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Fighting fire with fire

Taking action With the successful funding of PACT, we decided to find out what they are trying to achieve for artists — and why

In the aftermath of a panel discussion at IlluXCon, Jim Pavelec, Aaron Miller, Todd Lockwood, Randy Gallegos and Mike Sass have created PACT, the Professional Artist/Client Toolkit. It’s a new website designed specifically to encourage transparent working relationships between artists and clients. This is in direct response to some of the shadier aspects of making a viable living as a professional artist.

«The first thing on the PACT list is to get a cheap membership programme

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Modern non-aggression pact

After an explanation of the transit in Ulyanovsk he thought non-aggression pact between Germany and the Soviet Union in 1939, which delayed the war until the summer of 1941.

Well, actually about entrepot NATO.

Nikolay Starikov of conversations with readers at the Moscow House of Books on the Arbat in September 2012

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Candidates are asked to sign a non-aggression pact

Society Opposition candidates for the presidency are ready to sign a "nonaggression pact", even though the project "common candidate" put a cross.

With the idea of "nonaggression pact" has already made vice-chairman Joint Civil Party Yaroslav Romanchuk and the leader of the Union "For modernization" Mikhalevich.

"We have to conclude non-aggression agreement until December 19," — told Interfax Yaroslav Romanchuk. At the same bidder believes that the project "one candidate" can be buried.

Mr. Romanchuk believes that he himself had a very good chance to go to the second round of elections.

Mikhalevich doubt that "in an honest

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