Snowfall paralyzed Stockholm

Snowfall paralyzed Stockholm Weather and Climate

Land and air transport in Stockholm and around the north-eastern Sweden strongly disturbed due to prolonged snowfall. Stopped working a couple of bus routes, some of them were replaced by shorter. Rail service along the east coast is also experiencing difficulties. In this area of the country announced a warning about the dangers of the 2nd category.

Closed because of a snowstorm, some of Stockholm School. Citizens strongly advised not to travel by private car, because the snow will continue to grow and will add at least 10 cm danger is also

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North China snowfall paralyzed

North China snowfall paralyzed Weather and Climate

As expected weather forecasters, the northern part of China was almost completely paralyzed by heavy snowfall. To clear the roads from 80-cm layer of snow and to deliver food and water caught in a snowstorm away from civilization, the drivers, the number of which is close to a thousand, even soldiers are called units.

As more heavy snowfall is expected in the north of China, in particular vulnerability is all modes of transportation and air, and rail, and even more vehicles. "Orange" code of danger remains relevant for the entire northern

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In Georgia, the landslide has paralyzed traffic on the highway


File photo from the website:

13/07/2011, 10:21:40 Tbilisi in Georgia because of the landslide paralyzed traffic on the section of Mtskheta-Caspi central highway of the country. According to the Administration of Mtskheta District landslide covered three cars. No casualties. Rescuers rescued passengers from the cars. Among them were children.

Landslide was caused by heavy rains in central Georgia. On the night at the scene of a lifeguard and specialists Roads Department of Georgia. Mobilized to clear the road construction machinery.

Source: RBC

Los Angeles was without cellular


25.09.11.Massovy technical failure paralyzed cell phones in the U.S. Los Angeles and its suburbs, according to Radio "Vesti FM". Mainly affected customers of a monopoly market Communications — for AT & T. The representative noted that, so far unknown reason, have failed a thousand cell towers.

The company's customers flooded the Internet complaining that they can not get through to friends and relatives, as well as the fact that their mobile phones can not receive incoming calls. According to some subscribers due to the lack of contact from their lives were crossed the whole day.

Mobile operator warns that

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Severe frost has paralyzed northern China

North China paralyzed extreme cold. The air temperature reached a record figure — minus 45 degrees.

As reported, residents of northern China just does not dare to go. The country does not operate schools and most shops.

Stopped public transport. Because of the almost zero visibility drivers do not risk going to the road.

A strong snowstorm paralyzed traffic in the eastern U.S.


26.02.11.Silny snowstorm paralyzed traffic in some eastern parts of the U.S.. As reported by meteorologists in the state of New York has dropped to half a meter of snow. A little less — 40 cm — was recorded in Maine. In some other states — from Pennsylvania and Ohio to New Hampshire — also received snowfall.

In the areas covered by the bad weather there were many accidents. They injured dozens of people. At least two of the wounded were in critical condition. Basically, according to the police, the cause of accidents was ice.

Who came to the Eastern

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The storm paralyzed the railway in northern Sweden

Rail service in the north of Sweden, was paralyzed by a storm, reports the Associated Press citing local media.

On Sunday, the Swedish Meteorological Services declared a storm warning for the northern tier of the country. As a result, the state government decided to suspend train service in the northern parts of the country on Sunday and Monday.

Elements affected the transport activities in neighboring Norway. Because of the storm two ships regularly ply the route "Norwegian Coastal Express," could not get out in time from the bay. As a

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In Rome, flooded subway, and the snow fell in Lombardy

Heavy rain forced the decision to close six metro line A. The trains do not stop at the stations of San Giovanni, Ponte Lungo, Colli Albani, Porta Furba, Numidio Quadrato, Lucio Sestio. In the period of unavailability of the Metro bus running so much discomfort residents do not.

Due to heavy rains this morning in some parts of the city was paralyzed and ground transportation. Route Termini-Giardinetti again available to citizens. Recall that due to the heavy rains this area was blocked for several hours.

While in most parts of Italy, there are rains in Valtelline (Lombardy) is the first

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Snowy winter paralyzed southern Chile

Incredible! While the whole world is suffering from the heat, heavy snowfall paralyzed the south of Chile. The snow cover in some places is almost two meters.

As reported, snow swept up several mountain villages. Bad weather has paralyzed traffic, does not work mobile and radio. Blizzard left without electricity for about fifteen thousand chelovekna southern Chile.

Residents of the Andes are cut off from the outside world. Clearing the roads to them special rescue team.

Two weeks ago, the abnormal snowfall seen in the Chilean Atacama Desert, which is considered the driest place on the planet.


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Torrential rain paralyzed traffic in Pskov

Downpour, which hit the Pskov around 18:00 and lasted nearly two hours, literally flooded the city and paralyzed traffic on major highways. As the correspondent of the Pskov Information Agency, at the October and Riga prospectus, as well as the Jubilee Street due to heavy rain formed puddles and cars and buses were moving with such a slow rate that a traffic jam on October Square and Victory Square.

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