This single-storey residence breaks away from the usual linear architectural form to give its owners a rare structure that not only ensures privacy but also allows them to enjoy the surrounding greenery.

A bungalow’s structure plays a significant role in creating a strong identity. Generally, architects and designers like to keep the structures clean and straight-lined, especially when it comes to single-storey homes. Very rarely do we see a structure that breaks the usual norms and exhibits an interesting amalgamation of forms, shapes and patterns.

However, this home by architect Arpan Shah of Modo Designs does exactly that. It not

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Miami Beach condo owned by a Toronto couple, Fort Lauderdale interior designer Richard Nemec of Environ Interior Design Associates had already transformed most of the living space into stylish contemporary rooms. However, the basic white laminate kitchen was badly in need of updating. «It was time to bring the kitchen up to the same standard as the rest of the condo,» says Richard. «And, since this is the owners’ escape from the cold weather back home, we wanted it to exude warmth while at the same time be slick and sophisticated.»

For the cabinetry, he selected dramatic high-gloss Macassar

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In Lake Tahoe caught a goldfish — Monster


In the depths of Lake Tahoe in California (USA) have found a new amazing view — a giant goldfish. In search of invasive species (accidentally listed humans), scientists have found in this lake goldfish two feet in length and weighing two pounds.  

Photo: www.livescience.com


"During the investigation we found the Lake District, which is home to 15 other individuals of this species, — the expert of the

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For the first time in the Novosibirsk region 23 large families were handed keys to new car

The "Family and Children" is designed for 2012-2015 and provides for the road, anyone who brings up at least seven minor children. The register of transportation offered included 73 families, and 23 of them have already become owners of cars "Harmony": those who have a family, there are between seven and nine children, were car "Lada Kalina". Families with more than nine minors, many-handed "Lada-Largus."

To get the list of future car owners were required to provide a certificate of family members and children’s birth certificates. Most of the newly minted owners of cars — residents do not Novosibirsk,

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LADA Granta caught up with the quality of the model Renault-Nissan Alliance

Researchers at Estel compare the model LADA Granta, LADA Kalina and LADA Priora. Benchmark for them took one of the best selling in our market models Alliance and the opinion of her happy owners.

The survey covered about seven owners of the studied models. Asked to answer 24 questions on satisfaction with the car and rate each item on a 10-point scale.

It turned out that all the LADA Granta ahead of heating and ventilation. Above others were also evaluated capacity, visibility and handling. According to these criteria, the standard essentially conceded Grant, as well

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Sinkhole in downtown Toronto

Karst holes

8.09.11.Neozhidanno sunken asphalt in the heart of Toronto — Street Danforth Avenue, created a lot of problems for motorists and owners of local shops and offices.

The section from Woodbine to Gledhill cars now move one lane in each direction.

It is clear that the owners of cafes, eateries and pastry are a victim of circumstances. The number of their customers while repairs will be much lower than usual.

The hole in the pavement — about 6 on 3 meters. Underground supply lines here are gas, water and electricity.

Source: Torontovka.com

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Canine epidemic plague. Video


24.11.11.Veterinary sounding the alarm — in recent days appealed to them more than 20 owners of dogs. The complaint is the same. The animals were poisoned by an unknown food scattered in the alleys. Locals say that in the last 3 months in the vicinity of St. Nicholas Garden extinct all ducks, killing 12 dogs, including the famous artist George lobrador Galtseva.

It became aware of the mass deaths of dogs on the Champ de Mars. Doctors pronounced him dead from an unknown chemical. Details of the material Helen Artyukh

Dog owners are raising the alarm, it seems

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Dog owners in Britain must cause the animal microchip

British authorities have ordered dog owners for three years pets implant microchips containing information about the animal and contact its owners, said on Wednesday the BBC Television and Radio Broadcasting Corporation.

The relevant amendments to the law on the protection of animals will come into force in April 2016. On that date, the owners of dogs without microchips will be forced to pay a fine of 500 pounds.

The authorities want to reduce the costs of the lost or discarded animals. Every year on the streets are about a hundred thousand four-legged "friends of man." Their maintenance cost taxpayers and

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War of the cinema in Noginsk

In the night of August 11, in Noginsk, passed a spontaneous rally. The protesters demanded a meeting with city and regional authorities. Residents expressed their concern at the possible closure of the only urban theater "Dawn", which recently have new owners.

The first big rally at the "Breaking Dawn" was held on 10 August. Protesters destroyed a fence that the new owners built around theater. "Dawn" is very popular. There, low ticket prices, varied repertoire and a cozy atmosphere. Recently there was an auction for the sale of cinema. Tenants warned about him.

As a result, the building was

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Kuzbass vlastispasayut animals abandoned zoo

The regional authorities are transported on specially equipped area frozen and starving animals were left for the winter in the Kuzbass owners toured the zoo here, told RIA Novosti on Thursday, a representative of the regional department for the protection of wildlife.

According to her, the reason for this decision was the complaint kemerovchan on animal abuse in the zoo, toured the city, — Ltd. "Panther" (co-founders are in Udmurtia and Armenia). Summer zoo was located under one of the city's bridges. As it turned out, the owners left the zoo for the winter Kemerovo region, and the owners were

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