In Dnipropetrovsk region parents were able to pre-enroll the child in any kindergarten

In Dnipropetrovsk region parents were able to pre-enroll your child in kindergarten any region over the Internet. This is made possible by the introduction of the Dnipropetrovsk region of Ukraine's first comprehensive regional system of registration of children in kindergartens of the Internet. Governor Alexander Vilkul introduced the system on the example of kindergarten № 292 in Dnepropetrovsk.

"The system of electronic registration set up in the framework of the project" e-kindergarten ". On 1 September 2012, the project has already started work Web sites of all 927 pre-school institutions in the region. They posted the information

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The proof of the reliability of facts re-birth for the first time engaged the expert on criminology. At the conference, the Indian Council of criminologists Vikram Singh Chaohan of Patiyaly made a report on the results of their scientific work. He was investigating an unusual case of one child who lived in a past life in the region, Jalandhar, and after a while came to light in other rural areas.

A comparative analysis of the child's handwriting and the handwriting of another person, whom he allegedly was in a former life, Vikram Chaohan proved that they are one

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Kiss of Life


At the conclusion of physicians, Alice Lawson, who was only a year and two months, was hopeless. After meningitis, stroke, kidney failure with little girl lying in the hospital the English town of Scunthorpe, in a coma, connected to life support machines.

In fact, it's not her, but her body is no longer able to breathe independently, doctors said. And then the girl's parents decided that since their daughter died, even though her organs will save lives to someone else. It was decided to turn off the girl from the respirator. The brigade

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Year-old prodigy offered to go to school


UK institutions are fighting for the chance to take to their training unique. UK institutions are invited to a child's education with extraordinary abilities. We are talking about a small Sherwin Sarabi, who at age learned to skillfully use, assemble and disassemble equipment Apple, learned the location of 195 countries, and was able to identify the flags of the globe.

According to the parents of a gifted boy living in Royston, at the age of 10 months of their son taught himself to read and write.

— We could not even imagine that

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Subscription to periodicals in schools: under the order, under duress

Society We continue the theme of school fees. It is no secret that both students and teachers forced to subscribe to certain periodicals. As far as it is authorized?

The other day, the parents of first-graders 23rd Ming came to the school PTA meeting, where the teacher told them what to write three publications: magazines "Rainbow", "Swing" and the newspaper "Young lifesaver." Mother tells Mrs. Christina graders:

"In fact, we were told that there is such an order — write the three editions. So decide, the way we organize this fundraiser. "

Parents, of course, the question arose:

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In the Bryansk region opened a new sanatorium for children with parents

Sanatorium "Domashova" for children with parents "is equipped with modern medical equipment: diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation. There are offices of electrotherapy, thermotherapy, cryosauna, halocomplex, mud baths, baths with different types of therapeutic baths. Health resort includes a complex of buildings: the dining room, dormitory, administrative and medical building with a swimming pool.

Reception and treatment of the doctors are the following specialties: general practitioner, pediatrician, pediatric gastroenterologist, pediatric cardiologist, gynecologist, physiotherapist, dentist.

The estimated construction cost is more than 300 million, all funds allocated from the regional budget. 

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Pre-college military training in Russia

The principal tasks facing the Russian army, in the case of its own solutions will be required to withdraw the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation among the best in the world.

Important role in all of this is given to the military and education. In recent years, a trend that swings the growth of so-called war of pre-university education. These institutions include the Suvorov schools and so called cadet corps. Only far not all the military experts at showing the unanimous approval of what is now the number of such establishments grows almost like a weed. In particular,

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Mogilev: Authorities promised to help Belarusian schools

Society To promote the opening of the Belarusian-language classes in Mogilev promises to local authorities. Deputy Mayor Igor Shardyko led, however, the vertical position of the city in this issue the availability of appropriate initiatives by parents. According to the official, whiteRussian language Mogilev demand.Shardyko: "At the beginning of this school year in the city did not have any classes with the Belarusian language learning. There was a demand of parents, and opened the Belarusian-class. If wishing and next will be considered the question of the possible existence of such classes. Authorities are interested in solving this issue. "


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Lada C Day — Mother!


Elet 40, Summer 7519 S.M.Z.H. on May 20 this year Lada C Day — Mother!


Loving and gentle mother of the Gods of Light Majority of the Great Race, the Virgin, patroness of all the people of the Great Russenia (territory, which settled the Great Race, ie Slavic and Aryan tribes and nations) and the Hall of Los Svarog Circle.

Goddess Lada was not in the pantheon of Slavic gods, they do not go in there and Rod — ancestor of all life on earth. Both

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Parents concerned about the curtailment of individual forms of learning

Society More than 500 people have signed a petition in defense of the right to home education in Belarus. Letters addressed to the Commission for Education, Culture, Science and Scientific and Technical Progress of the House of Representatives, the Ministry of Education and the presidential administration. What concerned parents?

Last year, the House of Representatives approved the first reading of the Education Code, This year, document must be adopted in final form. However, parents teaching their children on their own, have expressed concern: the provisions of the draft Code can prevent children from getting education po-za school. If the document

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