Uganda returns Hinds.

UGANDA ANNOUNCED on March 15 that it is returning two Mi-24 attack helicopters -reportedly because they have not been overhauled as specified in the contract. The supplier, Consolidated Sales Corporation (CSC) has been given three weeks to meet its obligations or face the loss of the contract and a demand for a refund. However, CSC maintains that the deal has no termination clause but does allow for amicable settlement or arbitration.

The latest difficulty is finding a suitable overhaul location. The Ugandans estimate the overhaul cost to be $1.2 million, but CSC objects to that amount. It has come up

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Overhaul of SCG aircraft in Russia

THE ARMY of Serbia and Montenegro (SCG) is urgently trying to overhaul its non-operational aircraft because it faces a long-term maintenance and spare parts crisis. During a visit to Moscow on June 25-26, Defence Minister Prvoslav Davinic and Chief of General Staff, Colonel General Branko Krga, spoke to Russian Defence Minister Sergey Ivanov and Director of the Federal Service for Military and Technical Co-operation Mikhail Dimitriyev, about overhauling one Antonov An-26, one Yakovlev Yak-40, two Mi-17 transport helicopters and two Mi-24 attack helicopters. The first steps towards renewing military co-operation between Serbia and Montenegro and Russia will result in spare

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ROAD OVERHAUL with separation distillation.

An effective way to increase the capacity of the site with the overhaul of the way closed to traffic, is a division of ferrying temporary checkpoints. In the West Siberian is currently for use in areas equipped overhaul the way 16 temporary checkpoint with two Congresses. Over the last three years on the road carried out considerable work on the equipment Distilleries permanent two-way automatic block system. Today, of the 179 two-track road hauls of such devices equipped with 152 hauls (85%). At the same plants used in the signal circuit solutions that exclude protected areas while driving the

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Rural school opened after renovation in Khakassia

November 14, in the village of Apchinaev Askizsky Khakassia region was inaugurated Beltirskoy comprehensive school — The branch of the Kalinin High School, which held a large-scale three-month overhaul. In the future, it is planned to attach to a new school sports hall and dining room.

In recent years, this municipality is actively building new schools, as well as undergoing renovation and repair of existing facilities.

In early 2012, commissioned Kazanovskaya mainstream schools, a major overhaul of buildings Yugachinskoy, Upper Askizsky, Birikchulskoy and Bazinskoy schools. In 2013, the planned delivery of Ust-Esinskoy Katanovskoy and secondary schools.

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Izhora Pipe Plant completed the overhaul cost of 60 million rubles

10 October 2011., Kolpino, St. Petersburg At the Izhora Pipe Plant was completed overhaul, worth about 60 million rubles, in which the project was launched, aimed at developing the production of pipes.


"During the first stage of repair of the investment project to modernize the site of the lining. In particular, the foundation is prepared for the installation of additional drobemeta to clean the inside surface of the pipe " — Says Director of Operations — Chief Engineer Battalion Andrey Lutsenko. Besides the implementation of the first phase of the investment project in the course of

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Severstal has updated one of the major steelmaking facilities


September 13. At the Cherepovets Steel Mill completed overhaul converter number 1 worth about 45 million rubles, the implementation of which is 3 days before the planned schedule will allow the company to produce an additional 18,000 tons of steel. During the 15-day repair specialists assets of the company — OOO "Severstal-Promservice" and JSC "Domnaremont" — replaced the top of the converter housing, repairs conducted podkonverternoy zone, as well as an audit of electrical, mechanical and power equipment. Overall, it was installed 146 tons of new steel converter housing. Andrey Lutsenko, Production Director — Chief Engineer Battalion

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Nitrogen launched Refurbished two shops


August 9. Branch "Nitrogen" of "UCC" Uralkhim "in Berezniki completed the second stage of a planned overhaul of production. After re-equipment shop run higher aliphatic amines and nitrite-nitrate salts. Activities carried stabilized technological regimes, prolonged use of the equipment resource departments, as well as possible to reduce the pollution of the environment. "For the first few days after a major overhaul of the equipment shows that air emissions declined by at least 3%," — said the chief engineer of the branch "Nitrogen" Basil Malikov. Under the re-equipment of production for plant loading "Nitrogen" acquired two truck —

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On Bureyskaya plant overhaul completed the fourth hydraulic

This is the first major overhaul of the unit in the history of the station, which began operation in 2003, when he was introduced to the work of the first hydraulic unit.

During the renovation, which lasted almost one and a half months, a complete revision to the removal of hydraulic cross, hollow rotor thrust and repair of bearings, complete rewiring of thermal control system. As part of renovations have been carried out manufacturing operations that result in improved hydraulic vibration state. "A number of work that will ensure continued reliable operation of hydraulic" — said the

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Aviacon and MVZ. NM signed a contract for the maintenance overhaul of Mi


SE "Aviacon", a member of the Group of Companies "Ukroboronprom" and JSC "Mil name NM" signed a contract to design and technological support overhaul of helicopter development of "cost center named NM" civilian Mi-8, Mi-8AMT Mi-8 MTV and Mi-17 and their modifications.

According to the contract has been audited by the production base SE "Aviacon." In its conclusions, the Commission of "Mil name NM" signed a document stating that "Aviacon" on the set of indicators comply with the requirements of the organization performing the overhaul of Mi-8, Mi-8 AMT, Mi-8 MTV and Mi- 17

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In Kurgan renovated school opened number 7

On Monday, September 2, after an overhaul in the Barrow opened secondary school number 7 on the 1300.

The updated school meets all the requirements. In classes, in addition to new furniture, there were laptops and interactive whiteboards, a gym equipped with new sports facilities, near a school equipped with a football field with artificial turf, a new court, jogging track. All this will allow students to get a good knowledge of the current level. 


Congratulate the students and their parents on the Knowledge Day and the new home, school, Russian President arrived. Vladimir

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