Pharmaceutical Holocaust — a concentration camp for humanity


(There is nothing hidden which will not become apparent)

We also offer to read some excerpts from an open letter from Dr Rath's newspaper «The New York Times».

Dr. Matthias Rath — the world-renowned scientist and physician member of the New York Academy of Sciences, the American Heart Association and other scientific organizations. His non-fiction book "Why Animals Do not Get Heart Attacks?» («Why Animals Dont get Heart Attacks?») And "Cancer» («Cancer») published in ten languages and sold millions of copies.

He is the founder of the scientific concept of Cellular Medicine, a concept consistently applied in clinical

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Interview with General Director of Uralvagonzavod

General Director of "Uralvagonzavod" Oleg Sienko told BUSINESS GUIDE in an interview about how to make military treaties, which are promising weapons are developed and that is enthusiasm among overseas customers.

BUSINESS GUIDE: What is the volume of contracts "Uralvagonzavod" with the Russian Ministry of Defence on the results of 2012?

Oleg Sienko: For the municipal defense contracts in 2012 were made by enterprises of 11 municipal contracts and contract 4 soispolneniya the amount above 13 billion rubles. The increase in municipal contracts in 2012 compared to 2011 was over 60%. It should be noted that most of

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The global economy run by one super-corporation


The specialists of the University of Zurich held a mathematical analysis of the links 43 thousand multinational corporations and made a frightening conclusion: the world is ruled by a giant "super-corporation." It is this "pulling the strings" of the world economy.

Scientists have discovered a core of about 1318 companies, whose links with other difficult be described as incestuous. Each of these 1318 found a close relationship with two or more other companies

To simulate the way of the global corporate system, the experts were treated gigantic array of data showing the relationship

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Installation on selfishness and individualism is fraught with the development of deep mental pathology, close to schizophrenia

To emphasizing individualism has long been one of the hallmarks of modern life. "You deserve it" — insists advertising. "Pamper Yourself" — whispered glossy magazines. "But what's wrong, if a child grows up selfish?" — Bewildered moderator on education. "Why do you have a family? After living for himself — said the mother 28-year-old son. — Still have time to hang around the neck yoke. Enough that my father and I in mine for you stretched. You, then at least do not be a fool. " In general, the term "for yourself, a loved one," until recently used only ironically,

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Belarusian life of hermits in their own land

They only vaguely heard of the economic crisis in the world and the country. People see once a month in the winter — even rarer. In a small hut, covered fallen leaves, there is no electricity, water, gas. But the medieval way of life, it appears, does not stop to be happy. Tamara and Yury Boiko, farmers hermit, two decades ago, decided to create a family business and went bankrupt. Lost an apartment, a house in the village, in short, everything. Their only refuge was his own land in the Rossony district …

Lost people

— The story

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Why in the old days were buried in mounds?

As in the case of the other wonders of the world, a simple answer to the question as to why the graves were elected two-stage form of pyramids or created just large earthen mounds, impossible.

Izdrevne Russ believed that the path of the soul to the other world is long and dangerous.

It was believed that human souls, and the souls of animals and birds will get to the "other world."

Probably the first soul had to wander in the underworld, there wade through dark forests and grasslands, where the "riotous winds provevayut", "What's there not to stupistyh loshadushkah, there

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Anomalous Center of the Earth


Who would have thought that a tiny country on the Baltic Sea are related to the tragic events of much of the world — riots, war, and the devastating earthquake!

Sacral Tract under Dobel — not whether it was … Recently in Latvia almost from all over the world come to people who study the paranormal. They, as well as local scientists are convinced that our planet — a giant geokristall, along the edges of the lines, which energy is distributed throughout the world. Several lines intersect on the territory of Latvia, and then if something

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Supermen synesthetes


Scientists do not see synaesthete people with disabilities, and someone like supermen, showing us the true capabilities of the brain.

There are people who are at the physiological level, perceive what is happening around them thinner and deeper than the others. They feel the smells and tastes that are not available to us, orphaned and poor. Emotions and sounds have color to them "aura." Some may even feel pain or pleasure experienced by others.

Michael Banissi from Goldsmiths College (UK) and his colleagues drew attention to the fact that on average a hundred

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On the asteroid Vesta found a strange object


New space oddities found a tireless seeker of alien artifacts Joseph Skipper (Joseph P. Skipper, Investigator). He and his many colleagues — the virtual archaeologists — looking for unusual objects, exhaustively examining images from other planets and other celestial bodies laid out on the official sites. And they find. At this time, the attention of "archaeologists" has attracted the asteroid Vesta — the second largest in the solar system. Its diameter — 550 kilometers. Almost planet.

Vesta is between Mars and Jupiter — in the asteroid belt. And one of the very popular

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In the Komi zaryblyayut River

In the river Mezen in June were released more than 50,000 pieces of grayling fry.  

Experience has shown that in the future you can effectively develop this area as in Udorsky district and in other municipalities.

Experience in stocking the river Mezeni Udorski region showed that the method of artificially increasing the number of fish in the pond is effective. The State Council of the Komi discussed the possibility to extend this experiment to other regions of the country.

According to the Chief "Komirybvod" George Zielke, breeding fry

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