In Petrozavodsk, put into operation a new substation Logmozero

In Petrozavodsk put into operation a new substation № 83 "Logmozero." The investment project worth about 260 million rubles will ensure reliable electricity largest consumers of Petrozavodsk and Karelia region Prionezhski.

Until a few years ago this place was growing forest, were the rocks and swamps. Thanks to the combined efforts of the customer — DOC "Kalevala", the Government of Karelia, city officials here realized a large investment project.

Increased production of modern building materials, construction of a new substation, which provides electricity plant DOC "Kalevala" and has a large supply of power to connect

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Selfishness is dangerous for mankind. Give ourselves a chance

More recently, some forty years ago, the company provides a person with a more or less coherent system of values. Socialism was as socialism, steady, solid, with decliners, but quite articulate ideals. Capitalism was all beautiful, especially through the Iron Curtain to admire him.

For people — users value system — the world seemed packed in a well defined blocks of concepts. Albeit sometimes it looked quite primitive. For example: "We have, of course, it's not that, but the fact that they have — it's just awful, so we are still the norm and we are proud of it." Or

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Africa asks questions

About ancient Egyptian civilization knows that. Know about the pyramid of the Sphinx, about gold pharaohs of looted graves, about the dynasty of the Old and New Kingdoms. Almost everyone has heard about Axum and Meroe, the ancient states of North-East Africa, the gigantic stone stelae have come down to us through the millennia.

Very few know about the Nok culture that developed in the Gulf of Guinea, and ahead of some of the oldest metallurgical centers in Europe and Asia! And it is like the top layer. Same Egypt. Dusty corners of the vaults of the National

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Mysteries of ancient pyramids

Father of history Herodotus called the Pyramids first wonder of the world. Millennia not only confirm the name, but also increasingly forced researchers to consider it the greatest miracle and mysterious of all known to mankind. Despite centuries of effort by scientists, none of them is able to accurately answer the most basic questions concerning, for example, the pyramids of Cheops: What was its original height? length of the base? time of construction? purpose of such a fantastic effort of the construction? Finally, as it was built? and even — in the light of recent discoveries — by whom?

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Swastika: Myths and Realities

"… The fact that the star, it is not … rotation. All its rays emanate from a single center, but never meet each other. They go to infinity. Roughly speaking, it is a symbol of individualism … The swastika is no individualism, there is the principle of collectivism. That is, here are the hooks, that these branches, they move, duplicate, one another. They show the rotation. They show that individualism — is illusory ideology, we all depend on each other. In society, a man can not exist by itself. But to accept this truth is very difficult for a man

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Ancestral Heritage — a great source of knowledge

It determines the identity and for many — a philosophy of life.

But not all of that was handed down through the generations, it is understood today as understood before. Descendants have been providing specific knowledge, gradually narrowing the meaning broadcasts prophets, holy books, losing that would help at a higher level to realize the main message. Maybe they never existed — such messages will tell someone. Although they were. But the letters of the alphabet cropped and foreign words are not able to transfer them holistically. According to the idea behind the phrase lie avalanche dimensional images, which

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Alien Pyramid ANTENNAS UNIVERSE. Part 1.


Atlant significantly increased their intellectual, creative and psychic abilities, while at the singular points of the pyramid. Meditator months moving from the first to the seventh chakra pyramid, under the law of Resonance increased its brain power so long until we reach Samadhi

Dear readers, when someone tells us about the pyramids, we, first of all, remember Egypt and Mexico. However, the ancient pyramids are found on all continents and in almost all countries of the world. Tetrahedral pyramid correct proportions, built before the flood, and to this day are in the Canary Islands, Guatemala, El

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Our civilization on Earth — the fifth


Recently, a famous researcher of ancient civilizations Ernst Muldashev returned from another, the 17th in a row, the expedition. This time, he and his colleagues visited the Kola Peninsula. Their aim was to find there traces of Bigfoot and the German "flying saucers" and solve the mystery of "merecheniya" — art that has long been owned by local shamans. In the early twentieth century on the Kola Peninsula, the expedition visited the special department of the NKVD, led by Alexander Barchenko. She tried to explore the culture of the indigenous Sami people, which

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The Pentagon will endow the soldiers vision terminator


Text: Andrew Velichko

Studs to the protective helmet device created by the War Department, allowing you to see the three-dimensional image that is broadcast with digital cameras, as well as labeling objects. As long as that person is not very similar to the "killer robot". (Photo by Noah Shachtman / Wired.)

Project Soldier Centric Imaging via Computational Cameras effort (SCENICC) presented by the Office of Advanced Research (DARPA), which is part of the U.S. Department of Defense.

The Pentagon will endow the soldiers vision terminator

Stone tablets stories

When looking through the historical records of unusual phenomena, one's amazing abilities and achievements, noticed an interesting pattern. It should establish some idea of the state as the dominant ideology, as an element of human life loses presence miracle stories. Mermaids, dwarves and goblins like hiding in their most secret refuge, fearing that people dubbed them the devil incarnate. Disappear and report wizards, as if they cease to be born, but at the same time, there are more reports on the punished and executed for heresy "servants of the devil."

Amazing art magic or

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