Mongolian HPS on Selenge can destroy fish kindergarten Baikal

Construction of the hydroelectric power plant in Mongolia flowing into the lake the river Selenga can destroy "fish nursery" and undermine the sturgeon population, cisco and other valuable fish species unique lake, said the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia.

"HPP" Shuren "on the main channel of the Selenga can significantly alter the natural flow of water into the lake and cut off migration routes sturgeon, trout, cisco, and other fish. Selenga River Delta — the most important natural biological filter and fish nursery lake. It is made with sediments brought by the river, some flow which will just be blocked

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Perverted tolerance

A man must have freedom. This is what is most important for a normal life. Freedom of movement, freedom of thought, freedom of choice … In recent years most of the world the concept of freedom and tolerance has become distorted.

Take the recent example of the absurd. In France and in many Islamic countries began mass protests against the publication of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed. Seriously considering just how much it might offend believers. However, if you ban those cartoons to print, it is also infringe upon the rights of other free citizens who are either members of

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Their intentions and purpose of writing the book, author, Charles Andrews, says the following:

"For many years I have read all the books about Atlantis, which could get. I was looking for the answer to the question of the ancient sages and scholars, modern researchers, Native American, applied to the works of Edgar Cayce and other well-known mystics. I am very surprised that the resulting material is very mystic echoes the more traditional sources — even if a direct connection between them would not be at all. I soon came to the conclusion that in the age up to

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The mysterious history of the Earth

Modern history by ruling circles in all countries of the world and based on the work of academics from the historical sciences has been greatly simplified so that it was possible to understand the common people. This story is distorted in every state in favor of its establishment.

Officially (according to academic history) human civilization on Earth began with the emergence of the first city-states in Sumer (Southern Mesopotamia), and with the advent of nomes (city-states in ancient Egypt in the 4th tys.dne. Until that time (the opinion of the official historical science) existed tribal organization of power (the

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Prehistoric artifacts

There is a lot of circumstantial evidence that in the past our planet visited by extraterrestrial civilizations that have achieved high levels of development. Numerous artifacts found in different parts of the world, represent the strange creatures that are now referred to as humanoids. Here are some of them.

According to the historian Herodotus, the geographer Strabo, the prophet Jeremiah, and other ancient authors, the tribe of the Scythians was a wild bunch of monsters who drink human blood. Indeed, this nation there was such a custom. Of the skulls of vanquished enemies, they produced cups and drank

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Almost 29 million rubles to pay for the facility in Primorye wastewater

Processing enterprise LLC "Delikon Product" fined almost 29 million rubles for the discharge of wastewater without a permit, which then fell into the river Ussuri, prosecutors said on Friday the Primorsky Territory.

According to prosecutors, the waste water was not purified, contain hazardous substances from water fishery.

"According to expert studies, waste water contains fats and surfactants, the discharge of which is prohibited, as well as other substances, including ammonia, suspended solids, nitrates, chlorides, phenols, petroleum products and other" — said in a statement.

Kirov District Court decided to recover from the company a fine of 28,948,000 285 rubles.

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Ecclesiastical terror in the Middle Ages

The uniqueness of the arrival of Christianity in Rus', was among other things the fact that Prince Vladimir was the first ruler who took seriously the commandment of the new faith, namely, the death penalty. As the story "The Tale of Bygone Years", was soon rushed excited Greek clergy. "Why do not execute murderers? '. "I'm afraid of Sin" — replied the prince. — "How is the Lord said:" Thou shalt not kill ',' Judge not, that ye be not judged, forgive, but you will be forgiven, "and so on." Fathers, did not bother, he immediately cited the letter of

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The virus, which was struck by RUSS

"Hardship" or as persons PREVODA biblical Christianity nationality imported to Russia.

Russian official religion is Christianity. Religion in which there is no word on the Slavs. Some Jews. At the time, as do the Jews have a different religion. Paradox? To see why it is so, we need to understand how to cross Russia. However, only without Jewish interpretations.

Before Christianity in Russia was Old Faith — Orthodox. Our ancestors were Orthodox, because Rightly famous.

According to the Vedic scriptures, there are: Reality — tangible world, Nav — the world of spirits and ancestors, Regulation — the

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Monsters margins of the known world

In the eyes of a true Christian chilling image of the beast suggests infinity of the divine imagination.

Ancient heritage

Various monsters and monsters are an integral part of medieval cosmography, which dates back to antiquity, where the "other" — a world of barbarians, that is all that is not Greece and Rome. Most of the monsters that are filled medieval maps, all of these one-legged and bryuhogolovye nature's mistakes, oddly enough, the images were not born in damp and moss-covered walls of the monastery, and the beautiful gardens of Hellas. Of course, medieval cartographers used and the stories

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Pipe Hadron Collider leads to another world


Physicists at the European Organization for Nuclear Research, three years later, ready to prove that parallel universes are real. It was in 2013 the Large Hadron Collider will be running at maximum working. A key finding of this moment will be the creation of a model of birth of our universe and other universes, including travel time, while seemingly an invention of science fiction, according to scientists, will make.

Until now, scientists have been unable to find evidence of the existence of parallel universes simply because as explained at CERN, that other worlds

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