There is a potential flaw in Atul Gawande’s BetterBirth Project, which seeks to spread safer childbirth practices through neonatal intervention. In another initiative, in the nineteen-eighties, a group of Western mid worked in remote villages in Nepal to teach local birth attendants how to prevent neonatal tetanus, which was killing large numbers of infants. With immunization clinics, the group was able to achieve measurable improvements in neonatal survival. But the death rate of children under five years remained stubbornly high. Many of those who might have died as were doomed to die as toddlers. The innovations cannot stop with improved

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«And the pain of suffering and happiness of living.»

From time immemorial Russian people gave birth arranged for beauty. The songs and legends, in the thread and embroidery, they sang the world surrounding them, decorated the world. How many original artists gave our land! And each of them create an image of Russia, drawing on their own experience, seeing her majestic lines in those places where he was born.

For many of our poets, writers, painters edge inspiration was my native Tver Region; They saw in him the whole of Russia — Motherland. Here — all the signs of her, «her boundless forests quivering, flooding it, these seas,» here

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Allied Force — the pain intensified

Why do the Chinese claim that their embassy was bombed intentionally? Ronald Lewis examines the theories.

PERHAPS THE MOST significant issues that have arisen since the June of AFM was published, are the bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade and the disheartening loss of civilian life in other mistaken or accidental attacks.

The Western media, and the public it serves, have been deeply affected by the loss of innocent lives, but often, what does not come through is that many of the casualties have been unavoidable. Worse yet, Serbian propaganda efforts have gone virtually unchallenged as web pages and

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10 anti-inflammatory plants to grow

Nature has a number of anti inflammatory plants in its natural pharmacy While traditionally the veterinary industry has looked on alternative therapies, in particular herbal products, with a degree of scepticism, they still have put in place sophisticated tests to determine whether a horse in particular has been fed herbal remedies during competition.

Herbs and crude extracts cannot be patented, making them cheaper than mainstream drugs since they have not undergone expensive double-blind studies. The financial returns on non-patented drugs do not justify the enormous outlays required for patented drugs.

The last century lias based much of its modern medicine

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Now the world remember the missing

According to the Interior Ministry, about 6,000 people are reported missing. The police and the prosecutor’s office to find someone who has not returned home, turning his relatives. From time to time there are those who went to work in neighboring Russia, but for various reasons were not able to come back. Vserasprostraneny cases where elderly people forgets where they live and can not even call his name. Often, the children quarreled with his parents leave the house. From time to time people who died in the street, buried as unknown, and seek out their relatives on a couple of

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Artrofoon syndrome and treatment of back pain

In an interview with the company's "Materia Medica Holding", rheumatologist, PhD, Senior Research Fellow Department of Rheumatic Diseases Research Laboratory Department of Therapy named after AI Nesterov Natalia Pravdyuk reported that chronic diseases of the joints are trying to treat ultra-low doses of active ingredient TNF-α (tumor necrosis factor-α).


A little problem

Every year, back pain syndrome detected in a substantial proportion of the adult population of the Russian Federation, but medical attention is drawn less than half of the number of cases. This can be called a social problem: back pain causes a

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Grandma’s disease does not spare the young

Osteochondrosis — is zabolevanienie in which pathological changes are the intervertebral discs, vertebral cartilage nodes as well as in the intervertebral joints. The cause of osteoarthritis may be a spinal injury, disorders of blood circulation and lymph flow, inflammation of the vertebrae. Some modern scholars believe, not without reason, that low back pain — not a disease, and adaptive response of the spine to the wrong distribution of loads that occur during the movements.

The nature of our body is arranged so that the primary vertical load on thespine extends along the axis passing through the center of gravity

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Aneurysm — a ticking time bomb

Aneurysm — is bulging artery wall (at least — a vein) or the heart due to its thinning or stretching. The result is called the aneurysmal sac, which may be located close to compress tissue. An aneurysm can be congenital. And, when a child into the world this flaw unnoticeable, and the baby is developing quite normally. Also lead to aneurysm disease thinner blood vessels: hypertension, atherosclerosis, syphilis (late stage). The risk of developing this insidious disease is increased by trauma or injury of a blood vessel in the formation of infected blood clots. He can live for

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Ankylosing Spondylitis Ankylosing spondylitis or

What is it?

Ankylosing spondylitis — a chronic, progressive disease,manifested by inflammation of the joints of the spine. Long-term inflammation leads to a violation of motion in joints. As a result, spine is practically immobile.

First it diseasedescribed the Russian Neurologist Vladimir Bechterev. In his honor, ankylosing spondylitis, and got its second name — the disease Ankylosing Spondylitis.

Ankylosing spondylitis suffer mostly men aged 20-40 years, although the disease begins in the late school age, about 15 years old.


The causes of ankylosing spondylitis are uncertain. Apparently, the disease develops in people who have a specific genetic

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Asthenopia (eye fatigue)

Stinging and pain in the eyes, tearing, redness of the eyelids and eyeballs, pain in the forehead, fatigue. All these are clear signs of the so-called asthenopia, often emerging in the computer users.

Asthenopia (Asthenopia; Greek. Asthenes weak + ops, opos an eye) — quickly coming eyestrain during visual work, especially at a small distance from the eye to the subject. Asthenopia— It is not a disease but a border state. However, if she did not pay attention, eye-strain can progress to a more serious disease. It is therefore important time to tackle this problem and fix it.

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