa (inner) lining of the stomach — most often occurs in young and considered a classic "disease of students." Nonetheless disease spares neither children nor elderly. What was his reason?

Earlier in the occurrence of gastritis blamed poor diet, stress, smoking, coffee. However, in 1983, Australian scientists Marshall and Warren was isolated from gastric spiral bacterium Helicobacter pylori. It turned out that

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June 1 edition of Gazeta Slonim may appear in the street

"Since the end of May, we completed tenancy contract wording. June 1 we can just be on the streets, if not continue to rent in the room or when the editor still will not find some other room, which still can not be found. As there is such a prohibition vneglasnoe organizations, companies not to let our newspaper. "Reporter: "Your landlord — the state enterprise?""If accurate, the utilities, but our criteria that the utility that state — the difference really is not. Our landlord — combine public services. A second problem in this series — License executive committee for the

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Finnish shop will sell for rubles

Department «Stockmann» in Helsinki in December will accept as payment in Russian rubles. Go to such measures makes obstrivshayasya competition from Sweden and Estonia.

According to «Helsingin Sanomat», more shopping "Stockmann'e" the Russians are doing so improve the service for Russian tourists is so important that from the beginning of December the store will accept Russian rubles.

Coming to Finland, the average Russian tourist buys primarily food — for example, fish. The next item is clothing for adults, then cooking utensils and other household goods.

In January-September 2012 the total value of tax-free purchases made

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Russian philosophers. Issue 2: SG Kordonsky

Simon Gdalevich Kordonsky — very interesting figure, I would say the sign. After all, rarely meet a person who would be able to grow their own sociological theory (and even entire social philosophy), relying on their own field research. Actually, it all started with the fact that the supervisor Kordonsky (name I do not remember), executing an order from Moscow, nakosyachil, and therefore sent the disciples to understand what went wrong. That's Simon Gdalevich, he said, and he saw that the reality is very different from how it used to be considered in the USSR. Moreover, it was not

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