In Colombia, the child lives, the devil?

According to a resident of Lorica (State of Colombia) Feria Ana Santos, her newborn child possessed by the devil. She claims that the boy allegedly learned to walk at the age of one month, and that he is also able to wring out the flames of hell. However, neighbors and social workers believe that the burns on the body of a baby — a consequence of ill-treatment.

According to Ana, her son behaves normally see in the movies of those in whom the evil spirit will dwell. More months of age he allegedly wanders around the house. Sometimes staring

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The government proclaims the full mobilization of the school

Society Through the efforts of NGOs and concerned parents in the Minsk International Educational Center today, October 13, was organized by the "round table" on home education. The reason for this was that the House of Representatives are available at the autumn session to approve the final version of the new Education Code, which greatly reduces the possibility of self-study. And this, according to opponents of such a decision, the state is completely unjustified attempt to monopolize the education sector.

Reasons for not giving a child in elementary or secondary school, are different. First of all, the discrepancy of religious

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The Wehrmacht stoned

November 9, 1939Dear ancestry, sisters and brothers, I am serving in Poland, there is hard and I ask you to understand me when I write only every day or 2-4, now I only write in order to ask you to send me meth.Your HenryThis is an upcoming Nobel laureate Heinrich Böll parents and it was not something unusual — Wehrmacht soldiers in 1939 were given methamphetamine, Benzedrine and isophane for cheerfulness, and when they did not have enough meth — they asked the parents to send them to him. Parents was not difficult — in the Reich methamphetamine sold openly,

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