Skin parasites

Parasites — creatures living on the nutrients derived from the host. Skin parasites can live both on the skin (head lice), and under the skin (mites).

Lice cause a disease called pediculosis. There are three species of lice that infest in humans: head, pubic and body lice. These insects are easily transmitted from person to person, as well as through infected items — towels, bedding and clothing. The most obvious sign of infestation of lice — itching.

Lice are dangerous not only by themselves, they may transferserious infectious diseases (typhus and relapsing fever).

The most common parasitic disease human

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What is it?

Giardiasis (Giardiasis) — disease, caused by a single-celled intestinal parasite Giardia — Giardia (Lamblia) intestinalis, that is embedded in the tissue of the intestine.

Giardiasis frequent among children as well as among certain categories of adults, particularly in humans, often traveling to developing countries, as well as in patients with chronic pancreatitis, with a low gastric acidity in people with stomach removed.

Infection occurs through the transfer of cysts of the parasite from person to person. Direct transmission is direct contact with a sick person with a healthy (including sexual intercourse), indirect — through contaminated food

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Heroes of our burden. Social parasites


No current is to say that society is a whole organism with metabolism and survival rates. Members of the public, the citizens — the authority, the particles of the body, metabolism and maintenance of the general tone of society. But in order to be a body — you have PSIHOANATOMIYU PARTS — ie understand themselves as a part of something greater than one's own "I".

Psihoanatomiya of society has failed pathology and pathology of rebirth. Failed — conscientious adherence to the wrong path with good intentions. Degeneration of the body — is part of its transformation

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10 of the most resourceful parasites

They are dazzling. And not only the danger posed, but the ingenuity with which the use of others. One can make the fungus beetle, the other — completely change the language fish.

1. Toxoplasma gondii — A parasite that pushes straight into the jaws of mice cat

Danger to humans

T. gondii — a parasite that is capable of sexual reproduction only in the cat. The most interesting thing is how he gets there.

The way this amazing winding. First, this creature enters the rat or mouse, making the latter suddenly develops an irresistible attraction to the

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Scientists say that 40 percent of the population is infected with parasites capable of controlling the mind


Recently, a group of scientists issued a statement that up to 40 percent of people infected with parasites of the brain, which may affect the behavior of the person.

Professor of Epidemiology at Imperial College London, John Webster explains this by saying that in the brain parasites are isolated and protected from attack by the immune system. According to him, it also gives them the opportunity to influence human behavior.

Often occurring in domestic cats celled parasite Toxoplasma can infect the year 350,000 Britons. Professor of evolutionary biology at Prague's Charles

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Open strange subspecies mosquito

Parasitologists from the Institut Pasteur (France) discovered an unusual subspecies of mosquito.

In sub-Saharan Africa dies of malaria about 710 thousand people a year. The most dangerous form of the disease caused by a parasite called Plasmodium tropical (Plasmodium falciparum), carried mainly by mosquitoes of the complex of cryptic species of Anopheles gambiae. Mosquito larvae live in water, and adult insects are believed to spend b? Most of the time in buildings where relish human blood.

Sprays, nets and drugs have helped reduce malaria deaths in the last decade. But victory over the disease is still very far away.

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