The last bastion of paganism

As the palace of the Roman emperor became a Slavic city?

Emperor Diocletian — one of the most outstanding personalities in the history of ancient Rome. A brilliant military leader, successful reformer and statesman, finally, a person who voluntarily departed from the government and did not want to return to it. In modern Croatia Diocletian’s name is well known. This country owes him a majestic ruins of the palace, it turned into today in a unique tourist destination.

Croatia — amazingly beautiful country. Stretching along the coast, it is composed of many islands and picturesque bays, cliffs covered by

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Youth Palace in Moscow.

On the eve of the festival in the central part of Komsomolsk Avenue opened before the eyes of the new snow-white building — the Palace of Youth.

In terms it is a trapezoid. This form has allowed the most naturally fit it into the border free area. But here’s the problem: Here is the ground Metro station «Frunzenskaya». Architects «put» right at the palace out of the subway, incorporating it into the overall structure of the building and the composition of the side facade.

According to the authors, the structure will be reflected in the mirror of an artificial

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Need Saligorsk Ice Palace?

According to the law, to hold a local referendum, it is necessary to do business, the Group of more than 20 people. Officially registered activity of the group is to collect, in turn, over 10% of the inhabitants of the town of signatures. At this point in the activities of more than 50 people — activists of the Women’s Party "Nadezhda" market entrepreneurs "Starovokzalnaya", representatives of other public organizations. Member states of the Group on the Referendum Vladimir Shiloh.Shiloh: "I would not argue against that soligortsy. Specifically referendum and must show it. But such is the mood in society —

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Heritage Radziwill pilfered firewood (photo)

Former estate Radziwill that 10 kilometers from the dumpling, had perennial title Radzivillimonty. Brand new in its place — reddish star — was be the emblem of socialist transformation. The palace became the club outbuilding — the barn. Stables, a brewery, a shed, equip to the threshing floor adapted for the cannery. The building office, house steward and lodge and now living elderly. Now local pilfered firewood rest inheritance Radziwill: wood wall before the once famous palace princes. Says Ivan Novick local inhabitant.Novick: "It’s sad that the Palace destroyed. Now local authorities one task — like quickly write off this

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In Bobruisk opened ice rink

Participated in the opening of Alexander Lukashenko. The palace is designed for seven thousand seats.

Near the palace was and paddyIce palace in Bobruisk was started in June 2006. Construction was supposed to end in three years, in November 2009. Alexander Lukashenko, but claimed to accelerate construction. Chairman of the Mogilev Regional Executive Committee Boris Batura promised to build a palace in the first quarter 2008.It was planned that in 2013 Belarus will host the IIHF World Championship. "Bobruisk Arena" was listed in the application as one of the venues for the championship. This acceleration of the construction and justified.

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Florian priest Kozlovsky: Crane gave me

Representatives local authorities visited the scene only after the written appeal believers. And builders hastily zamaystvali hole. Ice Palace in Saligorsk built next to the church. Crane weighing 140 tons fell about 23 hours on Saturday. Rector of the church, the priest Florian at this point was in the building and oh so recalls the incident: "On the 3rd floor of a room from me. And just this crane standing in front of me. The room had a window open and any shred of a second look — this crane flies on me. Here’s the first shot was where I

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Soligorsk: crane collapsed on the church

Said this "Freedom" vicar of the church Florian. KozlowskiAt the temple fell tower crane that involved in the construction of the Ice Palace across the road. The church destroyed the roof, damaged a room for receiving guests."The faithful of the parish are very bad for the construction of an ice palace — says the priest Florian. — Construction fenced off our main entrance. People have, as statedcamping, knead gryazyuka feet. Particularly embarrassing believer in age. It is sad that even during services from construction hear clicks and even foul language. " According to the priest Florian church was built

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Photo: Sochi Olympic facilities today

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I offer a small overview of the some existing Olympic venues. That is, except for roads, railways, interchanges, hotels, airports, railway stations, bridges, tunnels and other construction. Let's start with the coastal cluster. On it are:

1. Maly Ice Palace

2. Ice Palace and figure skating

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Slonim district found the palace cellars Slugs

"Newspaper Slonim" said that in the village on Novadyavyatkavichy a place where palace stood Slugs failed land. Local schoolchildren found there tunnels. It is clear that in the second half of XIX century. Palace still renders Napoleon Orda. It was built in the style of retragotyki. To This time nothing unclear about the fate of its values: the arsenal of ancient instruments, the king’s advantages, wills, and other property belonging to the genus Meleshek and Slugs.

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Construction of the first Ice Palace began in Vologda

Today, January 26, in the street Pugachev met the regional authorities and the Olympic champions of Russia and the USSR Vyacheslav Fetisov, Alexander Karelin, as well as a native of the Vologda region, Anatoly Alyabyev. Together with the Governor and the heads of the city of Vologda, guests signed a letter descendants and put it in a capsule, which is laid in the foundation of the Palace of the young athletes. In addition to hockey and figure skating in the new indoor Ice Palace will be watching more and curling. Oversee the construction of the sports complex will

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