When it comes to water efficiency, this range of outdoor showers has an environmental conscience.

With the ongoing concern for drought conditions and water restrictions, Rainware has developed a range of outdoor showers to save you water. Built to withstand the harsh conditions of Australia’s climate, Rainware products are designed and manufactured on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast and are available worldwide.

The Noosa Pool Shower, with its graceful curve, freestanding construction and unique hot water option, makes it easy to appreciate what sets this outdoor shower apart from traditional outdoor showers of the past.

With its clean architectural appearance and easy



Transform your outdoor room with stylish decorative metal screening and garden features.

Nowadays we regard our gardens as outdoor rooms and take the same care when decorating them as we would any interior living space. We also prize our privacy, which is why screening is playing an increasingly important role in garden design. Tombo Design specialises in architectural and decorative metal privacy screens for residential and commercial use. The company also produces an array of metal wall art, garden features, fire pits and illuminated pieces so you can create a fully coordinated look to enhance any outdoor space.

Tombo Design

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The essentials.

The next big thing in paving

New to Stone Hub’s comprehensive landscape product range is E Pave, an engineered stone paver that has a finish and quality that far exceeds any manufactured or reconstituted pavers currently available on the Australian market. These popular square-format 600×600-sized pavers are not only of a unique finish and benchmark quality, but are also more dimensionally accurate and are light to handle compared with other manufactured or reconstituted pavers on the market. E Pave also comes in a range of contemporary natural colours that has evolved through consultation with leading landscape designers. In line with

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Spring clean your outdoor surfaces and furniture.

Spring is in the air! The days are growing warmer and the sweet scent of flowers fills the senses. After cold winter rains, winds and frosts, outdoor spaces are in definite need of a spruce up. So it’s time to shake off those winter blues and get spring-cleaning outdoors. To start, cast a critical eye around your outdoor spaces and make a list of the chores you’ll need to do to take your outdoor areas from winter drab to springtime fab.


Hose down your outdoor decks and stain or

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A wood-fired oven brings much more than pizza to your outdoor entertaining area.

A wood-fired pizza over will bring many flavours to your home. While the Italian favourite — wood-fired pizza — is hard to beat, you car also use a wood-fired over to roast, grill, smoke, dry, stew or bake bread. Whatever you make, it will have that signature gourmet-style wood-fired taste.

You car build your own outdoor pizza over or have someone do it for you.


When shopping around for a pizza over, the most obvious thing to look for is quality. «Look for

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Outdoor Table and Benches.

There are few things that compare with the simple joy of sitting down for a nice meal outdoors with the sun shining and a gentle breeze blowing. While this alfresco dining set can’t do a lot to guarantee you the perfect weather, it does provide a great place to enjoy it.

When my client approached me with this commission, the goal was to design a dining table-and-bench set that would accommodate up to eight people without appearing oversized or undersized. She wanted something with the kind of subtle grace that is usually lacking in commercial outdoor furniture, and made of

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Better beach portraits

Sure-fire camera and photo skills for improving your portrait shots

Portrait 1

Welcome to your free guide to outdoor portrait photography! Over the following pages we will help you improve your Canon D-SLR skills so that you can learn to take great portraits like the pros. The following techniques can be used to photograph anybody, from children to your partner and parents, male or female – the same methods will still work wonders!

Shooting in sunshine

The kit we used: Canon EOS 5D Mk III, telephoto zoom lens, silver-sided reflector Canon D-SLR technique: For our first round

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Create a tropical paradise in your own backyard.

Tropical Lifestyle is Australia’s largest manufacturer of gazebos that meet Australian standards. They are available in 21 different styles, ranging from the Federation look to models with cupolas, Bali huts, and those featuring Colorbond, shingle, ironwood shingle, asphalt shingle from the USA, cedar shingle from Canada, and even African reed roofing from Africa, all of which are available in kit form. Tropical Lifestyle can install the cabana for you, or customers also have the option of DIY if they prefer.

A cabana, also referred to as a gazebo, can enhance your outdoor

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Add style and colour to your outdoor area with fabulous fabrics.

When decorating outdoor living spaces, as with indoor areas, just as much thought and co-ordination goes into making them ideal havens for relaxation. What better way to stamp your personality and style on your outdoor room than by adding a splash of colour in a cushion or lounge setting? Fabrics are also a great way to create a connection with your interior spaces, making the transition between indoors and out even more seamless.

When choosing soft furnishings for your outdoor area, it’s important to look at the durability of

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Conteporary design and a stunning pool are just some of the standout features of this family-friendly space.

Building a new home can be one of the most rewarding and challenging projects you’ll undertake. However, the experience and eventual outcome can be highly influenced by the professionals you choose to help you through this process. A professional architect or building contractor is an obvious choice when it comes to creating your dream home, and these days so too is selecting a landscape designer for your outdoor areas.

Today, homeowners are creating more outdoor living spaces that act as an extension of

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