By Catherine MacBride

Camera: Nikon D5200

Lens: NIKKOR AF-S 50mm f/1.4G

Software: Adobe Photoshop CS5

I HAVE TO SAY that the challenge of coming up with some quirky and interesting ways of using paint for Creative Eye really got my imagination buzzing! The theme of paint gave me so many options. I could throw it.drip it, splash it, smudge it… The options were endless But what became apparent very early on was that whatever idea I came up with, I’dbe the one doing the cleaning up afterwards.

After a little time spent wading through various ideas, I remembered the saying

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Happy days Moomin

In fairy tales Tove Jansson script authors — MARY Kossovskii, Dembinski director Lucian — Lucian Dembinski artist — BOGDAN HUDZYNSKY animator — the OVA Bankovskaya, Wieslaw bachek Barbara DYHDALEVICH, EVA PSHIEMSKA operator — VACLAV Fedak Composer — ANDRZEJ Rokitsky


The film is dubbed in the Gorky Film Studio

Dubbing director — G. ZARGARYAN

Color. 6 units, 1719 m. R /

Number 1802186


This feature-length puppet film will no doubt please our young moviegoers. It is made for fun and amusing tales Swedish writer Tove Jansson about the adventures of fabulous creatures — Moomin. These books were published

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Second on the deed

Roles performed:

Novichenko — Andrey Martynov

Lee Jang Hyuk — Choi Chang Su

Hurenko — Oleg Anofriev

Cho Soong She — ION CHI CHUN

Cho Kwang Hsieh — Lee Sung-gwan

Kim Il Sung — Lee Yong Il nurse — Natalia Arinbasarova

Maria Novichenko — Irina GNEVCHUK

Raisa Novichenko — MARINA Levtova


Doc Kwon Sul — PAK Chang Yun

Ivan Novichenko — VLADIMIR Antonik

Pechkin — Vyacheslav Baranov

Kwon Hyung Thyak — CAS VAUGHN QMF

Ko Min Dal — LIM IN PUE

Bobyr — Victoria Filip

Samohin Vladimir Ferapontov

Chistyakov — Alexander Bielawski

Romanenko —

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With gold Bookshelf

We arrived in Crimea to-the path to the screen — meet with the heroes of favorite books. «The White Poodle» Kuprin. «Bambi» F. Salten (in retelling Yu Nagibina). How many children (of different generations!) Unconditionally accept them into the world of his childhood with them, and know the section of the first lessons of beauty, wisdom and goodness.

«The White Poodle» owes its birth to the Crimea. Here, in the country in Mishor, Alexander Kuprin became acquainted with the old organ-grinder, a small acrobat Serge, white poodle, heard the story of their wandering life and described in the famous story.

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The right to love

Written by VICTOR POTEYKIN director — Vladimir Nazarov operator — Alexander Ryabov artist — IRINA LUKASHEVICH Composer — Alex Muravlev Lyrics Leonid Derbeneva Irina Potocki recordist ELENA Urvantseva

Roles performed:

Fedor — Ivan Shabaltas

Elena — Irina MALYSHEVA

Peter Danilovich — Vladimir Samoilov

Claudia — Valentina Talyzina


Alexander — MICHAEL Kokshenov

Nina — Irina SAFRONOV

Dergachov — Evgeny Shutov

Fedyulya — GERMAN Kachin

Millet — Gennady Yukhtina

Berazhkou — Nicholas Dupak superintendent Dakshin — Alexander Kudinov

Paul Shumilov — VICTOR KORESHKOV married — Sergey Zhigunov, Elena Antonova

Niurka Shumilova — LIGHT Stupak


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Travel to the old car

Script writer — director Emil Braginsky — Pyotr Fomenko operator — Simakov Vsevolod artist — IRINA Schroeter composer — Sergey Nikitin verses sound engineer Dmitry Sukharev — Marco Bronstein

Roles performed:

Zoya Pavlovna — Lyudmila Maksakova

Herman S. — ANDREW Boltnev «

Natalia S. — Tatyana Nikitina

Lomov — Sergey Nikitin

Dasha — LENA Karadzhovo club director — Lyudmila Arinin

Lily — LARISSA Udovichenko

Mikhalev — LEO Perfil’ev

«Mosfilm», 1985

Color. 9 parts, in 2355 m. R /

Number 1100386

22.1 8.2

Race cars, buses strive door slam in the face, but no matter what, we must always have

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Autumn Symphony

For a long time, shrubby sedum species are not separated from the ground cover, and they are all called stonecrop. Now, however, there is a tendency to call these plants ochitnikami and allocate them in a separate subgenus. Ochitniki — is a perennial herbaceous plants, some of which reach 60-70 cm in height. Their compact or sprawling shrubs can be found in almost any garden, because of the hardy crops under force to adapt to any conditions.

The most famous sight ochistnikov (Hylotelephium), used everywhere — it’s about. prominent (H. spectabile). His strict, straight, not overwhelm the stems height

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One of fourteen.

A handful of young artists, the poor, the helpless, weak, suddenly made a deal that would fit unless giants and strongman. She turned upside down all the old order and the relationship and threw off the ancient traps. It was the dawn of a new art …

Stasov 1878.

Proc. In the evenings close little room on Vasilyevsky Island was filled with cheerful noise and cigarette smoke. Dimly lit candles from the samovar exuded a cozy warmth. The owner of the apartment, Ivan Kramskoy, energetic, thin young man, walked around the room excitedly. The young people who came to

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Music and painting.

Music and art — art at first glance completely different and incompatible. However, these forms of art are united way of thinking, it is impossible to consider one, completely ignoring others. In essence, the work of art, to break the cycle of images, partly loses its meaning, its purpose.

For example, as happened with the ancient music of the Baroque period and earlier periods — the Renaissance and the Middle Ages, long time it heard a visual moments, musical craftsmanship and aesthetic pleasure. Music by JS Bach recognized «pure» music. not hearing anything in her intuitive mind. However, thanks

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«And the pain of suffering and happiness of living.»

From time immemorial Russian people gave birth arranged for beauty. The songs and legends, in the thread and embroidery, they sang the world surrounding them, decorated the world. How many original artists gave our land! And each of them create an image of Russia, drawing on their own experience, seeing her majestic lines in those places where he was born.

For many of our poets, writers, painters edge inspiration was my native Tver Region; They saw in him the whole of Russia — Motherland. Here — all the signs of her, «her boundless forests quivering, flooding it, these seas,» here

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