Gods commandments

Commandments of God Svarog

1. Read each other's son — her mother and father, a husband and wife live together in harmony.

2. On uniform wife husband should encroach — otherwise you will not find salvation.

3. Run away from falsehood and follow the Truth, honor your Rod and Rod Heaven.

4. Read you three days a week — the third, seventh and ninth. Read a great holiday. Therefore ought to fast all the people in the third and on the seventh day. If anyone in the ninth day

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Can you believe your eyes? watch online

British film production company BBC say about such an incomprehensible and mysterious subject as illusion. Carefully described experiments and experiences complement the idea of distorting the perception of real world objects, and you will know what are the illusion: taste, visual, auditory, and the other, the number of emotions. Experiments are under a persistent scientific foundation. For 10 years, scientists have collected enough material to read with certainty, what is truly human brain is capable.

The remaining non-fiction films

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Aliens are near the sun. VIDEO



Many have not left indifferent staff dedicated to unidentified objects, which have been the discovery in the solar system. Seeing one of those one of these objects with powerful magnification and after computer processing have several other associations with other images.



Of the world, a hologram and light BODY

I'd forgotten all about this story, which is here, in this world — it is considered fiction, fantasy, and never more than — the real. The reality here in the physical world — is all that anyone — then allowed to consider real. So true, not true fiction. In reality, the local rules and canons. They are very tough — step left, step to the right — and you're a potential patient psychiatric hospital or an outcast in the eyes of the public.

Not resent, dear, in the generally recognized sense, normal people, if you accidentally finish reading

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Beware of scammers! Pyramid on wheels watch online

"Pyramid on wheels. "" For you are missing out on car? This is not the problem! Forget the installment plan, unmanageable loans and other financial heresy! Come and bring your own friends! We will create so that they will buy the car for you at their own expense! "When car not a luxury but a means of profit or …pyramid on wheels.

Auto and other technology

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DNA analysis confirmed the Vedas

Sintashta, Arch … what other secrets stored Russian chronicles?

A few words about the "Book of Veles"

Debate about its authenticity, or being rigged for years and so far no one party could not convincingly prove neither one nor the other. But the topic of our discussion today is not about that. We start from the fact that we have today, but we have information which shows that the "Veles Book" (VC) — a centuries-old work of different times, which reveals not only the breadth of lexical raznoryada but also historical descriptions of the repetition the same event from different

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Forest spirits of the ancient Slavs

Our ancestors believed forest area where, according to ancient beliefs, the soul acquires ancestors, sacred, mysterious. Therefore, in the views of the Slavs it was inhabited many spirits. In today's story, we will focus on those who did not belong directly to the family of the Goblin and had little inclination to play pranks.

Grandfather Treefolk.

It is often confused with Leshim for the reason that that is so called in some places, but in others it was an independent character, even the portrait is very different from the "namesake". This kind grandfather arms and legs

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Popular sovereignty in Russia

Popular sovereignty — the joint management of people of public processes.

Old Russian popular sovereignty — one of the most interesting phenomena in Slavic history, performance, it remains unique in our eyes. Osprey council, board, council, council

Historians tell us that in ancient times, long before the existence of states, various non-Slavic tribes existed in the principles of leadership — led by the village leader.

In Russia as a special kind of control — popular sovereignty, where people together to solve all problems.

Many centuries of this method of control allows the society to live in prosperity, family and

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Stages of human development in the Russian fairy tales and layers of traditional society

Plots of fairy tales. Approach of science and the way tradition

In the framework of the modern academic research can be considered established [1] that the Russian fairy tales describe a system of initiatory rites, which are members of traditional society as they mature.

At the same time, meaning, purpose and methods of these rites have remained largely unclear in the academic review. The subject of academic study — history, archeology, ethnography, folklore and other parallels. But what about the description of the stages of human development, and on the way to her — a true, comprehension transfer methods in

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Announcement of a new book, VA Chudinov Rune-stone-age tales of Russia

By runes 18:43. Category Clavyanskaya and non-Slavic writing, study of the sacred, as well as the subtle world.

Findings from a new book about the Paleolithic

VA Chudinov

In January, I had prepared for delivery to the publisher a new monograph, "Rune-stone-age tales of Russia", which brought together his articles on writing mainly in the Paleolithic, and, in addition, made a lot of new deciphering. The result was a solid material. On this basis, I could make a number of important generalizations as sections "Conclusions" and "Conclusion", which I suggest to readers in a

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