Japan and Europe

Our conversation I would like to start with a general comparison of European and Japanese cultures plumbing. What is more in them — in common or differences? What is special about Japanese plumbing?

I believe that today there are no big differences in the sanitary culture of Japan and Europe. If you penetrate deeply into this question, I can say that the Japanese are more careful approach to such moments as flushing, availability, operation, durability, rather than to design.

Take, for example, voshlet. In Japan, he appeared in the 70s of the last century. (TOTO Company began selling voshlet 1980)

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I saw the Datsun!

Just the thing — not allowed to take anything. All this reminded anecdote about the blonde, which is prompted for the account in the amount of words genuinely indignant: «How is it I figure you write letters?» We have before us the task even more difficult, «letters» have to write a design of cars. However, a couple of sketches that are suitable for publication, we still have provided. But before describing the design is to voice a few postulates, from which came the creators of the new brand. At least in order to compare the result with the original promise.

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FRENCH CAMEROON delicacies Spanish

Cameroon. A land flowing rivers, where gold is washed and catch shrimp.

You are so good to be on the Hunting Baby gift. HUNTING IN CAMEROON that thin DISH French ARSENAL SERVICE gluttonous passion. HE NEED TO SMALL ripen satiety. It was then, and understand his true taste.

OF COURSE, colleagues, the extraction major trophy in the West African country the best approach, already being a mature hunter. CAMEROON HIS SAVANNAH that rain, rainforest, will require you to a fair share of self-confidence, a sort STATE SPORTS maturity. It follows that with a visit TIGHTEN CAMEROON also not worth it.

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Our guest magazine «Dien Anh»

The first issue of «Dien Anh» was released in 1957. Teach mass audience to focus on issues of cinema art, to acquaint readers with the news of the national and world cinema — these are the main tasks set before our publication.

«Dien Anh» -organ Cinematographers’ Union of Vietnam and Vietnam Kinoupravleniya, published 6 times a year. Attract the attention of readers of our regular columns by which publishes articles, reports, interviews, reviews, informing about today’s cinema of socialist countries, introducing the actual problems of the theory and practice of cinema. We are happy to reprint interesting materials from the

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Heart Jennifer

The popularity of this young Ukrainian team is growing by leaps and bounds! Lots of fresh singles, spectacular video work and great performances in different cities of Ukraine! They easily captivate the hearts of their listeners and sincerely grateful for the support of their fans. And now Oleg Pilipenko frontman «Jennifer Heart» will share their successes and future plans with our readers.

What are your team is working? We are currently working on the release of the Russian-language album, which will include both well-known and absolutely new tracks. But in addition to work on the album, we do not forget

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With gold Bookshelf

We arrived in Crimea to-the path to the screen — meet with the heroes of favorite books. «The White Poodle» Kuprin. «Bambi» F. Salten (in retelling Yu Nagibina). How many children (of different generations!) Unconditionally accept them into the world of his childhood with them, and know the section of the first lessons of beauty, wisdom and goodness.

«The White Poodle» owes its birth to the Crimea. Here, in the country in Mishor, Alexander Kuprin became acquainted with the old organ-grinder, a small acrobat Serge, white poodle, heard the story of their wandering life and described in the famous story.

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Adventure at sea stranger

To find happiness, I had to go to distant seas.

And nothing, not even beloved grandmother could not keep me on this journey.

All my little family so … peculiar, to say the least. Grandmother calls himself vorozheykoy, health corrects people, destroy charms shoots, making the secret police, in other words, amulets. But never agreed nor bewitch or to separate or direct damage, said that if something does, then all at once her strength gone. I do not understand it because my grandmother did not force me moved, did not pass it to my mom. But Grandma was not discouraged

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The last inhabitants of Earth

People concerned about the fate of our planet, is usually counted the years remaining until the «extinction of the Sun,» which, according to scientists, is expected in about 5 billion years. Few people think about the fact that our star before his death will have time to warm up so that its heat will destroy all life on the surface of the earth long before this fateful moment, and only its inhabitants remain bacterial thermophiles can live and reproduce at temperatures above a hundred degrees Celsius. And humanity will likely be forced to seek refuge on other planets, or

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Boy, Big Mac, double hamburger with fries and hot chocolate for me and my friends, and fast!

We Americans are people of downtime and correct. We are so constituted that if we lucidly explain why the game is good, we’ll buy it. And no matter what it really would have been the correct labels on the box and came up to the time the Christmas season. In the end, she carried the play will be the one who gave it to us, and not we personally.

Crusaders of Might and Magic — the game correctly. Firstly, in its title

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End of space vacations.

As you know, these guys are hot Canadian started his career with Ghastlier giperpankovogo blekushnogo roar and rattle, diluted for greater joy nightmarish screams of someone clearly torn by the clamp apart. However, everything becomes clear only one of the group’s name, borrowed from some tribe of cannibals prowl in search of prey at the edge of the gloomy Morgoth in ancient times.

However, over the subsequent decade music Voivod has undergone quite tangible change, to mutate from a rabid furious thrash in a mix of punk, avant-garde and psychedelic rock, comparable except that only the early Pink Floyd,

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