Juvenile Justice at the threshold


22.10.12.Esche recently the term "juvenile justice" was unknown to most of us. Now he knows all viewers, although the contents are only vaguely. The memory stuck one: it allows justice to take from the parents of children in children's homes without their consent or the court.

For any slap or spank parents can deprive children of the complaint or denunciation beloved children of neighbors. Popular was the nightmarish story of a Russian wife Finn — representatives of this same justice to take away her four children, including infants. So some of the protection of children's rights arising from the

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In the Annunciation School to install video cameras


10.11.12. "At the entrance to the school will install two cameras. A special program will read the face of every student who enters or leaves the building, and send text messages to parents about it, "- the words of the consultant of the organization and personnel of the Ministry of Education of Basil Elk seem quote from a fantastic story. But it's true.

Set of equipment for secondary school № 28 of Blagoveshchensk has formed, it is now being tested in Khabarovsk. Until the end of the month will install equipment at the school. And next week, the disciples

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Your children are not your


20.09.12.Etoy fall in the working agenda of the State Duma — the consideration of a package of bills relating to the family. This is a draft law "On social patronage", "On public control over the rights of orphans," "On the responsibility of parents for leaving children unattended," to create a "ministry of childhood."

In essence it is about the introduction in Russia juvenile system in its most rigid form, warns "Pravoslavie.ru." Hiding behind the fine phrases about children's rights, its followers infringe on full control and management of the family, until the removal of her children.

Discussion of this

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Wang left a follower

Great prophetess Vanga shook the world with their predictions. World froze as a great woman died. It would seem that no one else to predict the future, but the mankind has been wrong.

During the life of Wang said that after she is born on Earth its successor, and that the birth of her will in a small village in France. Wang claimed that the girl will be blind, but the whole world will be talking about it. The girl will have a great deal of knowledge and extraordinary abilities.


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Chelyabinsk school converted into secure facilities Entrance through the turnstile, lunch on the cards


Chelyabinsk, September 07 (New Region, Alla Alexandrova) — The beginning of the school year for students turned Chelyabinsk some schools and parents next unpleasant innovations.

As the correspondent of "New Region", this year changed the order of admission to educational institutions. Status institutions, which previously operated the principle of city set, first-graders are now required to take the place of residence. As a result, in some high schools and high schools scored more first class than usual for 4-5 instead of 3. In this case, with the explicit enumeration: in the first grade of a high school there are

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In Yekaterinburg, students pay for lunch fingerprint. Video


23.05.12.Za lunch in the school cafeteria they pay thumb or! Appeared in the Urals, Russia's first school where students and teachers spared from having to carry a purse. He replaced his finger.

Why do the authors unusual project, developed in Miass believe finger most reliable "document" as the most common finger can solve the eternal problem of schools — tasteless meals — and return the student to the dining room — has learned Irina Korobeinikova.

Second-graders Michael and Glory are in the process of biometric registration. This system is designed in Miass: project "School Window" fingerprint pupil

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Psychology Club was created for parents in Vladivostok

Here, caring moms and dads can discuss current issues relating to the development and education of the child.

"The psychological parent club" began its work in Vladivostok at the Institute of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology. At the meetings, members can listen to lectures and take part in discussions on various topics of child psychology, ask questions to the expert, to be diagnosed style of parenting, to communicate with other parents to learn about their unique experience of education, to participate in psychological training.

Very strange kids




They are called the children of light, God's blessing, the new messiah. However, the parents of the "Kinder" is not very fond of their children unusual …

In the late 70's — early 80's born children were born, it is not like the other girls and boys.

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Russian police have released the manga for Kids

The Ministry of Interior issued a memo "The police — to children", painted in the style of Japanese manga comics.

The authors have collected comics rules that, in their opinion, will help children get away with. Memo is divided into three sections: how to conduct themselves on the street, in transport and at home without parents. At the site of the MIA said, that the comic will be distributed among children, although not specified how.

If strangers are a phone call or knock on the door, then, as advised by the Interior Ministry, it is impossible to say that the

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Obesity in children: how to help

Obesity — a serious disease, and worst of all, when they are ill children. However, many mothers still believe that the fullness of the Child — a measure of its health. It's time to finally get rid of this harmful misconceptions!

Why do children get fat? How dangerous excess weight in a child? How to help your child lose weight?These and other questions are answeredMD, author of the methods of treatment of overweight Golden Eagle ®, physician reflexologist Mariyat Mukhina.

— A feeling that the fat kids every year it becomes more and more …

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