In Kurapaty victims commemorated

At the memorial service in Kurapaty gathered more than 2-10’s people. Among them were activists of the unregistered organization "Young Front", chairman of the section "Memorial" Society for Protection of monuments and historical heritage Vladimir Romanovsky, helpers "case of 14" Anton Koipish and Vladimir Sergeev, representatives of the intelligentsia.

After about crosses laid flowers and lit candles placed, held an impromptu rally. The first speaker was Vladimir Romanovsky:"There was another form of punishment as a disqualification.’s Specific disqualification, inability to express the people the right to choose their own power and using power — and this is at

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No matter what the lady and the highest positions, and low — slave

Lady: "We are all for the people. This geological street parking here did. We are suffocating in apartments, this recollection as if cesspit.’s Here include motors. Did trucks parked under the house number 103, geological street Stepyanka. Where not addressed, there are sitting highest bureaucrats and wipe pants on their own chairs. And they send a patrol, patrol throws up his hands, that’s all. Inhale air … Apart from Chernobyl, we have another heart arrhythmia hurt at inflated pressure from those gases that go directly to the bedroom. Here is our life. Everything for the people. " Man: "It is

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Girl-driver … Neuzh then fought for it feminist?

Reporter: "What are the rights of ladies in Belarus should be protected first?"Lady: "A lot of problems there." Reporter: "In what area first"?Lady: "I home, I think. Very disrespectful of our men are to us, ladies. You need to educate our guys, so they are more respectful attitude to the lady as a mother and as just the lady. After lying on the shoulders of our very many. Well, work … Naturally, I would like that the lady was the least loaded with work, because we will also house a lot of work: a very great responsibility for the children,

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Whose will be the Arctic?

So began one soplezhevatelstvo — say, we have more rights to the Arctic, to the presence of this building icebreakers, etc. All this is perfectly natural for the Northern Sea Route and less. Square prepyadstviya lies in an inadequate response to the actions of our overseas friends, who for 20 years strumming steel around the world, while at odds with the legal rules which, in turn, Our homeland is not bullied! While we Mnemonic delicate ladies' bodies, and divide the shelf with the Norwegians and other countries frendy overseas once again showed the world, and most importantly to us

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