Vessels smoker

Walking down the street and elegant man suddenly stopped. On the face mask of misery. A few minutes later, as if nothing had happened path continues. What is it? In extreme pain in the legs.

Particularly sharp pain manifests itself when climbing up the stairs for example. It forces to stop or slow down the pace. After 2-4 minutes the pain disappears. But it is worth re-embark on a journey, as it returns. And so it is repeated again and again: walking — pain— Recreation, walking — pain — rest. This is intermittent claudication — a symptom, alas,

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Angina — Is a form of ischemic heart disease. The immediate cause of the disease is atherosclerosis of the arteries of the heart, in which the lumen of the heart vessels narrowed by atherosclerotic plaque (cholesterol deposits in the artery wall), and the heart is not getting enough blood, that is in a state of oxygen deficiency, which is accompanied by bouts of pain in the heart.

Symptoms Stenokadiya manifested seizures that occur normally during exercise. Less often they appear in connection with the excitement can also be caused by leaving the warm room into the cold

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People — sensors and Empathy

January 17, 2013 19:25

We are not talking about ordinary people at all, but rather the extreme, some human qualities, which to some extent may have one, but for some living these qualities are dominant, for that is the major part of their mission and purpose of life on earth.

These people can be named the "bare nerve" or "a man without skin." And, both would be true. Because these people — really have nerves of the Earth. These are very sensitive. Rather, over-sensitive.

Deliberately (consciously) or unconsciously (subconsciously) they absorb all of the energy currents

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What is Dianetics, or how to get in past life

January 3, 2012 6:14

"In a past life I was (was) …" How serious people admitting such statements? Do they believe themselves to what they say? Is there a shred of truth to these? "Yes, it is very real for my patients who receive therapy techniques of Dianetics" — responds to this question is a modern scientist, psychotherapist, PhD D | Natalia mine. In August 1998, was published in her book "The Secret, which is in you (documentaries about the memory of past lives)." "Without exception, my patients were in layers of the memory of their past lives and have

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Emergency ways to ease toothache

Tooth pain brings a lot of anxiety. Does it hurt when you smile or frown, eat or drink when you compress or decompress the jaw, or turn your head. Sometimes it hurts, even when you breathe, because the cold air rushes into the mouth and passes over the sensitive tooth.

If an attack of acute dental pain occurred late at night or on the weekend, and run around the clock in a dental clinic is not possible, is to resort to emergency methods, allowing to temporarily relieve the pain.

Here's what you can do:

Carefully remove

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Norway: worms, crabs and lobsters can not feel pain




Good news for fans of live-bait fishing, as well as for fans of fishery products. Norwegian scientists published a report which shows that the earth worm used as bait, do not feel pain. Also, do not feel pain crabs and lobsters.

In Norway, on the subject for

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Ethmoiditis. Sphenoiditis.

Ethmoiditis — an inflammation of the ethmoidal labyrinth. Sphenoiditis — inflammation of the sphenoid sinus. Disease may be unilateral or bilateral, and be accompanied by other lesions of the paranasal sinuses.

The disease can develop at any age.


Ethmoiditis can occur as a complication of acute rhinitis, influenza, measles, scarlet fever and other infectious diseases. Sharp ethmoiditis with bone wall is observed mainly in scarlet fever. Sphenoiditis is rare and is usually associated with the disease posterior ethmoidal labyrinth cells.

What's going on?

When ethmoiditis concerned parent pain, pressive pain in the root of the nose and

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New weapons causes severe pain in the distance




The U.S. military has funded the development of non-lethal weapons PEP (Pulsed Energy Projectiles), which causes excruciating pain in humans at a distance of 2 kilometers.

For information about the members of the organization have extracted Sunshine Project, previously told about the Pentagon's plans to create a

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No back pain: basic massage techniques watch online

Everyone aged between 30 and 50 years old, probably at least once in their lives have experienced the nasty feeling when driving or pain in the back, but this is one of the most common diseases in the world. According to statistics, due to back pain suffers up to 80% of the world population. And the premise of the disease occurrence, usually, not just a lifestyle, genetic predisposition or the environment, and the lack of certain trace elements in the body. From the available for your movie, you'll learn how to use the conventional massage techniques escape from an

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How to get rid of a headache for 5 minutes to watch

Pain in my head — one of the most frequently occurring diseases century. Overwork, work for kompomyuterom, life in the big town — all leading to a string of pain in the head, which may cause the appearance of threatening illnesses. According to statistics, at present day every second person in the world suffering from chronic pain in the head. Than you think to their number, it is necessary as it may be faster to take action and get rid of this disease. Want to know how? In this program there shows the options for dealing with the headaches

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