Hyperborea and change the Earths poles

Ph.D., a researcher at the Russian North Valery Demin life collecting information about the legendary Hyperborea and searched the remains of this civilization.

— In the death of Hyperborea was guilty cold snap?

— This is the first thought that comes to mind when looking at the modern polar climate. Indeed, numerous data show that at different times in the Arctic climate change. For example, recently announced the results of a foreign expedition, which took place in 2004 — a research vessel with two icebreakers "Fit" to the North Pole at the distance of 250 km. There, the researchers

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In the Western Military District have a new set of radio

In the Western Military District passes the test of a new radio set. As reported by "BaltInfo" the press service of the Western Military District, the complex is designed for tubeless determination of the atmospheric parameters in real time.

"It is a new kind of technology. It measures the wind up to four kilometers increments of 40 meters and 10 minutes gives an accurate result. The tests take place in a complex hydro-meteorological subdivisions County", — The press-service.

Includes radar wind profiler, control, display, and display means for guidance and topographic location, and other items.

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German physicists have created a super photon

Physicists at the University of Bonn, a completely new source of light, the so-called Bose-Einstein condensate consisting of photons. Until recently, experts believed that it was impossible. This method, which in the future could be used to create new sources of light resembling lasers that work in the X-ray radiation. Among other uses of this technology, we can provide a more powerful computer chips. The scientists report on their findings in an upcoming issue of the journal Nature.

Rubidium atoms, which is extremely low and compact collected in sufficient quantities, become indistinguishable. They begin to behave like a single huge

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Alien city for the abducted earthlings


Some witnesses in a state of hypnosis in almost identical terms talk about how the aliens took them to some alien city, more like a huge laboratory. This was reported in all kinds of people who are not familiar with each other and living in different countries. What it is: hallucinations or recurring phenomenon, requiring the study?

By a well-known psychotherapist James Point Dekrizu from Oklahoma in 2002 asked Teresa C, which tormented nightmares. Told her under hypnosis, the doctor plunged into shock. The patient recalled how she was kidnapped six months ago

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Beautiful green. Forbidden movie.

Film-comedy was filmed in 1996 and banned in his home country, France. Director — Colin Cerro. In Russia Film of solidarity forbidden to be shown on TV.

But to understand why this is so difficult. At first glance, La belle verte harmless as a children's tale. Nothing shocking, nothing provocative … nothing at all would cause any strong emotions. From this point of view, the film stands out madly total weight of modern cinema art that somehow try to touch the most sensitive part of human nature, whether it be fear of death, pity, curiosity, aggression …

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Rita and Yoga

Part of the Aryan culture, the residence time in the Yin country was honoring the various manifestations of the divine in a particular incarnation, with the gradual strengthening and rejuvenation of some deities and weakening, aging others. Even more dramatic changes have occurred after the great migration from India, with the changing technology and the adoption of Christianity bakery.

Slav forgotten Pure Rita! A log cabin in the forest Not Yoga — Mudra so strict, And — oh! Leg bone — Called "witch" …

So let's Eve, 2012, this would be the resurrection of the spirit

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Money relieve pain


A new study shows that the money dull the physical pain and facilitate social exclusion rights.

During the 6 different experiments, psychologists and marketing professor studied the power of money as a means of social recognition. The results showed that even when a person thinks about upcoming expenses, it is causing him emotional and physical pain.

In one experiment involved 84 students — volunteers who were divided into 2 groups, and who were asked to pass a test that checks the sleight of hand. One group saw the large bank notes, the other

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Brawl at Ravens end reconciliation with kisses

Ornithologists have found that vorony quarreled shortly after intense clashes begin to make up, touching each other's beak and feathers mutually scrubbing. This behavior was first observed in birds. In the behavior of primates, as well as other social mammals, is common practice reconciliation: after an argument, the participants behave with each other far more cordial and attentive. This is manifested particularly clearly, if the participants were skirmishes in the "friendly" allied relations within the group.

According to zoologists, such reconciliation make "friendship stronger" — in other words, do not allow the group to remain under the influence of

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Judge William K. — Reincarnation

Objections are often ascends against the "Rebirth" and it seems strong to those who do, arise from the emotional part of our nature. They say: "We do not want to be someone else in another life, and how can we get to know our friends and loved ones, if they do so, we change our individual personal qualities, character traits? Those absorbing affection that we form are forming here that happiness seemed to be impossible without those we love. "

It is useless to say in response that if reincarnation is the law, it can not and will not have

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Little-known information about the Slavs and Orthodox

Recently, one can observe a renaissance of Christianity in Russia. Built more temples are public prayers and the procession and at Christmas all news television channels broadcast a church service at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. On the one hand, the Constitution of the Russian Federation said that Russia — a secular state and religion are separated from it. On the other hand, the first person in the country priests kiss the hands of the ROC, and the priests themselves riding on such expensive cars in the country, for which a common man in my life

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