UP The Wall!

Confluence Elite shows you how to kick it up a notch with I these amazing and personalised home decor DIY’s…

There is nothing more satisfying than completing a home decor project all on your own! And Confluence Elite -The Concept Store, in a bid to encourage people to get their hands dirty, has come up with a plan to host a Do-It-Yourself event every month. The Ideal Home and Garden team had a sneak peek of this crafty initiative in July. Designer Manasi Manjrekar took us through some nifty tips and tricks on how to craft your own wall art!

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Want to try 5×4 but put off by the high cost of film? Tim Daly shows you how to use home-made paper negatives in a hybrid analogue/digital workflow.

Forget lens de focusing gadgets and software blurring trickery, the only way to really mess about with planes of sharpness is to use a 5×4 camera.

The field camera is the simplest kind of 5×4, designed for use on location rather than the more delicate studio monorail type, and can be frequently found on internet auctions sites for less than you’d pay for a Lensbaby.

Folding out of a clever box housing,



By Catherine MacBride

Camera: Nikon D5200

Lens: NIKKOR AF-S 50mm f/1.4G

Software: Adobe Photoshop CS5

I HAVE TO SAY that the challenge of coming up with some quirky and interesting ways of using paint for Creative Eye really got my imagination buzzing! The theme of paint gave me so many options. I could throw it.drip it, splash it, smudge it… The options were endless But what became apparent very early on was that whatever idea I came up with, I’dbe the one doing the cleaning up afterwards.

After a little time spent wading through various ideas, I remembered the saying

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Unique and eco-friendly, these distinctive pieces will create a stylish statement in your home


Designed by Debbie Wijskamp for Serax using recycled paper, these vases are versatile, strong, waterproof and sustainable, giving a new use to an otherwise throwaway material. serax.com


Interfloor’s European Onyx black 100 per cent woven sisal rug with a 70mm-wide black leather binding is elegant and hardwearing — great for home or office. interfloors.com.au


Made by twisting together strands of softened recycled paper, Cuiora’s cushions are as soft as they are strong. cuiora.com



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LEAD shadow

Or a history of combustive-lubricating KINGDOM

«Infernal machinations» in the «paradise»

This story is revealing. Measure officials feeling of impunity, by how obvious are violations of environmental (and other) legislation that residents are willing to do to protect their legitimate interests.

To begin with, how she came immediately. The situation is simple, despite the abundance of documents, the conflict of several parties, the judicial proceedings.

In the village Nazia Leningrad region not so long ago there were just two problems: the reconstruction of the old stock of fuel and lubricants to the size of the tank farm and the construction

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Drawing pen.

Engineering drawing pen is more limited in their capabilities, what is closest to her pencil. Lines and strokes in pencil drawings can be different tonality. In addition, they can apply shading to amend band. The feather figures all the lines and strokes are equally black, no shading can not be done. Correct errors is difficult, sometimes impossible. Thanks to the contrast of black mascara and features of paper feather patterns are particularly clarity and decorative. These qualities are essential for reproduction in printing, reproduction in books and magazines.

What are the possibilities of this rich, at first glance, a mean

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Henry Fox Talbot

Over 100 years ago, Henry Fox Talbot invented the film negative. We try to rediscover the life of this inventor.

Sometime in October 1833, while enjoying his honeymoon on the shores of Italy’s Lake Como, William Henry Fox Talbot struggled to sketch the beauty of the landscape he saw, using the camera lucida. “I found that the faithless pencil only left traces on the paper, melancholy to behold,” he wrote describing the moment in his famous publication Pencil of Nature in 1844.

Recollection of Another Failure

The incident made Talbot recall another failure he had with a different drawing instrument,

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The basis is laminated panels fiberboard high density (HDF). On top of it is covered with a decorative layer of melamine resin impregnated paper with a printed pattern imitating wood, stone, ceramics and so on. D. Next is the protective «overlay» from the microparticles melamine paper with corundum. It provides a good floor moisture and abrasion resistance, and resistance to dirt and aggressive influences (eg, brief contact with a lighted cigarette). On the reverse side of the substrate is bonded prosmolёnnuyu or waxed paper. This layer performs the function of a stabilizer, a compensating voltage in HDF. In addition, it protects the plate from moisture.

Recipe laminated «pie» may include other ingredients, such as sound-proof substrate and so on. D. For sale is a «paperless» laminate. Such a material decorative pattern printed on the basis of HDF (direct compression and DPL flooring HDD — High Definition Design from the company Kronospan). Skillful image protects the invisible dressing of corundum and a layer of polymer varnish.

Lift Education at the beginning of the XX century

By the beginning of the XX century a well organized system of distance education made it possible for men and women to obtain new skills or improve their skills (in the form of continuous training) in different areas related professions and professional disciplines.

This unique system of education, when students receive training materials by mail, studied them, and then filled the examination forms and sent back to school for testing and evaluation in the United States gave rise to the first comprehensive training course in the field of elevator-building. In the first part of this article discussed on the training

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Fitting in does not come naturally to Arnett. During college, at Georgia Tech, he was often the only white person at the Royal Peacock, an Atlanta jazz dub. He feels more at home in Europe than in America. He was bom William Arenowitch, but after college he changed his name to Arnett, as did his brother, Robert, who makes photography books about India.

Arnett’s inside voice is an outside voice. He interrupts, a lot. He often begins a sentence with «No, no,» even if heʼs about to say something positive. His jokes can sound like insults. He tends to miss,

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